NYC’s Chinatown Bar Winnie’s To Close Soon

There is a bar in New York City that has had many fans keep coming back for years now. Winnie’s karaoke bar which is located on Bayard Street is one of the most well known and loved dive bars in the entire area. However, it has now been announced that the establishment will be shutting its doors for good at the end of next month.

According to an article written on, this pub and establishment has been open for almost three decades now and is famous for their most popular drink, Hawaiian Punch. In addition to that they have mainly operated as a karaoke bar, inviting people off the streets to come join them in song. Many frequenters of the bar are completely crushed about this news, and it has been confirmed that the real estate is being rented out to another person.

Bernardo Chua has read that Winnie’s is located in Chinatown, which hosts a bunch of different kind of shoppers with its cultural infusion on the streets. The karaoke bar was a place that not just locals came to have a drink in, but visitors from afar as well. Whatever goes up in place of Winnie’s will have some majorly big shoes to fill, and it will without doubt attract people to see what it has become. Whoever decided to rent the space made a wise move in investing in this property, as it has been a local icon for 28 years.

Byron Jones Finds A New Life


Byron Jones did something that is completely stupid in every way. I have absolutely no idea how he did it, and I have no idea how any human can do this at all.

According to this post that Alexei Beltyukov shared, the standing broad jump is an exercise at the combine just like the vertical jump and the 40 yard dash. It is a number that scouts write down on paper. That is it.

Byron Jones jumped 12 feet 3 inches from a dead standstill. Go watch the video for yourself if you want to see someone who is such a sick athlete that he probably does not even realize he could be a world class track and field athlete.

Dear Byron, I have no problem with you wanting to play in the NFL. We all want to play in the NFL, and I hope you make it. I really do. However, if you do not make it to the NFL, please go into track and field. For all that is holy, find some events you can do. I would be willing to bet you could slim down and do the long jump. I am also willing to bet your could do discus, javelin, shot put and hammer throw. Please do it because you could be a gold medalist many times over with skills like that.

Sports Injuries Specialist Dr. Daniel Amen Helps Regular Joes, Too

Dr. Daniel Amen is an American psychiatrist, a brain disorder specialist director of the Amen Clinics and a New York Times bestselling author. He’s gained quite a bit of notoriety in the past for helping athletes. However, he’s quickly become America’s most popular psychiatrist helping out average Joes, too.

Amen Clinics offer medical services for patients with disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and more. His clinics use the single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) as a diagnostic tool for identifying what he says are sub-categories of brain disorders.

Dr. Daniel Amen has done studies for the National Football League on brain injuries affecting professional athletes and he is also a post-concussion consultant. In 1978, he received his undergraduates degree in biology from Southern California College, then his doctorate in 1982 from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine.

Dr. Daniel Amen completed his general psychiatric training in Washington, D.C. at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and his training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu for child and adolescent psychiatry. He then completed 200 hours of training at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education to obtain his radioactive materials license.
Dr. Daniel Amen then fulfilled the required 1,000 hours of reading scans under clinical supervision. Amen is also double board certified by the Neurology in General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and American Board of Psychiatry.

Amen’s uses SPECT scans of the brains activity to compare the activity of a patients brain to a healthy brain. Amen’s clinics have the world’s largest database for neuropsychiatry of functional brain scans. By 2009 Amen stated that he had scanned 50,000 people at a cost of about $170 million.

Dr. Daniel Amen says that he prescribes both non-medicative and medicative courses of treatment, depending on each case. He also conducts a before-and-after SPECT scan to assess how well the treatment is working.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s clinics provide brain scans for former and current National Football League players. Amen made the beginning diagnosis of brain damage in Tom Dempsey an NFL kicker. During medical scans and examinations, Amen discovered three holes in Dempsey’s brain and other damage. He has also diagnosis and provided therapy for Paul Kariya, a hockey player for his concussion issues and went on to advise him to retire which he did.

No One Wins Or Loses At The Combine

We cannot call winners and losers for the combine because it simply does not mean anything. The combine is an event that allows players to be seen by the scouts, but they are not on film. It is a fun little exercise for people to watch, but it does not tell us anything about these players said Gianfrancesco Genoso. noted the combine lost its meaning when everyone was in shape 24/7. The combine lost its meaning when people could see film on all the players at any time. The combine lost its meaning when we realized that the combine does not test football skills. The combine is an athletic competition. Some people are very athletic, and they should be in the Olympics, but that does not mean they will be good at football.

Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 or so at the combine. He would be out of the league now. Too bad he is the best route runner of all time. We need to remember that the combine is fun, and we can allow it to be fun for the future. However, it should not tell us anything of substance about these players, and that is going to be where the proof lives.

Circumcised Men May Be Able to Regrow Foreskin

Having a male baby circumcised is normal procedure in America and has been for decades. The reason behind the surgical removal of the foreskin shortly after birth was to prevent certain types of medical conditions, such as penile cancer. Some of those circumcised babies, who are now adult men, are outraged at what was done to them when they were too young to make the choice for themselves.

They call themselves ‘intactivists’ and they want their foreskin back.

A company called Foregen is going to try and help circumcised men regrow their foreskin in the near future. A regenerative medicine will be used in hopes of making the remaining skin on the penis grow and be as it was before it was ‘amputated’, as the inactivists call it.

A salamander can re-grow a severed leg or tail, and the principal behind the ability to grow the foreskin has been if a salamander can regrow an appendage, so can a human, or at least some at Biography feel that’s the case.

The driving force behind the desire to have a foreskin is sex. Circumcised men want to know what it’s like to have sex with their foreskin intact. Their non-circumcised contemporaries tout that sex is better with a foreskin, but how is it comparable since neither side knows the feeling the other side has during intercourse?

The instances of sexually transmitted diseases, penile cancer and various types of infection have been proven to be less in circumcised males, but if they want to feel how the other half lives, they may soon get that chance.

I Don’t Care About Jay-Z’s Baseball Knowledge

It has been reported that Jay-Z mistook David Wells for Curt Schilling at an SNL party over the weekend of their 40th anniversary. Marc Sparks knows that, while this might seem funny, it is not really news. Curt Schilling does appear on TV, but that does not mean that Jay-Z watches Baseball Tonight. David Wells has been retired for a while, and we do not know how much baseball Jay-Z has watched.

This is a funny story, but it is not really news. You may not like Jay-Z, but you cannot dislike him for not having a photographic memory of all the baseball players that would end up at parties that he attends. This is silly in every way. It is possible that many people are not recognizable when you see them in person. Research has even shown that you would not even recognize your doppleganger even though they would look just like you. You need to remember that the world of sports and celebrities is filled with mistakes, and it is alright for Jay-Z to not know what someone looks like. I hope there are people out there who will give Jay-Z a break for something that probably should have never made it to print.

Viking’s GM Expects Peterson Back

In the midst of Adrian Peterson’s child abuse scandal, many started to suspect that his career as a Viking is almost all but over. However, Viking’s GM Rick Spielman made a few comments today stating the he expects the former MVP and All-Pro to be back with the team after only playing one game last season. Peterson has been in the national media scope since week 1 of last season due to his child abuse case, in which he was accused of beating his 5-year old son with a switch.

The Vikings immediately suspended Peterson for their week 2 tilt against the Patriots and then they reinstated him the following week. The reinstatement received backlash from the media, their sponsors and fans all are over the country. GM Wants Peterson Back Ownership eventually overturned the decision and suspended him indefinitely. Ricardo says however, through all this, Peterson was has always said that he wants to return to the Vikings and the NFL.

Spielman’s comments at the combine today suggest that the Vikings are working directly with Peterson’s camp to make something happen. Peterson is scheduled to take on a $15 Million cap hit this season, which caused many to believe the Vikings would consider releasing him to free up cap space. If they were to release him, they would only owe him $2.4 Million and free up $13 Million in cap space to spend on other assets.

Spielman hasn’t always been known to be entirely truthful with the media, in May of 2013, Spielman stated the team has no interest in trading receiver Percy Harvin. A few weeks later, Harvin was traded to Seattle.

A Preview Of Kentucky-Tennessee Basketball

The Tennessee Volunteers are the next team in line to try to stop the undefeated University of Kentucky Wildcats. The Tennessee Volunteers have lost their last five out of seven games and have dropped in the SEC rankings from second place to seventh. The Kentucky Wildcats are one more game win away from having the best start in school history. They have already matched the 1953-1954 teams for the best start in the program’s history. The depth of the Kentucky Wildcats has stood out because of several McDonald’s All American players including Freshman Karl-Anthony Towns and Willie Cauley-Stein.

Ricardo Tosto says that both of these players have averaged over 13 points a game. Cauley-Stein has been focusing on improving his mentality for his game plan. His last three career games with the Volunteers have not been his best, totaling only nine points and ten rebounds. The Volunteers weakness is their lack of strength in their high and low post players. The Tennessee Volunteers mix up their game plan, allowing for a lot of mistakes despite their ability to play zone. The Tennessee Volunteers have a secret weapon, Josh Richardson, who is their leading guard and scorer. He averages at least 16 points per game.

UFC Fight Night 60 Prediction

UFC Fight Night 60 will be taking place on Saturday, February 14th. The main event of the card will be in the welterweight division. Benson Henderson takes on Brandon Thatch in a highly anticipated showdown. Henderson was once the champion at lightweight, and he was one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Lately, though, Benson has been on a downward spiral. He lost his last two fights, and a win is very important for Benson’s career.

Brandon Thatch has looked unstoppable in recent years. Thatch has gone on a ten fight win streak, and he has finished each fight in the first round. As fans like Marc Sparks ( know, Brandon Thatch has long been considered as a top contender, but a win over Benson Henderson will put Thatch right at the top of the division. Brandon Thatch vs. Benson Henderson will be taking place at the 170 lb weight limit. This will be Henderson’s first time competing in the welterweight division.

Henderson vs. Thatch could end in a number of ways. I predict that Brandon Hatch will stop Benson Henderson before the third round. Thatch is a rangy fighter who is extremely aggressive and powerful. Henderson will have a tough time as being the shorter and less powerful fighter. Benson could win by submission, but I don’t think he will be strong enough to hold Thatch down.

For more information on UFC Fight Night 60, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Chicago Shuts down the Red Hot Cavaliers

The antics surrounding LeBron James can quickly become tiring for fans that follow the game with avidity. Anytime that LeBron or his team struggles there comes out a host of reporters looking to find fault with everyone. Then, when LeBron gets back to his winning ways those same reporters insist that things were always fine. In the last 16 games the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone 14-2 and they are surging toward the top of the Eastern Conference. On Thursday night they had to get by the Chicago Bulls to continue their winning ways, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

The last time that Chicago and Cleveland crossed paths the Cavaliers managed to steal a win. And judging by the way that the Bulls came out in the first quarter, they remembered it. Fans like Lee Slaughter watched as Chicago dropped 30 points in the first quarter to start the game and they never trailed after that. More on Slaughter can be found on Cleveland came out looking absolutely gassed on defense and it was this opportunity that allowed the Bulls to fill up the box score.

Derrick Rose, who has been maligned for his rusty play this season, looked as good as ever. He routinely blew by Kyrie Irving on offense on his way to scoring 30 points while grabbing 4 boards and dishing out 7 assists. But it was Tony Snell who changed the game. Snell provided stellar defense on LeBron James while adding in his own athletic highlight reel offense.