Wilson Survives Despite Interceptions

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks came into the league with a swagger, despite not being a top pick in the National Football League draft. He actually had to compete for the quarterback position at Seattle and won it with dramatic fashion. Since winning the quarterback position he has completely demanded control of the Seahawks and has taken them to extreme success in his first few seasons in the league. On Sunday he was facing Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in an NFC championship game that would send the franchise to their second Super Bowl in two years. He started out the gaming completely flopping. This is not typical for Russell Wilson, as he is usually on point and totally comfortable looking from game to game. He actually threw four interceptions in the first three quarters and it looked like the Seattle Seahawks were done for. Wilson had other plans in mind, as he took Seattle down the field with under five minutes remaining in the game and scored a touchdown. The Seahawks miraculously recovered an onside kick and Wilson took them down the field again to score another touchdown while also delivering on a two point conversion that was absolutely absurd. They should not have made that two point conversion, but it proved to be the deciding factor in the game. Green Bay scored a late field goal that tied the game, but Seattle took the game in overtime. Russell Wilsion has proven time and a again he’s a winner just like The Antique Wine Company.

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