Businessman And Philanthropist Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a businessman and philanthropist. The founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando is a Chicago success story. Before starting Chopper Trading he worked at both the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for almost a decade. He began working on the CBOT floor in the mid-1990s. Raj Fernando started working at the Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer while he was a college student. In 1997 Fernando, who earned a bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in History and Economics, became a mercantile exchange member. He was now a trader.

In 2002, after years of working on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Fernando started his company Chopper Trading. At the time he founded the company Fernando had become a cash bond trader. Through his hard work, intelligence and knowledge of the exchange he had moved up from the lowest rung of the ladder at the exchange to its highest and his company did well and grew. Chopper Trading became a technological powerhouse. Fernando created a series of sophisticated communications, trading, risk management and security system source code for the financial industry.

Over the next 10 years Fernando became a very wealthy man. But he was not satisfied with that. He sought out ways to help others. He supports the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the no-kill animal shelter PAWS Chicago and was on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Fernando has also become a fundraiser for Democratic causes and candidates. He’s raised funds for the Clinton Foundation and the campaign of President Barack Obama. He was also a member of the International Security Advisory Board and contributed regularly to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s work.

Under the guidance of Raj Fernando Chopper Trading has become among the largest market participants. The company trades on Eurex, ICAP- Broketek, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, ICE, CME, Nasdaq and many of the largest global exchanges. The company now employs about 250 of the world’s brightest traders and engineers. While the headquarter remain in Chicago, Fernando opened satellite offices of Chopper Trading in London, New York, San Francisco as well as Washington D.C. In 2015 Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading.

Today Raj Fernando regularly gives talks on disrupted trading practices and creating financially sound, transparent, open, competitive markets. But he is not yet done building businesses. In 2016 Raj Fernando created an internet start-up designed to increase the growth and productivity of professionals and corporations.

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Talk Fusion’s Award Winning Achievement for 2016

Social media culture is consistently exposed to technology advancements. More popular progressions commonly appear in the network of social communications. Creative applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and more have been assisting society into feeling interaction and communication are better than ever when referring to media involvement. These feelings are amplified when focusing on face-to-face communication that does not require people to be in close proximity of one another. Sentiments are going to be pleasingly elevated this year with the newest product of Talk Fusion called Video Chat.

Talk Fusion is an establishment that assists growing businesses into becoming established. Especially with publicizing and service demands. Its successful services have allowed the company to branch out to over 140 countries around the world. The video amenities deliver spirited opportunities for customers to enrich marketing skills and application. Video Chat has only fueled the appeal to viewers.

Video Chat from Talk Fusion permits users to enjoy convenient and modernized benefits by taking advantage of the sovereignty of WebRTC technology capabilities. It provides frontal media interaction between participants for all users with unlimited location pinpoints who possess devices like desktops, tablets or smartphones. Media stores like Google Play and iTunes have taken advantage of this technological expansion by giving members the option to install an app for Video Chat. Video Chat’s mobile and downloading proficiency exemplifies its growing sensation since the original edition was released in March of this year.

The accomplishment of Talk Fusion’s innovative Video Chat was recognized with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award presented by the impressive Technology Marketing Corporation. The honor was a humbling achievement as earning the reward meant Talk Fusion significantly enriched or generated promotion of remarkable merchandise and care that streamlines networking encompassing voice, data and video features for a year. This acknowledgement was notably Talk Fusion’s second award of the year for their success of integrating the superior implication and interaction of Video Chat to the media world. The two incredible awards only speak volumes to the quality of Video Chat and outstanding innovation conducted at Talk Fusion.

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Mark Sparks, A New Man For A New Era

There is a new grant available for the best ideas in non-profit organizations, and Mark Sparks is offering this ‘gem’ of opportunity for a much needed field of endeavor. Placing help where it is most needed isn’t often done today, and he should be congratulated for the inspiration to find ways of solving problems for a world that needs this environment most. Very few think first where funds need to be most allocated to help the world and community, but he does.

Mark Sparks is the person you find that is genuine and real. He’s the kind of person it’s a joy to write about. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he is willing to share the bad with the good. Few people realize that this makes someone more personable, especially if they have an investment in society.

It’s the ‘scars’ that make a business man project to others his experience, and his challenges as well. You learn more from someone who has fallen and picked themselves up than from someone who has never been challenged in life.

But that’s not the most remarkable thing about him. In learning the lows and highs he has maintained a humble nature and is aware of the less fortunate. In response to his awareness that just about anyone can succeed or fail, he has invested his money and time in helping the poor. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks has shown his willingness to understand different cultures, and social paradigms, in order to find the ‘kernel’ of truth and importance that is needed in creating startup companies and to further his company the Shark Tank. Humility and a willingness to try various things is what more people need to consider more when creating the new future for a new decade, and a new century.

Like many people of the new generation, he believes travel gives him new perspectives and ideas. His new project Spark Tank will reflect that and I’m sure it will create new business and entrepreneurial ideas that even if they don’t win the ultimate prize, will do much to change the world in some way.

His efforts to stimulate the non-profit community is what is needed to make it a market more accessible to those most in need, and he has a mind that can think outside the envelope. That is exactly what is needed in the non-profit world today.

The Success of Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is an innovator and a businessman who was tested and found a new way to treat not only the many harmful and deadly cancerous side effects, but also how to treat cancer itself without ever having to use harmful radiation or chemicals in the process of eliminating the cancer cells. Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics that was founded in 1998 to offer individuals with cancerous cells in all stages a new and cheaper alternative to the treatment. Clay Siegall has proved himself to be a top leader and innovator of the company who has involved himself with all of the discoveries of the company and is the force behind the innovation that is shown through this company and the results that this company provides to the customers. Mr. Siegall has demonstrated his capability with the product and has secured almost $700 million in private as well as public investments.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

In recent news, Clay Siegall was honored with a new position to be appointed to the board of directors for Mirna Therapeutics as he has shown his excellence within the business industry in addition to his excellence that has been shown in the industry of biotechnology. Dr. Siegall will be a distinguished member of the group and will act as a mentor to the board. Dr. Siegall will continue his innovative progress and will help develop Mirna Therapeutics in both the science aspect of the company as well as in the business side of the company.

Mirna is a company that, like Seattle Genetics, specializes in biotechnology and ingenuity. With some of the top experts in the oncology department involved with the creation of a great product to help with the body, Mirna is truly and innovative company that will prove to help the lives of many individuals on the way to success. The goal of these biotechnology companies is to target to cancerous cells directly without harming the good cells within the body. This means no side effects will be involved with the treatment that are often associated with radiation as well as with chemotherapy.

There’s No Possible Way No Man’s Sky Can Live Up To The Hype

It’s absolutely mind blowing to think that the most anticipated game of 2016 is being made by the same developers who, just 4 years ago, were releasing Joe Danger 2: The Movie into the world. Hello Games has gone from a small indie studio releasing enjoyable, yet ultimately forgettable games, to a small indie studio that has the entire gaming world waiting with bated breath for their space epic No Man’s Sky.

Ever since its debut in late 2013, No Man’s Sky has been on the minds of gamers around the world. Hello Games promised a limitless universe of procedurally generated worlds, and dazzled everyone with an art style that actually made it seem like you could play the game for a decade and not get sick of the look. And then, chaos ensued. The game was delayed several times, causing so-called “fans” to actually threaten the life of director Sean Murray. Early copies of the game started leaking out, and people who would normally revel in spoiling it for others actually decided to embargo themselves!

No matter how good No Man’s Sky ends up being, it won’t please everyone. Those who are expecting to make it the last game they’ll ever purchase will make their displeasure heard online. And on the flip side, reviewers who fail to give it a perfect score will be singled out and bullied for their opinions. There is just no pleasing everyone when it comes to a game offering you the world.

Can The Xbox One S Finally Win Gamers Back For Microsoft?

The Xbox One has been dominated by the Playstation 4 ever since the two heavyweight consoles launched one week apart from each other in November 2013. Microsoft wasted all of the goodwill they had gained with the success of the Xbox 360 by alienating fans with asinine DRM restrictions and an emphasis on television, not games, with the Xbox One. With sales in a free fall, Microsoft has tried to right the ship with the Xbox One S, a superbly designed box that still doesn’t fix the main problem consumers have with the Xbox brand.

It doesn’t matter how small, sleek and sexy your new console looks if it doesn’t have a library full of games people actually want to play. With the Xbox One S, Microsoft seems to have fixed the problem of multi-platform games performing better on the Playstation 4, so they appear to have an advantage on that front. Unfortunately, they still don’t have the first party exclusive games that can help them make up ground against Sony. The Gears of War and Halo franchises just aren’t what they used to be, due to franchise fatigue and competing games like Uncharted 4 and Overwatch taking their established formulas and doing it all better.

Microsoft is in an odd position; they have the Xbox One S on shelves, while their next console, code-named Scorpio, waits in the wings. The S seems like a half measure, one that I can’t see working out for them in this market.

Sonic Mania Will Prove That You Can’t Go Home Again

SEGA recently announced that, in celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th birthday, they are developing TWO more Sonic games. One of them, Sonic Mania, seems to have a lot of, in my opinion, misguided optimism surrounding it. Sure, at first glance it seems like exactly what Sonic fans have been demanding for years, but shouldn’t a gaming icon as beloved as Sonic be progressing forward, not backward?

The recent trend of retro revivals has seen its fair share of hits and misses. Capcom knocked it out of the park with Mega Man 9 and 10, somehow managing to make a new game that felt old. And indie developer Yacht Club Games showed they could improve upon the Mega Man formula with Shovel Knight, which has been a smash success. However, I have a feeling Sonic Mania is going to end up a lot like Mighty No. 9, an old-school throwback that was completely devoid of a heart and soul, and just felt like a bland nostalgia grab.

Sure, Sonic is back, but maybe he shouldn’t be. What felt like a groundbreaking game series back in the early 90’s just doesn’t measure up today. I don’t have a lot of faith in Sonic Team being able to take a formula that worked on the SEGA Genesis, and add new modern touches to make it enjoyable today. Sonic Mania? More like Sonic Malaise.

Can I Am Setsuna and Cosmic Star Heroine Revive Old School JRPG’s?

The reaction to Square Enix’s new role playing game I Am Setsuna has been mostly positive. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all if there’s one developer on Earth that knows how to make a JRPG, it’s Square Enix. They basically invented the genre. The increase in game budgets over the last decade has all but killed the middle tier of games. There’s very little room for anything other than a big budget “Triple A” title or an indie game created by a tiny group of people. I Am Setsuna managed to succeed because it had the backing of Square Enix and its resources, but also the freedom to be a small team passion project.

Cosmic Star Heroine is another one of those small studio projects that could turn into a giant success. The team at Zeboyd Games already has a few hits up their sleeve, with the Penny Arcade Adventures series as well as their JRPG-inspired titles Breathe of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World. Cosmic Star Heroine looks primed to offer a modern take on the JRPG formula, but is there still a big enough fan base left to support it?

Japanese role playing games have always been a niche genre. Thankfully, it’s quite apparent that both major studios, as well as small independent teams, aim to keep the genre alive, even though its glory days are long in the past.

Can Gamestop Stay Relevant In An Expanding Digital World?

The last time I was in a Gamestop store, I was shocked by how much emphasis was being put on non-gaming merchandise. I couldn’t take two steps without bumping into a Game of Thrones Funko Pop, or a Batman V Superman action figure, or some other kind of pop culture swag. It’s become increasingly clear that Gamestop isn’t going to sit by and watch the digital storefront swallow them whole. They’ve already begun diversifying their business, adding cell phone and tablet sales, as well as beginning their own game publishing arm. The question I have is, does Gamestop risk alienating their long time customers by reducing the amount of games they stock, or have those customers already left them for Amazon, Steam, or the Playstation Network?

Gamestop has always drawn the scorn of gamers for their stingy trade-in rates. A game that they sell you for $60 on launch day will net you a paltry $15 in store credit just a few weeks later. However, as much as gamers love to complain, they still came back to Gamestop, usually with a pile of games to trade in. With digital downloads now becoming more affordable than ever, how is Gamestop going compete if they can’t buy those used games for $15 and then sell them for $50? Apparently, it’s by offering as many toys, phones, tablets, and non-gaming items as possible. It remains to be seen whether or not that strategy will end up saving them, or sinking them.

EA Has Fully Embraced The Digital and Mobile World

Electronic Arts looks to be firing on all cylinders as a company, after having a couple rocky years near the end of former CEO John Riccitiello’s tenure. After years of trying to control every aspect of their games, alienating consumers with things like online passes and gratuitous downloadable content, EA has gotten back into the good graces of fans by giving them exactly what they want. And that’s apparently Star Wars and FIFA Soccer.

Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular movie franchise in history, and the most popular sport in the world are to thank for EA’s business boom. FIFA’s Ultimate Team has been a smashing success, even though I’m still not sure of what exactly the appeal of the whole thing is. And Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has managed to ride the wave of momentum that still exists after the release of The Force Awakens more than eight months ago. Of course, EA still makes plenty of money on their old standards, Madden and Battlefield, but those properties have somehow managed to take a backseat to FIFA and Star Wars.

Electronic Arts hopped onto the Star Wars bandwagon at just the right time, and they are reaping the rewards. And they haven’t even released their biggest Star Wars game yet; that particular title is still in development and is being created by the elite talent at Visceral Games. Until then, EA will just have to be content with all their mobile money.