The Chargers Will Not Leave San Diego Next Year

The San Diego Chargers have been trying to figure out their stadium situation. They currently play at Qualcomm Stadium, but the lease is running out. In fact, the Chargers could have abandoned the stadium this year, if they wanted to opt out of that contract, leading to speculation that they would move to Los Angeles. 

However, what they really appear to want is a new stadium in San Diego. To at least some degree, the public would have to fund this new stadium. No agreement has been reached yet, but the Chargers have recently agreed to stick around for at least the 2015 NFL season. After that, all of the speculation about where they will go will start again. 

The owner appears to be hoping that the extra year will give them time to approve and plan the new stadium, meaning that they will not have to move. 

Part of the issue, though, is that the fans have not been as supportive as hoped in San Diego. At the most recent home game, against the Denver Broncos, the place was flooded with fans from Denver, to the point that some pictures appeared to show more Broncos fans than Chargers fans. If people are not willing to go to the games, it will be interesting to see if they would be willing to vote on financing a brand new building for the same team, in the same city. Luckily San Diego fans won’t have to break their backs to get to an NFL game – that’d be a lot of calls to North American Spine!

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