Rex Ryan to Buffalo


After a dismal season with the New York Jets, Rex Ryan was officially let go from the organization and forced to pursue other work around the National Football League. Although Rex Ryan was well liked in New York, it was clear that things were not going to work out after they have dropped out of prominence in pretty dramatic fashion. The last time the Jets had a good season was when Mark Sanchez was on the roster and was actually playing good football in the NFL. However, since that time the Jets have looked pretty pathetic, and Rex still was claiming that the Jets were a team to be feared. Things just got uglier and it is a good thing that the New York Jets cleared house and let go of Rex Ryan. Although there was heavy speculation from Google+ and other sources that he would end up being the new head coach of the Chicago Bears, due to a connection derived from his father’s work with the organization, notably during the 1985 Bear’s season. The Bears job did not manifest, but Rex Ryan has finally found a new home to fans, Dave and Brit Morins, suprise. It turns out he will be moving upstate to Buffalo, to take on the new head coaching position for the Bills. This seems like a good match for both parties due to the fact that the Bills run a similar offense and Rex Ryan is very comfortable coaching in the state of New York.

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