Betty White’s Biggest Regret?

Dan Newlin points out that Betty White is now a 93-year-old icon in Hollywood. She started acting in 1945 and is probably best known for her role as the air-headed Rose Nylund on the sitcom The Golden Girls. She has appeared in many other shows, films, and even Saturday Night Live. Betty is also one of the most nominated women in history for the Emmy Awards. What could Betty White possible have to regret about her life?

According to the article on The Huffington Post, Betty recently sat down with chat mogul Oprah Winfrey for an interview called Where Are They Now?. Betty spilled to Oprah what her biggest regret in life is- not marrying her late husband Allen Ludden sooner. Betty said that Allen pursued her for a year before she finally gave in and married him. She was reluctant because she did not want to leave California for New York. She did marry Allen in 1963 and was very happy with him until he passed away from stomach cancer in 1981. He ended up being the big love of her life and the only regret she has is letting that year get away from them. She is grateful for the 18 years that she got to spend with him though.

Jonathan Martin Cut by 49ers

Jonathan Martin Cut by 49ers

Jonathan Martin was once a starting offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins. Now it appears he’ll once again be looking for a new job elsewhere.

As of Thursday, Martin has officially been released by the San Francisco 49ers. He spent one year with the team after being released by the Dolphins and sent to the 49ers in the 2014 NFL season. Martin, who was ushered in by his former college coach Jim Harbaugh, was the one who ended up trading a seventh round pick to acquire him but is now no longer a part of the team.

Fans like Brad Reifler are aware that Martin is well known for the bullying incident in the Miami Dolphins locker room in 2013 where he says he was victimized by former teammate Richie Incognito. By season’s end Martin ended up leaving the team, looking for a new job and found it in San Francisco. However he only started nine games last season as a backup and any incentive to keep him around longer was gone once Harbaugh decided to leave the team as well and coach at the University of Michigan.

Luckily for the 49ers, they were able to save his $1.042 million salary by releasing him so the loss isn’t as terrible as it could’ve been. In a twist of fate, Incognito now has himself a team since Buffalo head coach Rex Ryan offered him a roster spot.

TSA Is Being Sued For Their Questionable Behavioral Detection Program

Going through a security checkpoint at any airport can be an annoying experience. Some passengers are detained for no reason. The TSA has made up a set of rules that benefit the security screeners, not the passengers. The notion that passengers are innocent until proven guilty has been rewritten by the TSA. The TSA believes passengers are guilty and must prove their innocence.

There are countless cases where passengers have been detained at a security checkpoint for some spurious reason. Some passengers have been kept for hours, and they don’t know why thanks to the TSA’s “behavioral detection,” program. Some passengers call that program racial profiling, and the American Civil Liberty Union agrees with them. The ACLU wants a U.S. district court in New York to stop this form of modern day torture.

TSA uses questioning, investigations by law enforcement and other techniques to invade the privacy of passengers that may dress differently or have a skin color that makes them suspects. If a passenger look suspicious, YouTube suggests that sweats or talks back to security agents the chances of being stopped increase. The ACLU wants TSA to stop that foolishness. If TSA can‘t detect real threats using the appropriate tools, then the country needs to rethink the value of airport screening.

Skout Allows Me To Travel To Other Countries, Without Any Baggage

Every time I’ve ever traveled in the past, I’ve had my bags packed in advance, and I’ve paid my bills in advance, and then I’ve gone on my trip. I’m a new fan of Skout, because they have introduced the Skout Travel feature. I am able to stay at home, cuddle up in front of my PC, and do a virtual travel to any country that I choose. I’ve met a lot of people, just by doing virtual travel to other countries, and I even learned a bit about other languages. I’m surprised at what I could learn, just by using Skout and virtually traveling.

Imagine that I’m able to go to the beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and I don’t have to worry about sunscreen, or packing my bags to go on the trip. I’ve also been able to visit Alaska, and not have to worry about packing my winter coat, because it’s all virtual. Imagine that I’ve also visited places like Australia, and the dialect doesn’t bother me at all, because I’m not actually there, I’m virtually visiting. I’ve been able to travel to so many places around the world, and I can’t imagine stopping now.

I’ve also invited friends to join Skout, so that they can also virtually travel, and many of them call me about it when they’re finished. I had a friend who was so fascinated by their first virtual trip, that she sat up and talked about it all night. I had to cut her short, because she went on and on about what she saw, and where she went, almost as if she went there in real life. I have been to many places around the world, and I plan on visiting every country that I can possibly think of.

I’ve always wanted to learn more about other countries, but I’m not the type of person who likes to stick their head into a book. Skout makes it possible to learn about other cultures, without ever leaving my mobile device or my PC. If I cannot use my PC to go on Skout, I’ll use my cell phone or my tablet. I love the fact that Skout has created a great travel feature, which allows me to visit other countries, and learn many things that I couldn’t learn, without going there physically. Skout is a great network for socializing, as well as for traveling the world.

BRL Trust: Investments

BRL Trust is a well-known company that helps clients with upscale investments. BRL Trust is located in Brazil. Their success has enabled them to continuously grow throughout the years. They are reliable and secure when it comes to investments. BRL Trust has been in business for over nine years and was founded back in 2005. They have successfully helped with over a hundred loans and are still counting. These hundred loans served as an Intervening Trust. BRL Trust has been constantly expanding and gaining new clients because of the hard work and determination that they give. They have managed to obtain a large amount of diverse clients. This is enabled the expansion of the company allowing new business areas to prosper. BRL is one of the largest investment funds throughout Brazil.

BRL Trust excels in business areas compared to other companies. There are many services available like trustee services. Trustee services specialize in capital markets and the credit market. The investors are in control of their investment with monitoring and collection operations. The safety and reliability is essential for all investors. All transactions are secured and structured. The securities commission provides custody and control to investment funds. Investments allow solutions for cash settlements, the control of corporate events, reconciliation of assets, and the custody and the settlement of assets. Controlling services that are provided include asset pricing, control of shareholders, reports and information, and share’s profitability and calculation. If you are considering investing then use BRL Trust. Try BRL Trust today.

Mauricio Ribeiro is the founder of BRL Trust and the co-founder is Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes. Information on Facebook can be found in a matter of seconds. Together they built the company with the vision to help the private sector with loans. They both have experience with operating business. They were able to succeed due to their wonderful business skills and ethic.

Marcus Mariota Unimpressive on Pro Day

Marcus Mariota Unimpressive on Pro Day

In the NFL, Pro Days are the times when future NFL players are given individual chances to show off their talents for scouts, players and other analysts. Not everyone’s Pro Day ends with a lot of praise, though.

Oregon ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota seems to be finding this out the hard way, as many people who were in the audience watching him turned out to be very unimpressed with his performance that day. Some, such as former Jets player Damien Woody, felt that Mariota was just too mechanical, while others thought he was incredibly nervous and underwhelming overall.

It isn’t the first time that a player has failed to impress during their Pro Day either, because last year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater also failed to make waves during his day, and as a result his draft stock dropped. Luckily for him, he already had a great career at Louisville and had a pretty good rookie season as a starter for the Minnesota Vikings in that year.

Fans like Dan Newlin know that what this means for players, specifically quarterbacks is that now NFL teams will look out for mistakes that have haunted them in the past in order to avoid problems in the future. For example, Trent Richardson’s lackluster career means teams will now avoid picking a top-five running back early in the draft. Mariota’s Pro Day means teams won’t overreact a whole lot.

It Is Too Warm In Anchorage For A Dog Sled Race

Alaska’s Famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race Is Facing A Big Challenge This Year

It usually snows a lot in Alaska. But that’s not what’s happening this year. There hasn’t been day or night below freezing since March 3 in Anchorage. Anchorage is the starting point for the state’s most prestigious dog sled race. It’s called the Iditarod. The race usually begins in Anchorage and ends in Nome, but the weather is not cooperating this year. People like Dr. Daniel Amen who planned to attend are very disappointed.

Theirs is very little snow on the ground in Southern Alaska, and the temperatures are well above zero. Trucks hauled snow into Anchorage for the race because the last bit of real snow melted when it rained recently. So the race has been moved to Fairbanks.

For melancholy’s sake, the race will officially start on 4th Avenue in Anchorage on the imported snow, but then the race will move and start again in Fairbanks two days later. Fairbanks is still cold, but that area is not as cold as past years. Some avid dog lovers say the race might be better in Boston this year, but that is wishful as well as crazy thinking. The Iditarod is as Alaskan as halibut or salmon. Most Iditarod lovers don’t care about the change in venue. After all, the dogs don’t care.

University of Oklahoma Evicts Frat Over Racist Chant

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma is no more, following a controversial video that appeared online. The fraternity was evicted from the campus by University President David Boren.

“This is disgraceful,” Boren said, referring to the video.

The 10-second video clip features white members of the SAE fraternity chanting “You can hang ’em in a tree, it will never start with me. There will never be a n****r SAE.”

The “what-were-they-thinking” video rocked the nation. Rapper Wacka Flocka Flame, who was scheduled to perform for the fraternity, cancelled his show, voicing his “intolerance for racism.”

People at Anastasia Date ( have learned that the behavior of the UO SAE members have had a rippling effect. Staff working at the SAE fraternity house are now unemployed. One such employee has worked as a cook at the house for 14 years.

But SAE members may not be the only ones in trouble. Members of the Tri Delta sorority are allegedly heard singing in the jaw-dropping video.

The national SAE organization has threatened to revoke the memberships of anyone involved in the incident.

Jets Make Big Off Season Splash


The New York Jets acquired Houston quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick today in a move that caps off a recent flurry of activity that Fersen Lambranho says is meant to give the team a chance to improve sooner rather than later under new head coach Todd Bowles. New York traded a conditional draft pick to the Texans for the Harvard educated signal caller who is sure to compete for playing time under center in 2015.

Jets Acquire Fitzpatrick from Texans

The Fitzpatrick deal was the second trade of the week for the Jets. They also acquired Pro-Bowl wide out Brandon Marshall from the Chicago Bears also in exchange for a draft pick. New York swapped out one controversial receiver for another, after the Marshall deal they gave Percy Harvin his release.

Jets Trade for Brandon Marshall

Both of these trades come hot off of the heals of the free agent signing of Darrelle Revis. The former Jet returns back to the team that drafted him with a 70 million dollar five year contract. Darrelle Revis spent his first six seasons in New York before moving on to play for the Buccaneers and then the New England Patriots who failed to pick up his option. Revis will team up with another new cornerback Buster Skrine, who was sgined away from the Cleveland Browns.

Revis Returns Home to New York

These moves early on in the free agency season are showing a disgruntled fan base that they are committing to creating a winning atmosphere under their new head coach.

Rugby star takes first steps in the NFL

Former Australian rugby league star Jarryd Hayne has taken the first steps to becoming an NFL player by signing a contract with the San Francisco 49ers, The Guardian reports. The former New South Wales star looked set to sign for the Detroit Lions before the intervention of new 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula changed the mind of Hayne, who has reportedly signed a $100,000 contract to join the practice squad of the storied NFL franchise.

Fans like Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that signing to the practice squad does not guarantee the former rugby star a spot with the team for the 2015 season, 90 players can be contracted before the squad is cut to just 53 for the NFL season. Hayne announced his decision to leave Australian rugby in October 2014 after appearing for Australia 12 times in his career. The NFL rookie admitted this was simply the first step towards achieving a bigger goal in making the 49ers full squad. Two other NFL franchises were also reportedly interested in Hayne, with the ions and Seattle Seahawks stated as those vying for his signature on an initial contract.