Marcus Mariota Unimpressive on Pro Day

Marcus Mariota Unimpressive on Pro Day

In the NFL, Pro Days are the times when future NFL players are given individual chances to show off their talents for scouts, players and other analysts. Not everyone’s Pro Day ends with a lot of praise, though.

Oregon ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota seems to be finding this out the hard way, as many people who were in the audience watching him turned out to be very unimpressed with his performance that day. Some, such as former Jets player Damien Woody, felt that Mariota was just too mechanical, while others thought he was incredibly nervous and underwhelming overall.

It isn’t the first time that a player has failed to impress during their Pro Day either, because last year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater also failed to make waves during his day, and as a result his draft stock dropped. Luckily for him, he already had a great career at Louisville and had a pretty good rookie season as a starter for the Minnesota Vikings in that year.

Fans like Dan Newlin know that what this means for players, specifically quarterbacks is that now NFL teams will look out for mistakes that have haunted them in the past in order to avoid problems in the future. For example, Trent Richardson’s lackluster career means teams will now avoid picking a top-five running back early in the draft. Mariota’s Pro Day means teams won’t overreact a whole lot.

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