How OneLogin has Kept Tabs with Innovation through the SCIM System

If you are an Envoy customer, you can be sure to enjoy one of the most convenient services courtesy of the integrated System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). As a system, its user provisioned integration with the developers OneLogin, has kept tabs with the modern day office challenges that require authentication of visitors to these premises. More explicitly, the software allows office visitors to sign in into the facilities with the help- of their iPad. With this level of technology, the tedious processes that required the use of log books have been rendered stale as the sign processes have been automated.

Starting the Sign in Process

The first step that Envoy comes into play, is in the registration process where again the automation process allows the supervisors verify the visitor’s badges, identification card photos. With such a success in this fundamental security process, the system has attracted many technology companies that have shown great interest in using the technology for their security needs. In this regard, most Envoy clients can now use the Envoy connector, well synchronised with OneLogin application protocol to ease the processes in place.

Updating Employees’ Applications Use

Moving forward, the movement of office employees to and from the facilities is also another target area that the software has helped in fast tracking. The difficulty mostly comes when the IT technicians are faced with the challenge of enabling the users to access the various office applications. Even as security remains the desired focus when updating these systems, having a smooth and reliable end-user interaction is always inevitable. With this requirement in mind, the partnership of Envoy and OneLogin has succeeded in idealising and enacting the SCIM for automating user processes.

The Prospects of Envoy and OneLogin’s Partnership

Since the system works to ensure that open identity and the authentication standards become available to the users, creating access management tool has worked well with its plans. It has simply shown that the capacity of the company to grow has relied on the consistent focus of innovativeness and making important partnerships. It, therefore, beats logic that working with Envoy has been a prospective venture that has not only placed the company on the right road to prosperity. The kind of prosperity, in this case, can be evidenced with the increased access to OneLogin developer website by vendors such as the SaaS.

Aloha Construction Reigning Amidst the Storm in the Construction Sector

The construction industry is an economic driver, job creator and an enabler of growth in other sectors. During this year, the construction industry has recorded a lot of activity despite the slight decline witnessed after the 2016 elections. Jobs in the sector increased by about 6,000 with the residential sector accounting for 85 % jobs in July and indicates a drop by 66.67% from 18,000 the previous year.

Experts have raised the alarm over the slow employment growth rate and suggest that with the current pace it will take years to reach full employment. Growth in the construction industry affects the manufacturing, banking and financial services, retail, and hospitality sectors among others.

Most of the companies dealing in construction focus in a particular area. Illinois based, Aloha Construction has carved a niche in roofing solutions; offers gutter works, siding and roofing services. The Aloha construction roofing team can fix any roof including asphalt and metal depending on the client’s specification. While most companies ignore the sliding aspect in construction, the Aloha has capitalized on it to differentiate itself. The experts can fit Hardee board, aluminum, vinyl and wood siding. The gutter works will help keep your roofs protected and prevent wear and tear.

To date, Aloha construction has completed over 18,000 projects for people in Illinois and the Southern Wisconsin. The family-run company is a trusted partner in the area because of the service provided, the rate of responses, after sales services, affordable pricing, and quality finishing. The company also offers repair services.

Nevertheless, Aloha still faces the challenges experienced in the market including the shortages in skilled labor. Currently, societal perspectives make people avoid jobs in the construction industry. The proposals by the current government to inject 1 trillion dollars in the sector may influence positive growth in the area.



Most of the Brazilian law was derived from the Portuguese law with their legal system solely based on the Portuguese statutes. Brazil boasts of the highest numbers of legal professionals than any other part of the world, with more than 1,029,399 lawyers. Most of this lawyers are based in Sao Paulo where 288,975 lawyers are based in this town and thus it is known as the largest legal center, it is closely followed by Rio de Janeiro which hosts more than 139, 714 lawyers. In Brazil, lawyers are known as ‘advogados.’ They are regulated by state bars which are likewise regulated by the Brazilian Bar Association-Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil (AOB).

One of the famous lawyers of all times in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto is one of the founders of the firm known as Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo as a senior lawyer in Brazil is well known by his clients in the fields of copyright, consumer law, corporate law, administrative law, Environment law and corporate law among others.

Ricardo Tosto was once nominated as the best litigation lawyer among all other lawyers in Brazil. His legal practice is much respected by Brazil legal 500 and the Brazilian legal publication Analise 500. Mr. Ricardo Tosto as a scholar is an alumnus of Mackenzie law school and has an extension course in Business administration.

Besides practicing law in his law firm, Mr. Ricardo has been involved in other activities that ensure the former president of the Judicial Reform Committee and the Judicial Modernization Committee at the OAB/SP(Brazilian Bar Association-Sao Paulo section). Ricardo Tosto is also a strong member of International Bar Association (IBA), a Board of Directors member of Study Center for Attorney Partnerships also known as CESA, a steering committee member of the IMD Alumni Association.

He serves at Consulting Council of Brazilian publishing house, and among the founders of IBEDEP-Brazilian Institute. He is a political and legal noted writer who gives talks. Also, Ricardo Tosto has various articles published in notable magazines and newspapers and is the co-author of a Brazilian book known as O Processo de Tiradentes and his Facebook.

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Gregory Aziz Has Helped Make National Steel Car The Leading Manufacturer For Railroad Freight Cars In North America


Gregory James Aziz has a career with National Steel Car as their President, CEO, and Chairman. The company is a world leader in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars of the highest quality and is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg James Aziz was born on April 30th of 1949 in London, Ontario. He received his education at Ridley College before attending the University of Western Ontario with an economics major. His family had a wholesale food business called Affiliated Foods and he joined the business in 1971. Over sixteen years the company saw a lot of growth and began importing fresh foods all over the world including Central and South America and Europe. Their food distribution covers wholesale fresh food markets all over Eastern Canada and the United States.


Late in the 1980’s and into the early 1990’s, Gregory J Aziz pursued opportunities in banking in New York. He was responsible for the organization required for National Steel Car being purchased from Dofasco in 1994. The company was once great throughout Canada and he wanted to transform it into the leading manufacturer for railroad freight cars within North America. He began with an emphasis on the team building necessary to build cars strong in their engineering capabilities. This took a lot of capital and human investments but he successfully expanded the manufacturing capacity of the company. When the company was purchased their capacity was 3,500 cars each year. By 1999 this number had increased to 12,000. This resulted in an increase of employees from 600 to approximately 3,000.


James Aziz dedicated himself to excellence in manufacturing and engineering high quality freight cars with National Steel Car. They are the leader in innovations in their industry and thousands of new freight cars are constructed every year. The company has held the honor of being the only rail freight car producer in North America certified as ISO 9001:2008. They have had this certification for eighteen years and been the recipient of awards since 1996. The company is committed to their community in Hamilton and sponsors many local charities including the Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Opera. National Steel Car has a Christmas party every year attended by past and present employees and their children. They additionally participate in the major food drive sponsored by the company to benefit the local food banks. Gregory James Aziz along with his wife Irene sponsor the Winter Fair in Canada.



Sharing the Wealth at Market America Events

Market America Events are all about sharing the wealth. When people attend these awe inspiring seminars, they learn what it feels like to be successful and carry that with them throughout their daily life. This is a game changer for most people, because that is not how the world teaches us to see ourselves. But once you see yourself as a success for the first time, you just want more. And more is what Market America is all about giving their friends, families, and other who want a taste of reality on fire. Come see for yourself and achieve what you have always been longing for in life.

Market America Events are an eye opening exchange of ideas for like minded souls and the people that carry a will to succeed. Only at Market America can you meet up with so many different kinds of people, who all share a common goal. They all want to get the most out of life, then pass it on to others. This is the first step toward making a better future happen, not just for you. But for everyone that you meet and everyone you see. Because sharing the wealth at Market America means making life an event in itself.



Orange Coast College; Leading Community College

Orange Coast College is a community college in Sothern California. The institution opened its classrooms in 1948 and had since grown to enroll about 25000 students each semester. Students who attend the college later join other prominent universities in California and across the country. It is ranked 65th out of over 5000 community colleges in the U.S. Originally a former U.S air force base, the institution’s first building was in 1950 when it was restructured, and more modern buildings and lecture halls were built. Since then, the campus has undergone several restructuring to become one of the best institutions in California. Orange Coast College is now the third best in California.

In 2017, the institution opened the Orange Coast College Recycling Centre. This move is in line with the school’s commitment to a better and safer environment. The expanded center now has over 400 visitors daily. Students, staff, and members of the public take recyclable items there for sorting and later made for other uses. The recycling center has a vast parking space that can accommodate up to 45 cars. Funded by donors who are environmentally friendly, the center has showers and a break room for its staff. Since most of the people who work there are students, they can now shower and change before classes. Moreover, the recycling center was expanded to have lecture halls, which will be used for resource management and other environmental lessons. Learn more:

Committed to a better and inclusive post secondary education, Orange Coast College produces skilled professionals in its broad array of courses offered. It is also a corporate social responsible institution as witnessed by the whole recycling center mentioned above. The center plans to reach more people outside of the campus through advertising in its plans for growth. Most residents in the Orange County will now have a place to take most of their recyclable materials.

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Michel Terpin – Writer Too?

As far as orders he can commit to – Brazilian racer Michel Terpin will need some more information about the general project and assignments as it depends how long it can take: Terpin’s involved in a number of other personal artistic and business endeavors and is mainly looking for good part-time work to fill the void and have some fun with. The topics he’d be most interested in include but are not limited to: travel, nature/outdoors, tech, business/entrepreneurship and culture.

Terpin’s somewhere “in between” – he’ll fall somewhat loosely towards the libertarian arena, so he’s traditionally conservative about some things and traditionally liberal about others. It depends on the particular issue or case – he won’t assign himself to any party.

Michel on Leadership

A great leader understands that they are nothing without the support of their workforce. It is vital to get to know each employee and what motivates them. This differs from person to person and once a leader finds this motivation, it is up to them to cultivate it.

A great leader gets into the trenches with his/her employees. Moral boosts when leaders physically work with employees on tasks. A leader should never assign anyone a job he/she isn’t willing to do themselves.

It is important for a leader to listen to his/her employees and value their input. Many leaders make decisions about a part of business without involving the people who work it day in and day out.

I could go on, but Terpin believes a great leader inspires people to have confidence and believe they can have success in whatever endeavor they embark on or conviction in which they stand.

“Brazil will be a fine medium for racing.” – Terpin


A strength in Terpin’s writing is being able to tailor his words to the audience he tries to convey a message to. No matter the topic, he can relate it to the reader.

His sense of humor is well-received by most who read. He can be crass or can tactfully get any point across in a funny, harmless way.


Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car Into The Leading Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing And Engineering Entity Across North America

Gregory James Aziz prides himself on being the man at the helm of the foremost railroad freight vehicle manufacturing and engineering company in the world, National Steel Car. He serves as the company’s chief executive officer, president, and chairperson of the board. Over the years, National Steel Car is preceded by its reputation for building the highest quality railcars that are characterized by their high on-time delivery performance.


Born in London, Ontario, Greg Aziz acquired his education at the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. His work experience started in 1971 when he joined Affiliated Foods, his family-owned wholesale food enterprise. For about 16 years, the business expanded into a global importer of fresh foods across South American and Europe. In fact, it became the main distributor to all leading fresh food wholesale markets situated in Eastern Canada and the US.

James Aziz is acknowledged for organizing the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. This endeavor came after working on a couple of investment banking opportunities, especially in New York in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. Additionally, the acquisition was driven by the objective of transforming National Steel Car into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America.


Accomplishments of National Steel Car


Since the acquisition of National Steel Car, the company has made significant success strides. By emphasizing its team building and strong engineering capabilities as well as both its capital and human investment, the company was able to boost its manufacturing capacity. As such, the number of manufactured cars grew from 3500 to 12,000 by 1999. At the same time, the employment numbers rose from about 600 to approximately 3000.


Greg James Aziz has steered National Steel Car throughout its relentless pursuit of manufacturing and engineering excellence. In turn, this has propelled the company to become a force to reckon with when it comes to new car innovation in the industry. National Steel Car also prides itself on being the only railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company that is certified ISO9001:2008. It has also maintained this honor through the past 18 years of recertification rounds. Furthermore, the company has continually been honored with the TTX SECO award since 1996.


Other Activities


Away from manufacturing railroad freight cars, National Steel Car has demonstrated its support for the Hamilton community by sponsoring various organizations like the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army among many others. The company also organizes a leading food drive for various local food banks in which most of its employees participate. Visit This Page.


Susan McGalla is a Shining Light for Women in Business

Susan McGalla has never wanted anything to be given to her unless it was something she earned and was qualified to receive. She has made her mark in business by successfully competing and refusing to see her gender as a liability. Undeterred by the lack of high ranking female executives, she instead blazed her own trail into positions of great responsibility and impact.

She grew up in a rough and tumble family, which was very active. Her father was a football coach and imbued with a competitive spirit which he passed along to his daughter. McGalla has certainly put it to good use with an impressive list of accomplishments. But, back to her formative years. She wasn’t shown any mercy just because she was a girl and she learned to compete often going head to head with her two brothers. She credits her upbringing as very important to her later life in business.

She had a significant tenure with her employment at American Eagle Outfitters. At the time, a female executive was a rare thing there. McGalla helped open those doors by excelling with a series of top executive posts. Eventually, she became their President and oversaw the successful launch of several new product lines.

Susan McGalla is a good example of a woman who has realized substantial success in her career. By and large, though, opportunities are still sometimes lacking for women in executive leadership capacities. This, despite many women’s leadership initiative programs that allow women to network and support each other.

Executive sponsorship for women may be the missing piece of the puzzle and a good way forward. Male executives could take note of women with significant ability and mentor them for higher positions. They could also recommend them for projects which are challenging and help them build managerial skills. Conversely, a woman could also seek out an executive who’s willing to become a sponsor and mentor.

Susan McGalla also started her own consulting business known as P3 Executive Consulting. She is currently working for the Pittsburgh Steelers with the title of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Gregory Aziz is living his dream with National Steel Car

The National Steel Car is among the leading companies in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The Company is based in Hamilton and is led by its CEO, President, and Chairman, Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz originated from London and went to the Ridley College and University of Western Ontario as well. He worked for his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, for over a decade. This company turned out as an international importer of fresh food and a distributor in Canada and the U.S.



He later left the family business and joined the investment banking industry in NYC where he worked for a couple of years before purchasing the National Steel Car in 1994. Before the purchase, he had a plan of growing the Canadian company into a strong hold in North America. He wanted to make it the top most railroad freight manufacturing company in the country. He poured out an investment in building a team and providing the necessary equipment and technology and the result was eye catching. In 5 years, Greg James Aziz had almost tripled the manufacture of the railway cars. The Company had also grown its employee base by five times during the same period. See This Page.


National Steel Car is the only company with the ISO 9001:2008 certification in North America. It has had this certification for almost 2 decades now. It has also been the winner of the highest TTX SECO quality award from 1996. The company is also involved with the community through its philanthropy. They have sponsored the United Way, the Hamilton Opera and other local organizations in various capacities. Gregory J Aziz is married to Irene and together they have sponsored Canada’s agricultural Fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



The Company has acknowledged the help of its team in achieving its success. The team members are innovative, diverse and are driven by the values of the organization. The Company raises its bars and targets every now and then to make sure that they are providing high-quality products and delivering on time. They have earned themselves a name in the industry for providing effective customer service. James Aziz is constantly pushing the company to do better by attending to the needs of the clients in order to stay at the top of the industry. The Company learns from their past and works with determination towards excellence. Gregory Aziz is living his dream at the moment and plans to re-live it every day with the hard work he is putting into the National Steel Car Company.


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