Riots Stopped A Baseball Game

Riots and violence do no one any good, and that was proven in Baltimore when the Orioles had to postpone a game. Baseball is the heart of America and it is something that we can all join in on listening to or watching and just lose ourselves in. It is a way for many of us to relax and know that something is right in the world. But, with the riots becoming to violent, they had to postpone the game.
There is so much anger and hatred in the world, but knowing that you have something that unites us all, such as baseball, is a great relief. But with the protests and riots going on, we couldn’t even enjoy that. Fans at AnastasiaDate know that they took away the one thing that many people had to look forward to. The one thing that could bring joy to so many.
Riots are senseless. They don’t do any good. There are so many better ways to express the hurt or anger that you are feeling, ways that do not harm others. Don’t take away our baseball games. Don’t make us afraid. The riots and violence need to end.

2015 Must Watch NFL Games

Everyone loves football, including Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, but you have to admit that not all games are terribly exciting to watch, some teams against each other are like the toilet bowl of the NFL. Here is a list of the top ten match ups for this 2015 season so you can mark them off on your calendar.
Number 10 is Tennessee Titans vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
-This game is on September 13th at 4:25PM. Even though these are the two worst team from last season, depending on what happens in the draft it might be an interesting match up to see Jameis Winston take on Marcus Mariota again.

Number 9 is Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
-January 3rd at 4:25PM, the cardinals could be the Seahawks new NFC rivals if the 49ers take a fall back.

Number 8 is Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles
-December 13th at 1PM, This could be the McCoy Bowl, to see what team made the right decision on trading or taking the trade of McCoy.

Number 7 is Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburg Steelers
-December 6th at 8:30PM, of these two teams, they both have chance to challenge the patriots for the title while presenting an interesting game in the process.

Number 6 is Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers
-December 13th at 4:25PM, Dez Bryant will have another shot at redeeming his fourth down catch that got overturned on a replay.

Number 5 is New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
-January 3rd at 1 PM, with the Ndamukong Suh addition to the Dolphins, this match up could provide a stopping point to the Patriots AFC East winning streak.

Number 4 is the Eagles at Dallas
-November 8th at 8:30PM, three words, Demarco Murray’s Revenge

Number 3 is the Patriots at Denver
-November 29th at 8:30PM, Just to watch the two beat QB’s in the League face off against each other one more time.

Number 2 is the Seahawks at Dallas
-November 1st at 4:25PM, last season they had one of the best regular season games of the year, we want another one!

And number 1 is the Seahawks at Green Bay
-September 20th at 8:30PM, this game is revenge for the packers and a game that could propel them into the super bowl, which is long deserved.

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Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez To Remain In Jail

Ex-New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of 1st Degree Murder of former semi-professional football player, Odin Lloyd. In addition to the murder charges, Hernandez was also found guilty of holding a gun and ammunition.


On June 16, 2013, Hernandez and two of his friends, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace drove to Boston, MA in a rented Nissan Altima to pick up Odin Lloyd. The next day, Lloyd’s lifeless body was found in an empty industrial lot. Knowing Lloyd had most recently been with Hernandez, the police quickly showed up to his house for questioning. Folks at STX Entertainment have learned that police made the arrest just a few weeks later and Hernandez has remained in police custody ever since.


The court trial has been grueling for Hernandez and his family. It included 131 prosecution witnesses and two defense witnesses. A weapon was never recovered, however many speculate Shayanna Jenkins, the mother of Hernandez’s daughter through it away upon his instruction.


Both Lloyd and Hernandez were friends, having met in August 2012. Some speculate Hernandez may have had motive to harm Lloyd, as he had some trust issues with him. However this is purely speculation and there has been no direct motive to indicate bad blood between the two men.


Hernandez has had a rough go ever since his time of being signed with the New England Patriots. No longer on the team, he is also due to face trial for a double homicide that occurred in 2012.