UFC Fight Night 60 Prediction

UFC Fight Night 60 will be taking place on Saturday, February 14th. The main event of the card will be in the welterweight division. Benson Henderson takes on Brandon Thatch in a highly anticipated showdown. Henderson was once the champion at lightweight, and he was one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Lately, though, Benson has been on a downward spiral. He lost his last two fights, and a win is very important for Benson’s career.

Brandon Thatch has looked unstoppable in recent years. Thatch has gone on a ten fight win streak, and he has finished each fight in the first round. As fans like Marc Sparks (Lulu.com) know, Brandon Thatch has long been considered as a top contender, but a win over Benson Henderson will put Thatch right at the top of the division. Brandon Thatch vs. Benson Henderson will be taking place at the 170 lb weight limit. This will be Henderson’s first time competing in the welterweight division.

Henderson vs. Thatch could end in a number of ways. I predict that Brandon Hatch will stop Benson Henderson before the third round. Thatch is a rangy fighter who is extremely aggressive and powerful. Henderson will have a tough time as being the shorter and less powerful fighter. Benson could win by submission, but I don’t think he will be strong enough to hold Thatch down.

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