Corporate Structures Need Compliance Officers

Up to a few decades ago almost no one had ever heard of a corporate compliance officer. These days many corporate structures would be in serious trouble without the services of these trusted corporate professionals. Times have changed. Society has become a lot more litigious, the environment is a lot more fragile, and people are more aware of the dangers unchecked corporate action can cause. This has given rise to more local, regional, and national laws and regulations and the need for someone working within the company to ensure it is playing by the rules. That person is the corporate compliance officer.

Compliance officers are crucial to many corporations. Not long ago it was only defense contractors, medical research companies, and a few other industries which required compliance officers. Today almost every company has one. Compliance officers are valuable because they are keenly aware of the laws governing the industries in which they work and have the training and knowledge to provide the guidance their company needs to keep it from inadvertently hurting consumers, the public, or the environment, or running afoul of the law. Compliance officers create and monitor policies and practices designed to keep workers and consumers safe and the lawmakers satisfied.

One example of an excellent compliance officer is Helane Morrison. Known for her integrity and willingness to fight injustice, Morrison has a solid background in law. She was a practicing lawyer with the California based Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm. Morrison worked with them for 10 years, 5 of them as a partner with the firm. Her next career move made her even better prepared to work as a corporate compliance officer. Morrison took a position with the SEC San Francisco office. Her job was to identify and prosecute companies involved in fraud and other corporate wrong doing. She held that position for 11 years.

After 11 years with the SEC, Morrison accept the position as Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners, a financial services company in California. Trained to sniff out crime and identify crooked practices, Morrison now dedicates her time and talent to ensuring her company toes the line and doesn’t violate the law or mishandle customers inadvertently or otherwise. Helane Morisson, like all other compliance officers, serves a much needed role. They protect the public and their companies by ensuring they follow the spirit and letter of the law.

How Agera Energy is Different From Others

The Agera Energy company is completely different from a lot of other companies of its kind because of the quality of services they offer and their customer service. Read more about Agera Energy on

You can find Agera Energy being incredibly active on their Twitter page, providing information to homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills. You will also find that Agera Energy is there to help in many ways and continually works within the community because of their part with the Chamber of Commerce.


You can create an account with the Agera Energy agency by calling them directly or visiting their main web page. This is an option that is ideal for each of your needs and is an option that you are going to find to be beneficial. You can find out more by visiting the Agera Energy site and seeing what they are going to do for you right now. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


Talkspace’s Oren Frank Points Out The Dangers Of Social Media

Oren Frank spent the early part of his career in the world of advertising, something he says he apologizes for. He is now the chief executive officer of Talkspace, a New York City-based firm that he co-founded in April 2012. His company is dedicated to making mental health therapy more accessible and affordable for everybody through their app.

He is from England and is a graduate of Leicester Polytechnic. During his career in advertising, Oren Frank started his career in London at McCann Erickson. He was the regional creative director of EMEA before moving to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he was the CEO of this ad firm’s Israel operations. He became the chairman of the board before joining MRM Worldwide in January 2008 as their global chief creative officer. This was also when he first moved to the United States.

As someone in the mental health industry, he has been warning people about social media for the past few years. Oren Frank says that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth are dangerous. Many people will check their social media feeds when they wake up, after they brush their teeth, and then continuously throughout the day right up until bedtime. This type of thing isn’t healthy.

He points out that numerous studies have shown that heavy usage of social media has led to narcissism, FOMO, anxiety, depression, and even eating disorders. Using social media leads to a huge gap between how people actually are and how they represent themselves online as they want to show an idealized version of themselves.

Oren Frank points out that when you use a social media website you’re not the customer but are instead the product. All of these platforms are actually advertising firms that make money by pushing products and services using your private information.


OSI Group Partnership with Rose Packing, a Match Made in Heaven

OSI Group is one of the leading food processing companies in the world. The company has earned its reputation form years of high quality service. The company’s most significant partnership was made a few years ago with McDonald’s. OSI Group has expanded as the clients grow in the number of branches opened across the globe. OSI Group has expanded into different markets all over the world bring delicious food to your neighborhood. Feedstuffs recently chalked up an article featuring the acquisition of Rose Packing by OSI Group. The recent acquisition provides OSI Group with significant growth potential by over 50 percent. The buy off also dramatically improves the capabilities of the company to serve its clients. OSI acquired Rose Packing with the primary objective to serve its clients better. Rose Packing Co. Inc. is a well-established production plant. The plant specializes in the production of best pork products.

The partnership brings together two fast food giant companies that have a lot in common. The two companies were at one point family-owned businesses. Both companies have a passion for quality products and go to extra lengths to give quality services and products to their clients. A representative from OSI Group said, “The Rose acquisition gives us an advantage by increasing our production capacity and supporting our growth strategy. Besides, the increased capacity to produce is aided by the strong sales presence in attractive channels. Our company shares a deep and long standing commitment to serving our customers with unique, innovative solutions.”

Dwight Stiehl, chief executive officer at Rose Packing, noted that he would encourage his management team to work closely with OSI management on post-transaction assimilation. The companies shared hopes of creating a strong business relation. A great advantage that OSI has is the presence of the management team that previously worked at Rose Packing. The management is well accustomed to the inner workings of the company a fact that will enable them to pick up production at optimum levels and reduce trial and error mistakes. The companies have over three decades of meat processing experience between them. Some media outlets described the partnership as a match made in heaven. Click here.



Brian Torchin’s HCRC Staffing

No matter what career field a person is in, it can be difficult locating the right business to apply for possible employment. The same can be said about a business trying to find the best suited person to hire for a job. Brian Torchin has helped bridge the gap between the people trying to find a job and businesses in the health care industry trying to find the right employees. In March 2005 he created his business called Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. The headquarters for HCRC Staffing is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Brian Torchin graduated from University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. After graduating from college Brian spent many years working in the chiropractic medicine field. Several times he had to hire new employees for his office. No matter how many people applied for the positions he was hiring for, he found out how hard it can be sifting through the different candidates for each position. While trying to sift through the many candidates he realized how a business could help sift through which candidates should apply to which job openings. He also realized how it can be difficult to find the right jobs to apply to because not many health care business would advertise the job openings.

After years of working in the chiropractic medicine field, Brian created HCRC Staffing. This business he created would bring together the health care businesses and the health care people who were trying to find a new job or even their first health care job. HCRC Staffing makes it easier for both health care businesses and people to find the right people for the jobs. Brian Torchin has helped the health care professions and employees by creating his business for them. It has eased the process of filing health care openings.

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About Cyrus Moghadam

Cyrus Moghadam is a student at Stanford University. He received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford in History in 2018, and is now continuing with his education in writing and editing. In 2016, he studied abroad at Brasenose College in Oxford, England. At both Stanford and Oxford, he was involved in the men’s lacrosse team.

Cyrus Moghadam did volunteer work for Amigos de las Americas from June 2012 to August 2012. This volunteer work was done in the Dominican Republic. He helped with building an aquaduct that now supplies water to 300 people in the local community. Cyrus is also proficient in speaking both English and Spanish. Read more about Cyrus Moghadam at Medium.

During the summers, Cyrus Moghadam worked as an intern in various positions. In summer 2014, he worked at Bridge 33 Capital in Seattle, where he learned about property management, and the various tasks involved in this field. In summer 2015, he did an internship at Seniorly. Located in San Francisco, he worked with customers on finding appropriate assisted living arrangements that would meet their needs. In summer of 2017, he worked again at Bridge 33 as an Analyst. His job was to underwrite possible acquisitions that would then go before an investment committee. Visit:

Why 2018 Has Been Transitional For Fortress Investment Group

The past one year has been incredibly monumental for alternative investment giant Fortress following the closing of its $3.3 billion merger deal with Softbank in December 2017. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been making major growth moves. For instance, its first decade in existence marked a phase where it experienced accelerated growth and went from being a $40 million company to a $40 billion alternative investment firm. It is also during this phase that it became the first private entity to go public in the NYSE.

Now for its second decade in existence, it became the first public company to go private again without going through the public offering thanks to its acquisition by Softbank. In respect to that, the past one year has been one full of changes as its principals, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Edens have been working themselves to the finger bone to ensure the integration of Fortress Investment Group into Softbank is smooth sailing.

Softbank is a company dedicated to creating one of the biggest corporate hubs and has done so by investing significant stakes in various industries. For instance, it has substantial stakes in Sprint, Uber, Alibaba, and a long string of other major companies in the US and Asia. Its vision fund boasts backing from tech leaders such as apple and looks to disrupt the world of tech through innovative technologies such as AI and iOT. By acquiring Fortress Investment Group, Softbank was for the first time able to penetrate the asset management arena. It is, however, vital to note that despite the significant price it had to pay to purchase it, Fortress remains an independent entity. Softbank’s influence on the company is strictly operational.

Even though Fortress Investment Group has been quite busy with integration into Softbank, adaptation has been necessary for both companies. However, so far, so good. Commenting on the matter, Fortress’s principal, Wes Edens stated that it has been an exciting experience, and they are happy to be private again.

About Fortress Investment Group

As noted above, Fortress was established in 1998. It began as a small alternative investment firm but has now grown into a conglomerate overseeing assets worth over $70 billion and a client base of over 1700 people.

Sheldon Lavin Has Grown With OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has had a career in the meat industry that has spanned more than 4 decades with OSI Group and he and the company are still going strong to this day. When he started his working career with the company in order to help them obtain financing for a new plant in Chicago, he had no idea that he would one day end up leading this company as their Chief Executive Officer. Over the years, he has played his vital roles in the expansion efforts made by OSI Group. This includes not only adding new facilities and partnerships with companies throughout the United States, but it also includes helping the company to expand its presence to 17 countries in total around the globe.

The numbers that Sheldon Lavin has been able to contribute too are impressive and it’s important to remember that it took years of continuous hard work and perseverance in order to grow the company to the size that it has achieved today. Under his visionary leadership and the rest of the executive team at OSI, the company has grown into a business that has more than 20,000 people for working for them at around 70 locations globally. One of the things that he takes pride in the most about his food company is his strong team of employees that have made the company everything that it is today.

According to Sheldon,he knows that without them, the company would have never been able to accomplish all that it has. After helping OSI get financing for their major project, he began working closely with the sons of the founder in 1975. When their father retired, the sons took on Sheldon Lavin as a partner of the company and he began working with OSI fulltime later in the 1970s. He took on this role in order to help them keep up with the growth that they were experiencing through their partnership with McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin appreciated the business style that the team at McDonald’s had and was happy to be able to work so closely with them throughout the world and the United States. Click here.

Luke Lazarus Unusual Path To Success

Business owners must keep abreast of the trends of the corporation and the industry, or they will be left behind. The current market is a tricky thing since you will need to be familiar with the behaviors of your potential customers. In the present economic dynamics, consumers want to have an experience accompanied with their merchandise. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

For a business to succeed in today’s world, it requires a willingness to accept the risk and believe in yourself. In most instances, it’s not the businesses that decide to be stakeholders in a specific small business environment but customers. A company is an entity that can’t exist without a vision behind it. When many businesses are achieving success and growing at a quick pace, very few can achieve their company targets as effectively as they would like to.

Starting a business and making it a tremendous success isn’t an easy job in the present competitive world. The item also has to have a style of impacting on the customer’s feelings. If you get a start-up business backed by an excellent service or product, but lack the management efficiency or can do with some expert small business development assistance, taking the aid of a professional small business consultant, Luke Lazarus, is an excellent idea.

Luke Lazarus was born in Melbourne, Australia. Instead of studying abroad, he chose to remain in Australia. He received an MBA degree from Melbourne School of Business at the age of 24 and started his career as a business consultant. Before his 33rd birthday, he started and sold four companies. As a consultant, Luke Lazarus offers 20 years of experience.

He has provided insights to companies all over Australia. Identifying, defining and addressing are matters he stresses daily. Luke helps his customers to develop thriving plans for the market place. He believes that every successful product has a great story behind it. He believes that there has to be a story behind every project for it to grow.

When faced with a problem, Luke always makes sure that he develops a solution to that problem and that particular solution will also help other people to solve similar problems. He says that while many companies and start-up businesses out there are trying to be creative and innovative, there has to be the correct balance of experienced representation of that innovative spirit along with an appealing brand story.

According to Luke, many folks presume that creating such plans is a simple task, but they are wrong. He has since represented dozens of start-up clients to several people who possess the necessary funds to fund a specific investment.

According to Luke, there are several tasks needed in starting a company. They are finding a program, creating a business plan, identifying a market and funding.

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James Dondero: Philanthropy done Right

James Dondero is considered to be one of the most influential and successful businessmen in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero currently holds two degrees in the field of accounting and finance from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Although Mr.Dondero has more than enough on his plate as he is the current President of Highland Capital Management, he always makes sure to make time to give back to the community that in turn has given him so much. One of his most notable contributions to the Dallas community came in 2001 when the Dallas Zoo’s elder hippo passed away. Wanting to keep the exhibit going, the zoo decided that the hippopotamus habitat needed to be renovated. However, renovating an entire exhibit would cost the city millions of dollars. Mr.Dondero not only put over a million dollars worth of his own money but urged other investors to donate. The project would go on to raise 14 million dollars, and the exhibit was once again opened to the citizens of Dallas. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Other noteworthy charitable actions by Mr. James Dondero include donations to the building of the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Although contributions are great, these were simply not enough for Mr.Dondero. Recently, Mr.Donder sought out the aid of Mary Jalonick, the president and CEO of the Dallas Foundation. Mrs.Jalonick has a plethora of experience in various philanthropic endeavors and therefore a key component to the expansion of the generosity seen by James Dondero and his company.



Jeremy Goldstein Is A New York-Based Attorney Who Loves To Support A Noble Cause When He Can

Jeremy Goldstein is a successful lawyer who created his own law firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. He has decided to use his success to highlight the causes he supports, and one of these is Fountain House. This is a charitable organization that works with mentally ill people who need all of the help they can get. Goldstein recently hosted a wine dinner charity event in New York, and the proceeds were donated to Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein loves helping people as much as he can, and this is why he decided to partner up with a charitable organization that has been around since 1944. Fountain House bought a building in 1948 where it could help to provide mentally ill individuals with the help they needed to succeed in life. The organization continues to provide people with mental illness a way to recover by offering up housing and opportunities for them to receive an education.


As an attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has been able to help his clients through his experience and hard work. He is happy to be able to take part in an organization that speaks to his heart. Fountain House directly works in the communities it is involved in to spread its values and offer hope. The organization also conducts research into how to help people recover from mental illness, and it shares its findings with others. The charitable organization continues to help mentally ill people find work and to be contributing and happy members of modern society.


Jeremy Goldstein serves Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. as a partner. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude while attending Cornell University. He went on to earn his Master of Arts while studying at the University of Chicago. Goldstein rounded out his education by studying at the New York University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor.


Jeremy Goldstein works with the American Bar Association by serving as a chair of its Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee. He has been recognized in Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business as one of the top executive compensation lawyers in the country. Goldstein also reaches people through his writing and through public speaking engagements where he covers executive compensation and corporate governance topics.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.


Jeremy Goldstein mainly serves management teams, CEOs, and various compensation committees as an advisor. Before working with his current firm, he served as a partner with a successful law firm in New York. Goldstein has taken part in some of the most impactful corporate transactions of the last 10 years. A few of these include the purchase of ALLTEL Corporation by Verizon Wireless, the acquisition of BEA Systems by Oracle, and the purchase of Progress Energy by Duke Energy.