Should Patriot Fans be thanking the Bengals, or Manning?

The big question is who should the Patriots fans be thanking for giving them home field advantage, the Bengal’s or Peyton Manning? The 37-28 Bengals win over the Broncos was a shocker yesterday as Peyton Manning had by far one of the worst games in his career. Throwing only two touchdowns and four interceptions (first pick six since week eight of 2013 season) Manning should have Patriot fans jumping in the air. This lose gave the New England Patriots a top seed spot in the AFC playoffs along with home field advantage. Check out this video of Manning’s terrible game performance.

According to Twitter we shouldn’t count the Broncos out yet, says Keith Mann. They can clinch a first round bye with win over the Oakland Raiders who are 3-12 on the season. Now don’t get me wrong the Bengals are not a team to underestimate, they scored 37 points on a Broncos defense who has gotten significantly better over the past couple years. A lot of this game was a huge brain fart by Peyton Manning, which cannot happen in the post season if they want to make another super bowl run. 

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