Viking’s GM Expects Peterson Back

In the midst of Adrian Peterson’s child abuse scandal, many started to suspect that his career as a Viking is almost all but over. However, Viking’s GM Rick Spielman made a few comments today stating the he expects the former MVP and All-Pro to be back with the team after only playing one game last season. Peterson has been in the national media scope since week 1 of last season due to his child abuse case, in which he was accused of beating his 5-year old son with a switch.

The Vikings immediately suspended Peterson for their week 2 tilt against the Patriots and then they reinstated him the following week. The reinstatement received backlash from the media, their sponsors and fans all are over the country. GM Wants Peterson Back Ownership eventually overturned the decision and suspended him indefinitely. Ricardo says however, through all this, Peterson was has always said that he wants to return to the Vikings and the NFL.

Spielman’s comments at the combine today suggest that the Vikings are working directly with Peterson’s camp to make something happen. Peterson is scheduled to take on a $15 Million cap hit this season, which caused many to believe the Vikings would consider releasing him to free up cap space. If they were to release him, they would only owe him $2.4 Million and free up $13 Million in cap space to spend on other assets.

Spielman hasn’t always been known to be entirely truthful with the media, in May of 2013, Spielman stated the team has no interest in trading receiver Percy Harvin. A few weeks later, Harvin was traded to Seattle.

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