3D Printing An Office – The Future Of Architecture

By now, most everyone has probably heard about the incredible feats that 3d printers are capable of from printing firearms that can shoot real ammo to the production of prosthetics that can change the life of someone with a disability. It seems that the possibilities are endless with the fascinating devices and I just read an article about another amazing undertaking by none other than the city that strives to never be outdone – Dubai. They plan to design and print a full office with the assistance of a 3d printer. This is something that is both innovative and awe-inspiring and those interested can read the entire article here: The printing of an office.

The office mockups show that it will be a marvel of architectural design and take a top spot in the world of modern marvels all while being constructed from materials that are shaped by a 3d printer. Special reinforced concrete, fiber reinforced plastic and glass fiber reinforced gypsum to be more specific in regards to the ingredients. This project is going to take 3d printer capabilities to the next level and may very well change the way design and production is done in some cases. One can imagine a consumer shopping for a home by toying with an app until they have created a unique design that intrigues them. Then, some checks can be done by engineers to insure the feasibility of their design and the print button is pressed. Voila, a one-off home in no time at all.

Mohammed Al Gergawi is a leader of the UAE National Innovation Committee and he hopes that this will be the start of many projects which will pioneer the inclusion of 3d printing in construction projects and at the same time secure Dubai a spot as the global hub for design innovation through 3d printing. As the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Al Gergawi has already shown a keen eye for a fresh prospective on whatever initiatives he encounters, like this piece about Al Gergawi from 7 Days From Dubai. The launch of the $4.5 billion Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Healthcare City, and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Arab Management Award are all linked to his name and the leadership which he continues to provide to his country.

His work reads like a veritable rapsheet of impressive projects and movements which anyone would be proud to place on their resume. Al Gergawi has contributed to media projects like Dubai Media City, social projects like the Dubai Austism Center, was a mentor at the World Economic Forum, and other regional initiatives. If his success is any indicator then this 3d office building will be inspiring to anyone who is able to visit or read about it. Dubai continues to advance in ways that set it a level above the competition when it comes to countries.

Yeonmi Park to Speak At The Ubben Lecture Series in DePauw University

According to a story that featured on DePauw University’s website, Yeonmi Park will give an Ubben Lecture On the 5th of October at the University. She will be 22 years old after celebrating her birthday the day before. Park will share her exceptional story about how she and her family luckily freed North Korea, and passed through china to get to South Korea. Yeonmi is passionate about universal freedom after fighting to get her own.

The lecture will commence at 7:30 p.m. Park will then field questions from the audience, and then sign books later on. She will make history by joining other esteemed speakers who have graced the event over the years. They include Bill Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher among many others. The forum was started in 1986 by Sharon Williams and Timothy H.

Park’s inspiring story of freeing North Korea, at a time when the regime was harsh as ever, has set her apart as a voice of those in captivity in North Korea and the rest of the world. BBC even featured her on their list of “Top 100 Global Women” for her great work as a human rights activist. She has also spoken in Dublin during the One Young World Summit and during the Freedom Forum in Oslo.

Park was raised in the city of Hyesan. While she was growing up, the regime in power was notorious for controlling every aspect of their lives. However, after watching the movie Titanic, which had been banned in North Korea, Park got to experience a new form of freedom. Although she had grown up knowing that there was nothing better than losing your life for the sake of the regime, the movie’s depiction of someone dying for love made her view the world from a different angle.

After Engaging in illegal smuggling to be able to provide for his family, the Guardian recounts that Yeonmi Park’s father was arrested, imprisoned and tortured. He got a medical release after contracting an illness, and decided that they had had enough of North Korea: it was time to flee the country. While Park and family set out to escape to South Korea, she didn’t have the slightest clue of what the journey had in store. In the course of the journey, she would separate and reunite with her sister, witness as her mother was raped, and later bury her father, who had finally succumbed to his illness.

Park has written a book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, where she documents some of these horrific experiences. She wants the world to be aware of people like her, who are still in captivity and appear to have been forgotten.

A Career Of Service Leads Dan Newlin To Personal Injury Law

Attorney Dan Newlin has always been attracted to jobs that required him to help the people of his local community in times of need and pain. This need to provide service began with Newlin becoming a law enforcement officer who was dedicated to helping others in their darkest times of need and was followed by his move into the fire department where he was able to continue to help others. Finally, Newlin settled on a role that allowed him to make a huge difference in the lives of those he felt he could help with his focus switching to personal injury law as an attorney.

Over the course of his career, Dan Newlin has embarked on a number of legal cases that have established him as one of the top personal injury attorneys in Florida and in his newly established office in Chicago. The need to help and assist others has driven his law career as he has often taken on cases that were considered difficult, such as the shooting of Daniella Sampson in 2012 by a man who was involved in a home invasion. Despite the problems the case provided for Newlin he pushed on and won Danielle’s family a $100 million damages claim that will make sure her medical expenses are handled for the remainder of her life. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Service and helping others may be an important part of Dan Newlin’e career, but they also play a role in his private life in the form of his own community programs. Newlin has been an active campaigner for more assistance for children with medical conditions and in need of assistance through his own Dan Newlin Miracle Foundation. This foundation has brought together young people and children suffering with serious medical conditions and inspirational figures like boxer Evander Holyfield in a bid to help the children continue their fight against the problems they face.

Adam Sender Is Displaying His Art Collection

Art collectors are able to see something in pieces of artwork that the rest of the world is unable to see. Sometimes they will pick pieces that no one else would have deemed beautiful, but once they put them with the rest of their collection, they just fit. The pieces make everything else seem a little bit better, and they fit perfectly with what the art collection had envisioned. When art collectors have the money to purchase a lot of artwork they are able to put together some truly amazing collections. Some art collectors keep those collections to themselves for their own, private viewing, but some are a bit more generous with the art that they have collected.
One art collector who is willing to share with the world the beautiful pieces of art that he has collected and put together to form a stunning collection is Adam Sender. This man and his wife have been wanting to do this for some time, and now the opportunity has come for them to show off his collection. They have decided to put his collection on display in the Miami home that he had been trying to sell, and they are allowing people the chance to come and view it. Check out Adam Sender on LinkedIn.

While some art collectors would believe that the artwork that they have gathered and put together should be theirs and theirs alone, there are others, like Adam Sender, who feel that the beauty should be shared with everyone. Art is something so special, and when someone is able to put multiple pieces of art into a collection, why shouldn’t they share the collection with the world? Art was never made to be hidden away. It is something that should be put out to let the whole world feel a bit more inspired.

Christian Broda Says U.S. Dollar Still the Top Dog

The U.S. dollar has become weaker in global markets, yet world renowned fund manager Christian Broda says the dollar will remain the main currency of choice throughout the world. Mr. Broda’s view opposes the majority opinion of most economists, who gloomily predict a dramatic fall of the dollar and the subsequent loss of special privilege and power in America. Despite the many problems attending the U.S.’s actions throughout the world, Mr. Broda points out that the dollar has not weakened nearly so much as foreign currencies have, and in fact seems to have instead strengthened. So, while many financial experts have predicted the fall of the dollar, he maintains that it is actually situation normal, pointing out that many times in history the greenback was predicted to fall, but did not.

Christian Broda has published many academic whitepapers in the past that made uncannily accurate predictions. For instance, in 2009 he accurately predicted that forces in the marketplace would work to keep inflation low for a long period of time. This has indeed come to pass, with inflation remaining less than 5% for several years. His peers with the opposing view claim the days of America being super entitled and free from effects of crippling national debt are coming to a close. They believe as soon as the petrodollar alliance falls apart, so will the power of the U.S. Federal Reserve, reducing the U.S. dollar to fire-starting paper. This is the view taken by bestselling financial author James Rickards in his new book, “The Death of Money.” He makes several cases based on events in U.S. history, starting with the Civil War, where the dollar was destabilized by war and civil unrest, resulting in major damage to the whole world’s economy. Many other pundits agree.

Most expert observers of the world’s money markets are fearful of the Fed’s changes, with quantitative easing being the main concern. However, Christian Broda recommends that investors stay with their fluctuating dollar investments. He has stated, “Now that the Fed may actually exit, the natural conclusion is that the dollar should strengthen even further… Japan is still doing QE, Europe is opening that possibility in recent weeks. It seems wise to keep your investment in the US, and think twice about following the conventional wisdom that emerging markets is the place to put your money.”

The Expansion And Explosion Of Enterprise Networking Technology And Shaygan Kheradpir

As business and enterprise demands are growing and moving, it has been up to technology service providers to enhance their service capabilities to meet the waves of new traffic and ultimately grow their mobile field. Mobile is where the enterprise networks are trending towards and the developers in the communications industry are zeroing in on that field. All the way from traditional networking and computing in a server environment, and now integrating cloud-based networking and mobile devices, companies like Cisco, Verizon and Juniper Networks are moving ahead to new dimensions of data gathering, storage, analytics and keeping everything connected and up to speed.

One individual who’s been among the leaders in these developments is Shaygan Kheradpir, a networking guru and savvy marketing leader in the world of enterprise technology. Kheradpir started off working at GTE Labs as a network and software developer, working with routing and switching software. Perhaps the most well-known project he oversaw was the TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System), a revolutionary phone network management system that while not quite an early VoIP sysem, was somewhat of a forerunner to that. From there, GTE merged into the company now known as Verizon and Kheradpir became the CIO, and began developing the technologies that are now part of their regular service. Among those technologies is the FiOS service that includes lightning-speed internet and TV service. Just recently, Juniper Networks announced him as their CEO and will now look to his leadership to take them forward.

One area networking technology is improving and further increasing its priorities, is identity recognition and policy enforcement, and Juniper is no exception to that. This is becoming critical as enterprise networks face new threats every day, not least of which is false identity that can come from rogue machines. Developing user profile recognition tools based on behavior, application usage monitoring tools, and threat detection and thwarting is part of a majority of networking developers’ mission and leading into resource and session control protocols and applications.

Cloud-based switches are becoming more and more prevalent as servers housing data centers and virtualized networks are starting to fill up the bandwidth. As the traffic to these data centers increases, so must the speed and the capacity to house the data and application usage across the cloud, and cloud-based switches are being designed to meet these demands. Quality of Service is being integrated to match the usage of voice and video applications across these networks.

Bag on Side of New Jersey Road Filled with $150,000

It isn’t too often tat you find money lying on the side of the road, but that is exactly what happened in Mahwah New Jersey this week. Mahwah police are saying that an employee who fills and empties ATM machines left a bag with $150,000 on the road. That bag did not remain long, as video captures a white van with two occupants who pull up and make off with the money.

During rounds of emptying ATM machines, video shows an employee of Kenneth Griffin‘s company walking to his vehicle with the bags of money. He places one bag on the curb and begins making room in the trunk to fit the rest. After placing the bags in the trunk, he gets in the car and simply forgets one of the bags on the curb. Soon after he drives away, he realizes his mistake and calls to see if the bag is still on the road. The bag was gone, swiped up by a passenger in a white van who spotted the bag sitting at the curb.

The ATM worker was so distressed by his mistake, he needed medical treatment at the scene. Video captured the entire event, including the passenger picking up the bag of money and throwing it in his van. The same van was spotted on another video a shot time later stealing used tires from across the street at a tire company. Police are looking for the driver and passenger of the van, and have released the video asking for help from the public in identifying the thieves.

The Rich Culture of Brazilian Literature

Brazil. Many people read that word and think of lush rain forests, vivacious costumes during Carnival, and the enticing aroma of Brazilian coffee. What many people seem to overlook is the diverse and rich literature that evolved from this country. Brazil has a full history of authors that covered topics from topography, to poetry, to Irish immigrants trying to find there way in a new culture.

The first documented piece of writing in Brazil is titled ” Carta de Pero Vaz de Caminha”, and was written by Pero Vaz de Caminha. This initial work of literary art was written to describe the country in it’s form in 1500. After this, romanticism began to make it’s way into the limelight by authors such as Gonçalves de Magalhães, and Casimiro de Abreu by way of poetry. These masters of the word gave authors like Joaquim Manuel de Macedo, Manuel Antônio de Almeida and José de Alencar the ideals to begin writing in novel form, and also in newly formed news papers.

Throughout it’s history, Brazil has had to overcome some literary obstacles, to practice the freedom of writing that it has today. Author Ivan Angelo finished his novel “The Celebration” in 1967, but was not allowed to publish his work until 1976, due to a censorship that was imposed after the 1964 Coup d’état. By the time the censorship was lifted in the 1970’s, a young novelist by the name of Jamie Garcia Dias, had been born in Rio De Janeiro.

Jamie Garcia Dias (YouTube) was the son of Arnaldo Dias Dulce Garcia Dias, a renowned architect and writer in Brazil. His father was his mentor who guided him into a life of literature. In 1993, young Jamie began his teaching career at The Academy of Literature in Rio. After four short years, he was honored by becoming the Vice President of the Academy. By this time, he had published ten works already. In 1991, Dias was honored with The White Crane Award, an award highly regarded in the Brazilian literary world. Along with the actual award, came an air of prestige and success that fueled Jamie to keep producing influential and iconic works in the fiction genre resulting in twenty published novels.

In 2013, Dias (Pinterest) wanted to pay tribute to his father by publishing “The Chronicle that Made me Man.” This, among all of his other works helped to earn him the ABC award of Brazil of Fictional Literature.
Today Brazilian literature is filled with content and views on city life and everything it entails: Violence, media control, political upheavals and even loneliness. As a country, Brazil has seen it’s share of turmoil. However without it, Brazil would not have the literature it does today.

Increasing Revenue With Marijuana

“Legalizing marijuana is possibly one of the best decisions that some states have made” says Kenneth Griffin. The revenue from the plant has helped some areas meet budgets for the state while other areas have been able to reach a surplus in some funds. There are still people who don’t like the idea of marijuana being sold. They aren’t looking at the benefits medically and financially. It’s a plant that can help others who experience a variety of health problems. Someone has to grow the plant, so it aids people who can properly make sure the buds are of a quality condition. This will in turn lead to farmers have other options for making money. Residents in states that have legalized marijuana can make a purchase without the fear of being arrested. They have put more money into the economy in a legal fashion instead of throwing that money away to someone who is growing the plant at a house and selling it without the knowledge of anyone else. The benefits outweigh the risks of marijuana, if there are any, for both the people who buy the plant and the states that have decided to make purchases legal.

Brad Reifler Gives Advice About Investing

Brad Riefler is an investment company adviser for those individuals that are not of the rich 1%. He gives great advice about how to make good investment choices. Reifler is the founder and the CEO of Forefront Capital Brand and his advice is for those individuals that want to make a safe investments. The number number one thing is to be careful on the way a person is investing money. It is important to consider things such as charges and expenses. An individual wants to take an inventory of all of the assets that they have available to them and make an educated decision.

The next important tip when it comes to investing is to be concerned about the safety of your money. An individual wants to make wise investment decisions while at the same time making sure that they are going to have the funds needed to meet their families needs. The third good tip for investing is to not put all money in the stock market. There are other great ways that an individual can invest in order to make dividends on their income without putting everything that they have in the stock market.

The fourth tip is to know who is going to be investing money. It is very important to have trust in the individuals that are managing your funds. If a person does not trust those that are in charge of their money, than it is very possible for misunderstandings to arise. The fifth and last tip when it comes to investing is to know why you are investing. When a person is investing it is important to set investment goals. It is also important to be careful of how much is invested and if something is working well and continue to add to that.

Many investors at the present moment are considered the one percentors. These are the ones who know how to deal with hedge funds, commodity funds and public funds. Unfortunately the majority of America is not hip to their strategies. Is important to bridge the gap between the 99% and 1% and help individuals that may not be investment savvy to be able to make good investment decisions.