Byron Jones Finds A New Life


Byron Jones did something that is completely stupid in every way. I have absolutely no idea how he did it, and I have no idea how any human can do this at all.

According to this post that Alexei Beltyukov shared, the standing broad jump is an exercise at the combine just like the vertical jump and the 40 yard dash. It is a number that scouts write down on paper. That is it.

Byron Jones jumped 12 feet 3 inches from a dead standstill. Go watch the video for yourself if you want to see someone who is such a sick athlete that he probably does not even realize he could be a world class track and field athlete.

Dear Byron, I have no problem with you wanting to play in the NFL. We all want to play in the NFL, and I hope you make it. I really do. However, if you do not make it to the NFL, please go into track and field. For all that is holy, find some events you can do. I would be willing to bet you could slim down and do the long jump. I am also willing to bet your could do discus, javelin, shot put and hammer throw. Please do it because you could be a gold medalist many times over with skills like that.

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