Nomura’s Announcement And New Rumors Surrounding “Kingdom Hearts 3”

Lovers of Disney/Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts series recently got another piece of information concerning the highly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3.” This news came straight from the mouth of Tetsuya Nomura, the director of this latest RPG adventure.


Nomura told reporters that Sora, the lead character in many Kingdom Hearts games, will have increased “maneuverability” in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” He went on to say that gamers will be able to jump, fly, and run around worlds that have more space than the preceding titles.


Gamers have nothing to fear, Nomura said, about the game’s development at the moment. Apparently everything is going very smoothly at Square Enix’s studio at this time.


Since next year is the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, gamers can expect more specific information then concerning different worlds, weapons, and possibly a release date for this new game. Nomura only said that next year would be a big year for people waiting for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Many gamers are hopeful that next year’s conference will clear up a lot of questions and controversies swirling around this title. One of the main questions gamers have now is whether or not “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released in an episodic fashion rather than as one full game. There have been many Kingdom Hearts fans spreading rumors that this game will only be one part of a longer series, but these rumors have yet to be substantiated.


Of course, gamers want an official release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3” as well. While many people believed this title would be released in 2017, there are now many more people online who believe that 2018 is more realistic.


Nomura and other Square Enix officials are also still highlighting the importance of the game “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” which will be released before “Kingdom Hearts 3.” “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is supposed to be integral to understanding the plotline of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Although there are still many doubts, there are five things gamers can be sure about concerning “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Square Enix has confirmed five worlds that will appear in the new game. These worlds include Mount Olympus (based on Disney’s “Hercules”), Twilight Town, Kingdom of Corona (From Disney’s “Tangled”), San Fransokyo (from Disney’s “Big Hero 6”), and Mysterious Town.


As of today, it is expected that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released for both the Xbox One and the PS4 in either 2017 or 2018. Gamers will just have to wait till this hallowed conference next year to get more information on the worlds, plotline, and release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Billy McFarland – Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Benefactor

Billy McFarland was born in New York, New York in 1991 and was raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. He attended Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University, a private college. His choice of study was computer engineering. This choice was to be expected, as Mr. Billy McFarland, at the tender age of 12, was already hiding the computers he was using to learn codes. He had founded his first company at age 13, an online outsourcing enterprise that aligned designers with clients. He had founded and passed on several other endeavors before finishing high school.

Mr. McFarland left college in 2010, his freshman year, when he founded Spling, an online ad business that allows improved URL appearance by converting the text links into graphic mosaic images on online bulletin boards. He is still Spling’s CEO today and is the leader of several other businesses, as well.

According to Forbes, in August of 2013, Billy McFarland founded Magnises, and the representative black card was established in March of 2014. The purpose of this black card was to be appealing to millennials as an exclusive, technology-based and community tailored card, that allows for special rates, discounts, and others perks, such as special introductions into coveted places.

This card is not a credit card, nor is it affiliated with any financial establishments. It does, however, transfer data from other cards onto the Magnises card’s strip so it may be used instead of the original card, whether it is a credit or a debit card.

There is a required yearly fee of $250.00, but there is no spending requirement to meet, nor any initiation fees. There is a plan in the works to allow a $25.00 per month payment in lieu of the $250.00 annually. Members may attend events held for members only and much more.

They can work together on like-minded ideas or businesses while having a drink on the house. They may also get to see secret performances, enjoy the best seats for sports events and concerts, get into hidden places, or other venues of interest that others find difficult to enter.

The card also offers millennials a chance to make new friends with others in their community. Check for availability in your area. Unfortunately, the Magnises’ card is not available nationwide – yet. It is offered in New York, Chicago, D.C., San Francisco. Other areas are on the list for openings. Just check with the site,, for availability.

Many Believe “The Last of Us 2” Is In Pre-Production, But What Will The Plot Look Like?

Gamers who fell in love with Naughty Dog’s horror-adventure game “The Last of Us” are still clamoring for a sequel. While Naughty Dog officials have not released official news about this sequel, many people in the gaming community believe that this game is in pre-production right now.


What the plot of “The Last of Us 2” will look like is anyone’s guess. There have been two main theories spreading online concerning the plot of this sequel. Some gamers believe that the second game will pick up where the first left off. Believers in this theory say that the sequel will show how the main characters and the zombie apocalypse will have progressed a few years after the events of the first game. Others believe that the sequel will actually be a prequel that tells the story of how the zombie apocalypse began.


Before reading any further, be aware that there will be a few spoilers in this article concerning “The Last of Us.” Only read on if you have played through that game.


Whether or not the original main characters Joel and Ellie will return in the new game is also up for debate. Some people believe that “The Last of Us 2” will be told from Ellie’s perspective after she has grown up. Some even believe that Ellie will kill Joel for having lied to her at the end of the first game.


Everyone who has played through “The Last of Us” simply cannot forget the emotional finale. After Joel finds out that Ellie will have to be sacrificed for the Firefly organization to extract an anti-Zombie vaccine from her, Joel goes on a rampage to save Ellie’s life. After Ellie wakes up from anesthesia, Joel tells Ellie that the Firefly’s didn’t actually need her to make the vaccine.


The head director of the first game, Neil Druckmann, publically said that he would be interested in making a sequel only if he believed that the story would be just as powerful and meaningful as the first game. He did not release any more details about the current state of production for this title.


While Naughty Dog has been very quiet about this sequel’s development, most people now believe that “The Last of Us 2” is in the works. For more information on the plot and official release date, fans will just have to wait for Naughty Dog to release new information.

The Videos Games That You Need for the Fall Season

Video games are abundant, and there are more than a few games that are getting recognized as some of the best games for the fall season. Rollingstone has managed to collect information for a preview for some of the most exciting games for the fall season.


It is hard to keep the attention of the youth so game developers have to make a lot of attempts to upgrade games and increase the functionality of characters that are part of the gaming world. For the NBA 2K17, for example, the players are better with dribbling the ball and the fatigue of the players is much more realistic as players run through the various quarters in the game. In the past the players could continue to play without any signs of getting tired. In this updated version of the NBA game there are going to be players that are much more realistic. Gamers will have to manage the playing time of their star players because these players will get tired like real humans that play several quarters for a game.


The gaming market is comprised of a lot of games, and the FIFA games are also improved each year. There are a lot fans that have been waiting for the new edition of this game because it has more of a back history and story line for players. This is another attempt at making characters that seem to be real and very life like. This game has been available for gamers for as much as 23 years, and people are still impressed with the new things that are available for this game in 2016.


Video games are changing so much, but one of the hottest new changes has to do with the buzz about the new virtual reality games. This is something that has become associated with the PlayStation. There are a lot of discussions about how this will change the gaming industry forever.


There are a lot of people that are going to get excited about how this virtual reality will give them a preview of what the new gaming world will be like. This is a very interesting concept that has taken the video games to the next level, and video games fans are excited.

NBA 2K Continues Excellent Reputation

For the past decade, the most popular professional basketball video game series has been the NBA 2K platform. This basketball game, which is developed every year by EA sports, has always been uploaded or it’s gameplay and realism. According to a recent article (, the most recent version of the game continues the positive reputation.


One of the most innovative advancements to this years game is the enhancement of the MyCareer mode. While the game in the past has had a career mode available to play, it never had much of a story. The NBA 2K17 changes that by throwing the player of the game into the shoes of a budding star. In this mode of the game you will go through the whole development of a player from high school star to NBA player. You will watch as your player chooses a college, develops during his college career, plays in the Olympics, and ultimately gets drafted into the NBA. Along the way you will watch as a player deals with typical challenges such as injuries, poor classroom great, and tougher competition.


While the story mode of the game provides an interesting and entertaining option, those that wish to simply play a typical basketball game will still enjoy it. NBA 2K17 provides a user with excellent gameplay with plenty of strategy options, very clear graphics, and an incredible live action feel to the game. Players who wish to play a game can choose from either playing an individual exhibition game, a tournament, a full season, or even an extended franchise mode. In the franchise mode, you will get to control all aspects of your team including free agency and trades.


A game also has a competitive online platform for both of the major video game systems. On any given day millions of people to and in the play in a competitive online match up. You will be placed with someone in the world that has a similar record and skill set to ensure the game is as competitive as possible. You can play either and individual game or enter a more competitive tournament or league.

Dawn of War III Release Date Announced

After months of rumors, gamers now have a release date for Dawn of War 3. It has been many months of talk on the release date of the game, which has been in development for nearly five years now. Officials for the game announced that the third installment of the popular series is slated for release on April 20, 2017. The game, which has received a mix of both positive and negative video game reviews from fans already, takes place on the planet Archean where a galactic warfare battle is taking place. It is up to the three races to come in and defend order during the chaos.


The news comes none too early for eager fans who, up until the announcement on the Sega website earlier this week, knew only that the game would be released in 2017. In this edition of the Relic Games PC game, three races are initially available. These three races are sent in to battle the galactic warfare attacks. Lager walker units will be introduced in this game for the first time since the release of the game series.


As mentioned, players whom have had the opportunity to get an inside glimpse of the game and the action offer mixed reviews with box positive and negative remarks. Most players love the fact that the game offers multiplayer action, but others aren’t pleased with the available Mods for the game. Overall, however, excitement for the game release is running high and there isn’t any doubt the game will be played by fans who have been with the game the entire decade since the release of the original.


If you are one of those gamers that has been waiting for the release of the game, isn’t it comforting to know that the wait is almost over? Dawn of War III promises fans plenty of exciting fun, and there’s only a few short months left to wait. Get ready for April and your first look at Dawn of War III!

Women Are Switching Over To WEN Hare Products After Seeing Their Magic

Women from all over have been falling in love with the results they get with Wen cleansing conditioners created by Chaz Dean. This is because he went through a lot of time and effort to make a product that was capable of working on the many different hair types that women have. It is also good to use on hair that is dry or oily, to help treat the problem. It can even work on very fine or thin hair, which is why Bustle Magazine’s Emily McClure, a blogger, tested out the product on her hair.

When Emily bought the product, she had only intended to use it for a period of a week to determine how it would actually work. This didn’t end up mattering for her as the product started showing her results within a few days, which had her delighted. When she published her review, she put up photos of her hair, showing the before and after and what an amazing effect it had. The only thing she found she needed to do for the product to work better, was to use less than recommended, which might have been due to how fine her hair is. In any case, she added it to her product list permanently because it was so effective.

WEN’s unique formula took a lot of time and tweaking from Chaz Dean in order to get just right, but in the end it was very worth it. His idea was to make a product that women could use without needing loads of money or spending a lot of time with professionals to take care of their hair. This is why WEN cleansing conditioners come at the fair price of $40 dollars a bottle or under available on both Amazon and Guthy-Renker, this is a steal compared to the prices charged at many high profile salons. With such a readily available and reliable product, many women are able to build and maintain their confidence again with beautiful hair.


Video Games Change with Virtual Reality Innovations

The video games of today provide something different. There was a time when video games were marketed to children, but this is changing. With all the new technology it only makes sense to market games to adults. They are the ones that are creating the games, and adults are the ones that have the money to buy these increasingly expensive games. The top video games are usually linked to things like war concepts and sports. Today many people are discovering that virtual reality games are among the best for people that want to get a realistic gaming experience.


More couples are interested in playing video games together. This can be sort of tricky when there is just one person using the controller for the game. In the future there will be more games that have multiple player controllers, but people are just content with the initial stages of virtual reality right now. These are games that are very life like.


The top video games that are getting the best reviews are the games like “Pokémon Moon” and Pokémon Sun”: These games became popular as the smartphone app called “Pokémon Go” became a hit for the summer. The Pokémon games have always been popular, but these games have become incredibly intriguing for the fall season. This is what the kids and some adult Pokémon fans have started to play.


There are also some people that like the war games. The “Call of Duty” games are always popular. This game has changed a lot over the seasons, but it has remained popular since inception. There is also a big interest in the “Batman: Arkham” game as well. The Batman games are typically not on the top seller lists but the new “Batman: Arkham” game is a virtual reality game. This is a game that some couples may like to play together. That is what has made this popular.


Other action games like “Battlefield” and “Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration” have also become quite popular with people that like to play video games. So many people spend hours playing video games. This has become one of the favorite past times of high school and college students. The gaming industry is bound to change as virtual games come aboard.

Stephen Murray: An Astounding CEO

While there are numerous chief executive officers who make a name for themselves, none have done so more than Stephen Murray. The CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray used his uncanny business ability to take CCMP to new and exciting heights. Originally hired as a credit trainee for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company in 1984, he quickly rose through the ranks to become vice-president of middle-market lending, where he continued to learn more and more about business from the ground up. Eventually, as Manufacturers Hanover on Crunchbase went through three mergers, in 2000 it became part of JP Morgan.

Upon this move, Stephen Murray began an ascent within the business world that can only be described as astounding. Because of his upbringing in a New York suburb in Westchester County, Stephen knew exactly how to deal with the many diverse personalities he would face in the corporate world. Using the knowledge he gained from earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College and a Master’s in Business Administration earned from Columbia University, Stephen began implementing many new and exciting ideas into the JP Morgan landscape. Turning his focus on companies concentrated in the consumer, health care, industrial, and energy sectors, Stephen was eventually able to have the company invest up to $500 million of equity per transaction. By doing so, Stephen Murray began to build an international reputation as an extraordinary investor and deal maker, which soon led to even more opportunities for him to showcase his skills.

After leaving JP Morgan Chase in 2006, Stephen and his partners founded CCMP Capital. Specializing in growth-equity investments and mid-market buyouts, Murray was named CEO and eventually grew the company into one of the industry’s most productive and respected corporations. Upon raising a fund of $3.6 billion in 2014, it was clear Stephen’s reputation for greatness was secured. However, Stephen did not choose to focus exclusively on business. An avid philanthropist, he also was actively involved in many charities within the New York area. Along with helping underprivileged children earn an education, he also worked tirelessly with numerous local food banks to assist families struggling with hunger on a daily basis.

Despite passing away far too soon at the age of 52, Stephen Murray has left behind a legacy that will continue to live on. Whether it’s charities or the business world, it’s clear Stephen Murray was not only an astounding CEO, but an astounding person as well.

Seattle Genetics’ Strategic Plans for New Cancer Drugs and Expanding its Workforce

Seattle Genetics recently released a cancer drug, Adcetris, its first approved drug. The company, as an established cancer research center, is trying to increase the usage of the drug. According to a statement released by Seattle Genetics’ CEO Clay Siegall, Adcetris is currently being tested in over 70 clinical trials. The experiments mainly focus on the different types of lymphomas disease. The company also announced that a third phase clinical trial is being conducted for Hodgkin lymphoma. Dr. Siegall pointed out that the trial will impact primarily on the cancer-oriented medical initiatives undertaken by his company.

The Current and Projected Commercial Performance of Adcetris

Adcetris has amassed over $226 in the US and Canadian markets in the last one year. Seattle Genetics projects the sales to range between $255 and $275 million in 2016. In partnership with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the company currently sells the cancer drug to patients and medical facilities outside North America.

Other Drugs Developed by Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has 12 drugs in its cancer drugs roster excluding Adcetris. A new drug, known as 33A, is still in the 3rd phase of its clinical trial. The drug was developed to treat acute cases of myeloid leukemia. The company has also developed two bladder cancer drugs and one for breast cancer. Dr. Siegall said that relevant details regarding these three drugs would be released before the end of 2016.

Job Opportunities

Besides developing several cancer drugs, Seattle Genetics is also planning to hire 100 employees who will work in its U.S. headquarters. The company is also planning to hire 20 employees who will be based in its Switzerland branch. Seattle currently comprises of over 800 employees.

Clay Siegall

Dr. Siegall is the current president and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the company in 1998, and he serves as the chair of its board of directors to date. He served at Ultragenyx in 2014 as a board member.

Dr. Siegall has worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Institute of Health as well as the National Cancer Institute. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S in Zoology and George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics.