Circumcised Men May Be Able to Regrow Foreskin

Having a male baby circumcised is normal procedure in America and has been for decades. The reason behind the surgical removal of the foreskin shortly after birth was to prevent certain types of medical conditions, such as penile cancer. Some of those circumcised babies, who are now adult men, are outraged at what was done to them when they were too young to make the choice for themselves.

They call themselves ‘intactivists’ and they want their foreskin back.

A company called Foregen is going to try and help circumcised men regrow their foreskin in the near future. A regenerative medicine will be used in hopes of making the remaining skin on the penis grow and be as it was before it was ‘amputated’, as the inactivists call it.

A salamander can re-grow a severed leg or tail, and the principal behind the ability to grow the foreskin has been if a salamander can regrow an appendage, so can a human, or at least some at Biography feel that’s the case.

The driving force behind the desire to have a foreskin is sex. Circumcised men want to know what it’s like to have sex with their foreskin intact. Their non-circumcised contemporaries tout that sex is better with a foreskin, but how is it comparable since neither side knows the feeling the other side has during intercourse?

The instances of sexually transmitted diseases, penile cancer and various types of infection have been proven to be less in circumcised males, but if they want to feel how the other half lives, they may soon get that chance.

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