No One Wins Or Loses At The Combine

We cannot call winners and losers for the combine because it simply does not mean anything. The combine is an event that allows players to be seen by the scouts, but they are not on film. It is a fun little exercise for people to watch, but it does not tell us anything about these players said Gianfrancesco Genoso. noted the combine lost its meaning when everyone was in shape 24/7. The combine lost its meaning when people could see film on all the players at any time. The combine lost its meaning when we realized that the combine does not test football skills. The combine is an athletic competition. Some people are very athletic, and they should be in the Olympics, but that does not mean they will be good at football.

Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 or so at the combine. He would be out of the league now. Too bad he is the best route runner of all time. We need to remember that the combine is fun, and we can allow it to be fun for the future. However, it should not tell us anything of substance about these players, and that is going to be where the proof lives.

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