New Conversations on Twitch

New features coming to everyone’s favorite streaming platform, Twitch.

Twitch announced that they would be launching a new chat room feature which they are calling, Rooms. It will be a service that allows the streamers and their moderators to create chat rooms with different requirements. Those requirements can offer a large number of options like a spoiler room, a moderator room, or even just a subscriber chat room.

Rooms can be left open 24 hours a day so that you can communicate with your community even after the cameras stop rolling. All of you emotes you have on Twitch will carry over so your chats will feel just like they do on stream. They also feature notifications based on your username so that you do not miss any of the conversations. Twitch says that the service has launched on web and mobile with the desktop client to come shortly.

Twitch is synonymous with video games and the gaming community that surrounds it can benefit from these new features. Opening a chat room to talk to your friends about that cutscene at the end of that game you streamed last night is an exciting idea. Being able to have control of the chat room itself is what the streaming world is looking for in all of the chat apps out there.

Initially announced at TwitchCon 2017, the rooms service seems to be working similarly to other services like Discord and Slack. Both apps provide users with the ability to have chat rooms with specific people in regards to work or gaming. Twitch is right to capitalize on the communities that have already been established on their platform by offering these features. Twitch claims that Rooms is a direct response to services that their users have wanted. It is nice to see companies following through on immediate feedback from their fans. Twitch also says that the community guidelines that were set in place earlier this month will be in full effect.

How Psi Pay seamlessly merges international banking and payment processing

It’s no surprise that the business is a global battleground. Even when a business is successful on a national level they can often stand to benefit from accepting customers and suppliers from across the globe.

Unfortunately, navigating international banking regulations and options can be a nightmare. With dozens of currencies and hundreds of competitors it can seem almost impossible to make sure that your business isn’t missing out on a vital service or paying more than they need to.

While there are many solutions to this problem, it is often the simplest solution that works the best. This is why it’s vital for businesses and individuals to consider just how vital the “banking” component is to their business. By reducing the role that traditional banking has in your business, the more agile your operations can be. Not only does this benefit the speed and turnaround time of accounts payable and receivable, but this method can also reduce expenses as well.

This is the philosophy that Psi Pay has built itself upon. Instead of hindering itself with large scale international banking regulations and restrictions, Psi Pay has positioned itself as a payment solutions provider first and foremost. This allows them to reduce costs and remain efficient, even more than the bulk processors they compete against.

What’s amazing about this service is that clients rarely need to sacrifice useful benefits and features available from large scale international banks. Customers can make and take payments anywhere in the world, all at instant speed. In addition, the platform currently supports 44 different world currencies, all without a requirement to be holding this currency in an active account.

This process is kept efficient by allowing customers to establish Virtual Accounts for their employees and customers. Since these accounts are all on the same system, owners can instantly deposit and make inter-account exchanges in an instant. Beyond this, clients can also use the same system to pay and transfer funds to online merchants and partners that also support this Virtual Account. This is true even for merchants outside the direct organization; anything within the PSI Pay network happens instantly and cheaply.

An additional feature is the ability for corporate accounts to be kept departmentalized from the top down. This allows complete control and efficiency on a per department basis all while maintaining complete oversight at the highest levels of management. Since this Psi Pay isn’t a “bank” or creditor, budgets can never be overspent without first being topped up by the appropriate authority.

While there is far more ahead for this company than just these benefits, it’s clear to see that a simple approach can save businesses time and money, and only a modern, agile company like PSI Pay can bring these benefits without the usual banking bloat.

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Popular Arcade Racer to get Remaster

On February 20th, EA uploaded a teaser to a Burnout Paradise remaster on YouTube. In the minute and a half video EA sports showed off some impressive new graphics by having sports cars and muscle cars speeding down a busy road, crashing and performing stunts while all the while racing against other each other.

The original game, produced by Criterion Games, was the 5th edition of the Burnout series. It was released in December of 2008 and was met with praise from both fans and critics. The game was the most innovative of the series; it changed so many features that if not for Burnout’s signature crashes, it would be hard to know it was a Burnout game. Burnout Paradise was the first of the series that took place in an open world environment.

Not much information has been released by EA or Criterion concerning any new features, if any at all, will be included in the remastered edition of Burnout Paradise. Despite no announcements for new content, upon inspection of the pre-order page on the PlayStation store you will find that the game will feature new in-game micro-transactions.

The inclusion of in-game purchases should come as no surprise for any gamer that is familiar with EA games. EA was involved in controversy with its newest Star Wars release late last year, which is still seeing backlash from fans. Fans absolutely despised the fact that EA would allow the purchasing of characters with real-world cash, while players who didn’t want to fork over any money would be stuck grinding for hundreds of hours before unlocking even half the characters.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be excited for Burnout Paradise coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Likely, all the features that came standard with the original release of Burnout Paradise will be available at the start of the game without the need to spend real world money. The in-game purchases in the new edition are likely extra cars – cars that were not in the original version of the game.

EA has previously stated, however, that all of the original games DLC will come with the remaster at no additional cost. The game launches on March 16th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Lootboxes, Gambling, and our Youth

Gaming companies across the world are all trying to cash in on one business model in particular: microtransactions, specifically “loot boxes”

A lootbox is essentially a slot machine. In games such as Destiny 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, these winnings from lootboxes are only cosmetic, giving customization to your weapons, heroes or Guardians. However, some of these cosmetic items in these games are worth a lot more than you would think (very, very rare skins in CS:GO go for upwards of $10,000 USD).

The second type of lootbox prevalent in our gaming society is the box everybody fears: the boxes that give you an advantage over other players. Specifically in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In these types of games, the only way to stand a fighting chance is to buy lootboxes to help upgrade your guns and characters. This would be less controversial if it were for a free to play game, but these are being implemented in $60, AAA publisher games.

People all across the world are now talking about it. Hawaiian representative Chris Lee gives a speech about the dangers of lootboxes, and how they are essentially gambling that appeals to our children. According to one study in the United Kingdom, 60% of people believe that lootboxes should be outlawed and classified as gambling. These boxes and strategies are all around us, and do not seem to be going away any time soon. So how do we regulate them?

Lots of different ideas have been going around. Some people have suggested making any game with a lootbox only purchasable by customers age 21 and above. Others have suggested to outlaw the system altogether.

From a business point of view, lootboxes are great. They bring in extra revenue on top of what the customer has already paid. But customers across the globe are now getting angry that they have to spend $30 on top of the $60 they have already paid to be able to compete in the game. But is this the pebble that will break the camels back, of the relationship between game developers and customers? Time will tell.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair

If you are wanting to dye your hair there are many products on the market. However, one of the most interesting is a product called Unicorn Hair. It is made by a company called Lime Crime. Here is some information about this wonderful hair product.

Unicorn hair tint is a hair color that gradually fades out of your hair in time. If you have darker hair it adds a tint of color to your hair. However, if you have blonde or platinum hair it will completely color it. If you are wanting full coverage then you can get that as well.

What is great about this hair color is it is one hundred percent vegan. It is als0 cruelty free. Lime Crime is certified vegan and cruelty free by both PETA and Leaping Bunny.

The amount of time that this hair color lasts depends on a lot of things. It depends on the condition of your hair. It also depends on how much you wash your hair. If you want to prolong the color of your dyed hair then you should use sulfate free shampoos, and ones that are for color treated hair.

What is great about these hair colors is you can mix the colors to get even cooler colors. For example you can mix their Bubblegum Rose color with their Neon Peach to get a peachy pink color. They have other ideas on their website for the perfect hair color.

There are many different colors on the website. These include different shades of blue, purple, pink, and green. They come in both jars and also packets of color. These range in price from $2.50 for a packet to $16 for a jar of color.

If you are wanting to dye your hair then you should check out this product. It’s a great product that will leave your hair looking wonderful. Check out all the colors and find the one that speaks to you.

Cambridge’s Fake News Game is a Blast

There are probably more lies than truth on the internet when you add up every piece of information published to the net. Cambridge University intends to teach people how to create fake news themselves in a new web-game they have recently released. The game is called Bad News and is available to play here.

Upon booting up the game I was a little disappointed by the text based aspect of the game, but the game quickly caught my attention by allowing me to post my first tweet and gain my first 25 social media followers.

The game then gave me the option to take a quick survey and I was intrigued enough to cooperate with its request. The game had an option to back out of the survey and return to the main game at any point I wanted. It was a short survey composed of me judging several Twitter posts from various authors as being reliable or not.

After the survey was over the game led me down the path of improving my social media presence and credibility. First I impersonated the President of the United States on twitter and declared war, then I went pro and started my own news site. My first post was a meme that read “Apparently I hurt the planet by keeping my baby warm.” By this time I had nearly 300 followers and was on my way to becoming the top name in fake news.

The game then asked me which emotion of my followers I would like to exploit next and I chose fear. I ended up choosing to scar mothers everywhere by declaring that their dogs all had diseases that would infect their children – this is really in the game.

After I paid a couple thousand twitter bots, I gained over 4000 followers and got my 3rd badge(of 6 total in the game.)

My next step was to step into the world of conspiracy theories, but my new meme was too far out there and I received backlash from my followers. You can head over to GetBadNews right now and see if you can do better than I did.

French Tribune on Equities First Holdings reivew

French Tribune posted an article on the 12th of June, 2017. Following up on a recent review of Equities First Holdings, a financial lending company. French Tribune went on and wrote about the many positive aspects of the companies quick financial track record. And also how the company became one of the largest stock-based loan providers in the world. French Tribune also goes on to discuss how Equities First Holdings, has provided non-stop prophets. Helping shareholders, even through times in falling economic situations. The company seems to keep stable throughout the years. Satisfactory ratings have been climbing the financial charts non-stop. The companies success has helped extend their offices worldwide. Finally, French Tribune continues to speak about the importance of the company’s financial securities. And since established in London in 2013. Equities First Holdings is one of the largest financial institutions providing loans for individuals, business owners, or shareholders.

Equities First Holdings Info:

New Laws Concerning Old Games?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1996 was a much needed revision of the copyright code during the Clinton administration. The administration fought to bring internet to many places in the United States, it was only right they provide a way for the new industry to copyright its material.

Now, the U.S. Copyright Office has ran into a problem, a similar problem it faced with books, music and video: what happens to the content when it is no longer profitable?

When a book or video’s copyright expires it enters into what is known as the public domain and it becomes available on several websites, museums and other public sharing mediums for anyone to view for free.

The argument the U.S. Copyright Office is making is one of actual merit and much of the gaming community would agree. The U.S. Copyright Office already grants permission to some archives and libraries for video games that are no longer publicly available. If an online game has been abandoned by its developer, or has been shut down, why can’t the game be rebuilt by the community or enter into a digital museum?

Classic MMORPGs such as Star War Galaxies and City of Heroes still have very loyal and passionate fanbases, but the players are unable to log into the game because the servers have been long shut down. This is a nightmare situation for an MMO player who often times devote years of time to a single game.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment are the leaders of the new movement to expand video game copyright.

“Online games have become ubiquitous and are only growing in popularity,” a representative of the Museum wrote. “An estimated fifty three percent of gamers play multiplayer games at least once a week.”

If you are thinking about opening up your own server after the new rules arrive, you should take one thing into consideration: a dev may keep a tiny server active to stop you. If a developer wants to maintain an intellectual property in the online gaming market, and if loop holes like these are not closed, all they will have to do is reserve a place for a very tiny piece of their fanbase.

Nick Vertucci Says California’s Housing Market Has Trouble Ahead Of It

More and more people are struggling to find affordable housing in California because housing prices have stayed artificially high for so long and lawmakers have done little to change or effect policies that could ease the prices downward. Real estate entrepreneur Nick Vertucci says if something isn’t done soon with this issue, a serious correction will hit California. What the exact results of this correction will be Vertucci didn’t specify, but more than likely it will be a huge crash in property value to homeowners with serious economic fallout as there was in the 2008 recession. What Vertucci and others have said has kept the housing market going is that interest rates have stayed low, but any changes in those or the stock market could trigger disaster for California.

Nick Vertucci has helped many people make money through real estate deals at his NV Real Estate Academy. He started the academy just three years ago and so far thousands of people have positively reviewed what it’s taught them. The academy shows how to get financing for property purchases, how to work with contractors for renovation, and what the best strategies are to resell it. Nick Vertucci also provides an ongoing support knowledge system for academy alumni so that once they go out into the field, they have a family-like group to rely on.

Nick Vertucci had to overcome poverty twice to become financially independent in real estate. He came from a family with little money, no college training and even spent early adulthood living out of a vehicle. He managed to start a business while still in his 20s, and for a while things looked good. He married, bought a house and had several children. But he descended back into poverty when the dot-com crash hit in 2000 and he nearly lost everything. He found an unexpected answer to his problems at a real estate opportunity he came across, and before long he realized the field was much simpler than he had thought. Within just a few years of purchasing properties and renovating and leasing them, he got rid of his debt and found more freedom than he ever imagined. He realized he couldn’t keep his discovery to himself so he started the academy that is now helping thousands everywhere unlock the secret.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Introduced “Discovery Tour” Mode

One thing the Assassin’s Creed game series has in its favor are sprawling lifelike recreations of actual locations, replicated as closely as possible (neck stabbing aside) to their real life counterparts during the time a game’s events are supposed to take place. For many players, it can be more enjoyable to simply traverse the map in a game than to try to play through the story itself. It seems Ubisoft has taken notice of this, introducing a new mode into the franchise’s latest entry.

“Discovery Tour” is a game mode separate from Assassin’s Creed Origins’ main story, doing away with all the violence and danger involved with a traditional action adventure video game. Instead, players are taken across a guided tour of ancient Egypt as it is recreated within the game.

With input from many museums and Egyptologists, the game’s programmers took great pains to recreate the people, places, and artifacts featured in Assassin’s Creed Origins. There’s been no shortage of effort in this new mode, either, taking the player on a trip around Alexandria following a golden path dotted with places of interest. Once reached, a narrator explains how the developers went about recreating this particular piece of Egyptian history and its significance to the country.

That’s only the start, though, as over 70 tours spread across the entirety of Origins’ massive open world are available after the initial tour ends, allowing players to go wherever they like and learn about all manner of different facts related to the times. You even get to choose who you’d like to be during the tour (though it won’t actually change anything during the game mode), with Julius Caesar and Cleopatra offered in addition to the game’s protagonist.

There are even points where the game highlights the liberties taken with history during development to better adapt the real life locations into an interactive experience, discussing the changes both big and small that had to be made in order for players to better enjoy their time in the game.

Discovery Tour is out now as a free update to the base Assassin’s Creed Origins game. If you’re not interested in the franchise but would like to experience this interactive educational game for yourself, though, it’s available to purchase separately on PC for a reduced price.