I Don’t Care About Jay-Z’s Baseball Knowledge

It has been reported that Jay-Z mistook David Wells for Curt Schilling at an SNL party over the weekend of their 40th anniversary. Marc Sparks knows that, while this might seem funny, it is not really news. Curt Schilling does appear on TV, but that does not mean that Jay-Z watches Baseball Tonight. David Wells has been retired for a while, and we do not know how much baseball Jay-Z has watched.

This is a funny story, but it is not really news. You may not like Jay-Z, but you cannot dislike him for not having a photographic memory of all the baseball players that would end up at parties that he attends. This is silly in every way. It is possible that many people are not recognizable when you see them in person. Research has even shown that you would not even recognize your doppleganger even though they would look just like you. You need to remember that the world of sports and celebrities is filled with mistakes, and it is alright for Jay-Z to not know what someone looks like. I hope there are people out there who will give Jay-Z a break for something that probably should have never made it to print.

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