Colorado uses Legalized Cannabis Taxes to fund Schools


Washington State and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational drug use and have recently seen a large rise in taxes being used to fund the construction and maintenance of school buildings. The rise in taxes has been accompanied by a lower crime rate reported in Colorado 15 percent beneath the rate it was reported in previous years, according to Mint Press News.

Tom Rothman is astonished that the state of Colorado sold $34 million worth of Cannabis in the month of August, which provided the state with an additional tax revenue of $3.4 million. The benefits of the legalization of recreational drugs could also be felt in a large number of areas of the state economy, including the number of people employed and much needed repairs to the state infrastructure. The 100 legal recreational drug dispensaries have also produced a drop in the number of those unemployed, which could see a sharp fall in the number of unemployed people in the state as more and more marijuana tax money is spent on improving the infrastructure of Colorado.

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  1. Less of ironical than we would have thought of the issue without the right reforms in education because the kids grow up to fund cannabis. Yet it is clear that top american writers reviews have the insight about how this can change with education reforms. The idea of funding schools is great but on the overall, making a progressive approach would have been better served for people.

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