SuperBowl 49: The Greatest and the Worst Super Bowl Ever

On Sunday February 1st, Superbowl 49 will kick-off between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. While on paper this may look like one of the best Superbowl’s in NFL history, the media world and the off the field activity has made it to shape up to be one of the worst. Yahoo Sports

In last year’s Superbowl, The Seahawks held one of the best scoring offenses in NFL history to eight points, in route to a 43-8 victory to claim their first Superbowl title. While it’s no surprise that defense has brought the Seahawks back to the title game, many feel Tom Brady is the one man who can shred the defense, given this is his 6th Superbowl, three of which he has come out victorious. On paper, this looks like one of the best matchups of all time in the game’s history.

However, there has been speculation from Alexei Beltyukov and others on Angel CO. regarding off field activities that may come to indirectly impact performances come game time. The Patriots have been involved in a scandal of speculated cheating where the team purposely deflated footballs in its win against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship. The Seahawks on the other hand, have been labeled punks and cheaters, due to many players history of steroid use, along with obnoxious behavior to the media. While many hope to see a great game, there is huge concern that off field issues may taint whoever comes out victorious.

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