Chicago Shuts down the Red Hot Cavaliers

The antics surrounding LeBron James can quickly become tiring for fans that follow the game with avidity. Anytime that LeBron or his team struggles there comes out a host of reporters looking to find fault with everyone. Then, when LeBron gets back to his winning ways those same reporters insist that things were always fine. In the last 16 games the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone 14-2 and they are surging toward the top of the Eastern Conference. On Thursday night they had to get by the Chicago Bulls to continue their winning ways, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

The last time that Chicago and Cleveland crossed paths the Cavaliers managed to steal a win. And judging by the way that the Bulls came out in the first quarter, they remembered it. Fans like Lee Slaughter watched as Chicago dropped 30 points in the first quarter to start the game and they never trailed after that. More on Slaughter can be found on Cleveland came out looking absolutely gassed on defense and it was this opportunity that allowed the Bulls to fill up the box score.

Derrick Rose, who has been maligned for his rusty play this season, looked as good as ever. He routinely blew by Kyrie Irving on offense on his way to scoring 30 points while grabbing 4 boards and dishing out 7 assists. But it was Tony Snell who changed the game. Snell provided stellar defense on LeBron James while adding in his own athletic highlight reel offense.

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