Corporate Structures Need Compliance Officers

Up to a few decades ago almost no one had ever heard of a corporate compliance officer. These days many corporate structures would be in serious trouble without the services of these trusted corporate professionals. Times have changed. Society has become a lot more litigious, the environment is a lot more fragile, and people are more aware of the dangers unchecked corporate action can cause. This has given rise to more local, regional, and national laws and regulations and the need for someone working within the company to ensure it is playing by the rules. That person is the corporate compliance officer.

Compliance officers are crucial to many corporations. Not long ago it was only defense contractors, medical research companies, and a few other industries which required compliance officers. Today almost every company has one. Compliance officers are valuable because they are keenly aware of the laws governing the industries in which they work and have the training and knowledge to provide the guidance their company needs to keep it from inadvertently hurting consumers, the public, or the environment, or running afoul of the law. Compliance officers create and monitor policies and practices designed to keep workers and consumers safe and the lawmakers satisfied.

One example of an excellent compliance officer is Helane Morrison. Known for her integrity and willingness to fight injustice, Morrison has a solid background in law. She was a practicing lawyer with the California based Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm. Morrison worked with them for 10 years, 5 of them as a partner with the firm. Her next career move made her even better prepared to work as a corporate compliance officer. Morrison took a position with the SEC San Francisco office. Her job was to identify and prosecute companies involved in fraud and other corporate wrong doing. She held that position for 11 years.

After 11 years with the SEC, Morrison accept the position as Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners, a financial services company in California. Trained to sniff out crime and identify crooked practices, Morrison now dedicates her time and talent to ensuring her company toes the line and doesn’t violate the law or mishandle customers inadvertently or otherwise. Helane Morisson, like all other compliance officers, serves a much needed role. They protect the public and their companies by ensuring they follow the spirit and letter of the law.

Rejected Business Press Release 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Publicity

Getting promotion can be your opportunity to make it with the noise, rise sales, rise brand understanding as well as increase reach. But, obtaining media coverage is not simple as it appears as in fact, aost emails get by reporters from online marketers and also Public Relations individuals are turned down.

The data might be startling. How do you dominate various other PR specialists striving to have journalism interest? Pitching plays a wonderful function.

Below are 6 reasons why your firm if not obtaining promotions despite well established links with the media.

1. Inaccurate time.

You saw to it that you adhered to the setup, no lingos, you pitched the suitable time, and also composed a superb heading as well as subject line. Also, you had a great link with the media.

But you’re surprised to get no reply. No one complied with up to find an interview or potentially a brand advantage they can utilize for covering your narrative.

The end result is something abrupt after satisfying every one of the needs to make up a wonderful firm press launch. 1 reason that you did not land advertisements is that your intended reporter composed the same story.

To prevent this, keep tabs on your goal media. Assess what kind of stories they want composing. Screen their latest job.

2. Not applicable.

In case you have actually got a statement concerning your latest publication, you do not need to pitch it right into a publication editor or editor that discusses enjoyment and songs. Doing this kind of mistake isn’t a justification. If you recognize just how pitching work, you will not devote this kind of absurd errors.

You might stop it by discovering the reporters that cover precisely the exact same beat. Make certain you track your media document. Inspect if they’re still creating the exact same tale or including the exact same organisation.

Pitching to trivial reporters is a complete wild-goose chase as well as power. They may probably restrict you by placing you on their scrap folder simply because you aren’t performing your study.

3. Wrong punctuation.

Have you ever thought of why you did not obtain the promotion regardless of your effort? You believed what remained in order till you viewed the pitch which you sent out to a considerable reporter. You wrote her title Sophia rather than Sofia.

This conveniently indicates you don’t concentrate on information and also generates a negative effect on your brand. Press reporters who experience these experiences are not pleased with all and also consequently listen to the Public Relations people that are permanently outlawed from accessing attention from these.

The very same, do not pitch a product that’s full of grammatical errors and also wrong punctuation. It is a reflection your brand name is amateur.

Avoid it by studying your pitch a few days before sending out. Testimonial the content using a grammar as well as spelling program checker. You might also have a person in charge of modifying.

4. Consisting of attachments.

Most participants follow the principle of declining emails with accessories– a variety of these filter this type of email and area straight in the crap or spam folder. If you believe you were clever however did not get any kind of answer from any type of reporter, after that it could be why.

Prevent it with a dedicated newsroom at which you can guide the hyperlinks you use on your press release distribution service. Do not affix anything, provide links or copy as well as paste the product if it’s short.

5. No special.

Journalists can feel what’s mass emailing and that isn’t. As high as you can, they want to be the first one to damage the info or the just one to compose your narrative.

Need to they realize that you provided the narrative of your business to other colleagues, they may not enjoy it. If it is possible to supply an exclusive do it. Exclusivity gives you with a higher possibility of getting marketing.

It’s possible to provide specifically to some picked press individuals that you want to pay for your declaration. Provide actual exclusivity. Indicate the moment as well as date they should certainly publish it.

It is much better to be slower and much more confident than to mail your pitch for your objective press reporters all at exactly the same moment. Doing so can reduce the probability of obtaining promotions.

Donata Meirelles Views on Personalization of Fashion in 2019

Did you know that our homes are an extension of who we are? One of the major factors that set our homes apart is — scent. Donata Meirelles understands this principle, and in the last four years, she has dedicated her time in studying different ways of making our homes havens for relaxation. One of the most affordable ways according to Donata Meirelles is buying decorative candles. She points out that these items are not only affordable, but they are also highly customizable. Donata, however, points out that most people misuse decorative candles. The following is a complete guide on how to maximize the power of decorative candles in a home setting.

First, she points out that homeowners should recognize which candle brand work for them. Thanks to e-commerce sites and multiple stores dealing with decorative candles in Brazil — getting the best candles is not farfetched. Second, the position of these candles in your house is also an important factor. In some homes, the candles are more effective when placed at a central point, while in others; the area near the door is the most appropriate area to place them. Donata encourages readers to find a sweet spot within their home. Finally, Donata Meirelles believes that time is a major factor in placing decorative candles. She, however, believes that the morning hours are ideal for any home. Visit to know more about Donata.

Apart from being one of the people that are redefining the interior decoration market, she is synonymous with her role in the fashion world. Donata — who is a brilliant fashion expert — believes that being authentic in the fashion world is critical. In her role at Vogue Brazil, she tries to incorporate different fashion realities to give readers comprehensive guides. Last year, there were many trends in fashion, and she was instrumental in redefining and simplifying the trends. For example, in ‘the transparent bag wave’ she assisted many of the Vogue readers to understand how to incorporate the bags in their closet without losing the bag’s authenticity.

Finally, Donata Meirelles believes in — research. She understands that having a deeper understanding of a trend helps in objectivity. When she joined Vogue Brazil, the fashion market was different from what it is today, but her culture of doing research has enabled her to be consistent. Also, research in the fashion world has also assisted Donata to be authentic in her work. Through her Instagram page, you can easily spot her consistency and her authentic style. Through this platform, Donata exhibits her unique outfits, which also shows a brilliant level of experimentation.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Secrets for Attaining Rapid Career Growth

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is not your everyday business executive. He created history at L’Oreal as the youngest DMI General Manager ever appointed by the company when he served as the General Manager, Matrix DMI for L’Oreal Professional Products Division in the USA. He is currently the Global Brand President for L’Oreal Professional Products Division. His top skills are in marketing and digital strategy, but his leadership skills are equally as impressive.

Education Background

Born in Venezuela, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved to the USA for ten years before moving to France at 16 years old to attend Sorbonne University for his undergraduate studies in International Relations. His career choice was influenced by his experience in the AFS-USA program whose life-changing intercultural learning programs introduced him to the world of business and international relations. Right after graduating from ESSEC Business School in 2002 with his MBA, he was hired by L’Oreal in 2003 as the Product Manager for its distribution company in Paris. From here, his career growth took an upward trend.

Career Progression

In 2005, Dan Bethelmy-Rada became a Director with L’Oreal’s Consumer Products Division. In 2007 while serving as Garnier International (still part of L’Oreal) as the Assistant Vice President overseeing the Fructis hair and skin care brands, Garnier International became the leading antibacterial brand in Europe. In 2011, Bethelmy-Rada became a Senior Vice President at L’Oreal in charge of hair and styling. His work here saw the Elseve hair care brand experience double-digit growth leading to his promotion in 2014 to Deputy General Manager, Garnier International. In 2015, he was promoted once again to his current role at the company.

Success Factor

Dan Bethelmy-Rada makes career growth look easy, but he will tell you it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Passion for what you do can also not be understated. However, his main ingredient for success has been finding a work-life balance which calls for strict adherence to your schedule and top of the line time management skills. Bethelmy-Rada did not get to where he is by working alone. Mentorship from his seniors has seen him climb up the career ladder quickly. Above all, teamwork is what has enabled him to achieve most of the impressive results he has achieved during his career.

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James Dondero: Helping The Communities Of Dallas Lead Better Lives

James Dondero might be one of the more notable names within the financial field, but Highland Capital Management is not the only thing that he tries to improve. Dondero is someone who is incredibly committed to improving the community of Dallas and the lives of the people living there. The city is known for having a high proportion of people living on and below the poverty line, and every little piece of help can improve the manner in which these people live. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.


James Dondero has always been passionate about philanthropy and has always wanted to help those in need. He started donating to organizations at the start of his career and has not stopped ever since. There have been several organizations and charities that Dondero has donated to, and many of these have improved the lives of people. Through the course of his career, Dondero has donated millions and has had a positive impact on the community as a whole. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.


Dondero has always had a strong vision for the organizations and charities that he wanted to support. Being an entrepreneur, he always thinks about the ways in which he can improve the lives of people and make things easier for them. When it comes to his charitable ventures, each one of the organizations that he supports have been carefully picked out, and are causes that he genuinely cares about.


Dondero first moved to Dallas in 1994 when he decided to start up a new company along with Mark Okada. In spite of being a newcomer to the city, he quickly took in the culture and lifestyle of the people, and immediately fell in love with it. He knew that this was the place that he wanted to live in, and it was the place that he wanted to call his own home.


Serge Belamant and the Development of Zilch Technologies

Serge Belamant is the founder of Blockchain technologies. He has created a lot of technologies that have contributed a lot to the growth and development of the financial sector. Serge has developed products that are used up to date in many banking systems easing most financial operations. Serge Belamant has worked with a variety of companies throughout his career. He has worked with NET1 UEPS Technologies where he developed the Universal Electronic Payment System. Serge has also worked together with NET1 to develop a digital-based payment system that will be used across South Africa. The payment scheme will assist with the issuing of capital across all regions in South Africa. Several other countries across the globe currently use the payment scheme. Serge Belamant is presently working with Zilch Technologies a firm based in the UK. Serge’s idea to develop Zilch came up with the help of his son, Philip who is an IT engineer. See more of Serge Belamant at

Serge and Philip were discussing the impact of social media and how it can be used to alleviate the financial sector. Serge Belamant came up with the idea to develop a technology that will analyze people’s bank and how they handle cash an provide them with better financial options. The plan to develop the technology has improved over the years. Serge makes capital by designing technologies that are important to people. Serge majorly focuses on areas that require improvement or need to be worked on and develops a technology to assist in such an area. Serge believes in working on a problem rather than focusing on a money-making opportunity.Serge Belamant has confidence that by working on a need or opportunity one can later acquire capital. According to Serge Belamant for one to work on a technological product to address a particular problem, they need to have the passion and drive to develop something useful and essential. It is vital to creating a product that may not have come into consideration by most people, but once it is put in place, it will be quite hard to deal without the technological product. Serge also believes in a continuous learning environment as a way to grasp new ideas and become successful.



Things you need to know about Kevin Seawright

The career of Kevin Seawright still thrives, thanks to the great efforts he has put towards meeting his successes. As a financial analyst, he has guided people on the ways they can succeed in their lives by securely handling their cash and also choosing the best opportunities to venture into to increase their total income. The ability of the duo to freely share his knowledge and expertise with other people has played a key role in bringing economic development in many countries. Besides, he has also impacted the lives of many people through his ability to help them eliminate poverty and gain insight into the finance sector. Find out more about  Kevin at

Additionally, Kevin Seawright also understands the problems that people from different backgrounds go through. As a result, he has tried to create job opportunities for many individuals through his ventures, and he targets people that show passion and commitment. He has also ensured that he mentors various individuals that are interested in venturing into the field of finance to ensure that he guides them on the best ways they can conduct themselves at the workplace.

The duo also insist on the importance of sharing with others in the society. He believes that leaders that show generosity towards other people serve as examples to the young generation. Kevin Seawright has always engaged himself with people of all races in the society, and he strives to contribute funds to the less fortunate individuals in the society with the target of improving their lives. He also collaborates with a vast number of charitable organizations in the community to ensure that they all work together to impact the lives of many people throughout the globe. His great attributes have impressed many people, and he continues to work hard to change the world and make it a better place to live. Learn more:

James Rivers Capital, How to Curb Employee Burnout

James River Capital is a leading finance corporation in the United States that provides financial advisory services. The company has some of the best leaders under its management, and Paul Saunders is among them. Saunders is the principal of the company. Some of the services that the company provides include commodity trading and investment advice. The company only serves people in the US.


Employee burnout is an issue that affects many American societies but is often swept under the rug. Burnout is bad for any business because it kills employee motivation and causes them to underperform. Many factors cause employee burnout in the workplace. The most often cause is stress and pressure from the home and work environment. Paul Saunders says that when a person is facing a lot of personal issues at home and is pressured at work, burnout is more likely to occur. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


According to Paul Saunders, employers should take the initiative to ensure their employees are not facing burnout and can work competently. Luckily, there are some early signs that employers can detect to know if their employees are facing burnout. Listed below are some of the early signs that employers can detect and how to prevent them.


  1. Change in overall attitude


Anyone can experience a bad day, but when these bad days become more frequent, the employee is experiencing burnout. Such employees are always in a bad mood at the workplace and get upset over small issues. They can also lash out at work; for instance, when the coffee runs out, they tend to talk angrily at everyone. The employer, in this case, should provide support to the employee to make them feel better. The employer can also recommend taking up a hobby that ensures the employee has time away from work to work out their issues.


  1. Change in confidence


A change in confidence is an early sign of employee burnout. Such employees start doubting their work and often prefer not handling any tasks that involve making important decisions. The lack of confidence is an effect of burnout, and if not prevented early it can cause the employee to be incompetent at work. Employers can provide their employees with small tasks to finish. These tasks will help improve their confidence once they are completed. Encouragement also works in eliminating such doubts.


  1. Lack of motivation or drive


Most employees that experience burnout has no drive or motivation. They tend to drag themselves at work and can take longer than usual to accomplish simple tasks that would have taken them a few days on a normal day. Employers can organize team building exercises to improve the motivation of their employees and at least have a break from the hectic work schedule. Learn more:

The role of Shafik Sachedina in the Ismaili Community

Shafik Sachedina is a prominent personality in the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom. He holds various positions in different organizations that deal with matters of interest of the community and is the head of the Department of Jamati Institutions that is under the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan Development. Sachedina is responsible for the coordination of programs and activities of this organization in 16 areas in Central Asia.

Shafik Sachedina is originally from East Africa. He was born in 1950 in Dar es Salam, Tanzania but later moved to London, England to pursue higher education. He studied dental surgery at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. He graduated in 1975, and since then he has been practicing dentistry across the United Kingdom. From the 1980s, Shafik Sachedina took interests in other fields of the healthcare industry in the country. Today, he owns interests in various organizations in the healthcare system where he is trying to change the state of service delivery to the people. Sachedina now appreciates that his parents gave him an opportunity to access the best education system in the world by taking him to the United Kingdom. It is the schools that he attended in the United Kingdom that have made him be the successful person he is today. For more information read about Shafik Sachedina on Medium.

Shafik played a role in the creation of Sussex Healthcare, a healthcare firm that opened doors in 1998. Together with Shiraz Boghani, Shafik Sachedina established this facility to be a home for the elderly and other people in need of specialized care in society.

Apart from his role in the healthcare industry, he is also a member of the board of governors of the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He has previously served as the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom for two consecutive terms.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina established Sussex Healthcare so that the underprivileged persons in society can get an opportunity to live a better life. He started this healthcare firm because he predicted that as we move into the future, the number of people who will need specialized care will go up significantly.



Madison Street Capital Wins Turnaround M&A Deal of the Year At M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor recently made an announcement regarding the winners of the awards program held by them every year and noted Madison Street Capital as the winner of the Turnaround M&A Deal of the Year. This was an incredibly prestigious award and marks the brilliant endeavors that the company has managed to take on over the last few years. The Madison Street Capital reputation has all but improved upon being given this award.



The award was given to Madison Street Capital for the brilliant work that they had done for Sachs Capital Group. The company had been embarking on a venture with RMG Networks and had decided to enforce the deal with the help of Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners. Madison Street Capital was incredibly proficient with handling the deal, mainly because of the experience that they had within this segment of the industry. The team at Madison Street Capital was led by Barry Petersen, who currently stands as the Senior Managing Director within the company.



The award was not only a mark of the work that the company had done but also a testament to the high quality of services and advice that the company is able to offer to its clients. Upon receiving the award, the CEO of Madison Street Capital released a statement outlining his opinion on the matter. In his statement, he says that the company was honored to be the recipient of this kind of recognition, especially when it comes to the work that was done on this particular transaction. He then went on to thank the team members who were a part of this deal and who put in an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to see it succeed. He also went on to say that this award sheds a spotlight on the strong ability that the firm has to help its clients, and outlined their drive to positively influence the work that their clients bring to them.



This was not the only award the Madison Street Capital received as part of this event. They were named the winners of several notable categories including Restructuring of the Year, Transaction of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year and Professional of the Year and many more. These awards were especially prestigious because Madison Street Capital stood among over 250 firms who were all up for the same categories as them.



Roger Aguinaldo, the Founder of The M&A Advisor recently took to an interview to talk about the awards ceremony and the winners who were selected from each category. In this interview, he stated that the winners represented some of the best within the investment sector, and stand as some of the most notable and impressive firms and deals of the year.


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Agera Energy Puts New CFO In Place

Agera Energy just announced that it has hired Mark Linzenbold as its new Chief Financial Officer for the company. Mark comes to Agera Energy from past experiences in many firms working in their financial departments. His education is outstanding and he has the knowledge and experience to bring Agera Energy into a much better financial situation. He is planning on making changes to the budget department of the company and wants to make it available to more of their customers. He is organizing the department so that it is more streamlined and customer friendly. Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy is one of the largest providers of energy products in the southern part of the country and they have been expanding their base to include many more areas. The company has been able to stabilize their pricing for customers for many months due to their aggressive bargaining tactics with their suppliers. Mark Linzenbold will add to this through his knowledge of this industry and the many connections he has with supply companies. The company is currently looking at more energy efficient ways of providing their services to their customers and is moving towards alternative energy solutions.


With the addition of Mark Linzenbold to their management team, Agera Energy is seeing their future as a positive one and they believe that their customer base will only grow in the next few years. The company is customer focused and this shows in their customer service department. When you contact them, they will work with you to find the best programs they have available for your energy needs.

Agera Energy’s website contains all of the information you will need to make the decision to change your service provider to them. They include the pricing of their current energy rates and update the information on a daily basis. You will find that by changing your provider, you will begin to see savings immediately. Once you set up an account with them, you can go online to pay your monthly bills. They can also set up reminders when your current bill is due. This makes paying your bills much easier. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on Twitter.