Memorial Day 2015: Horrible for the Box Office

Memorial Day is usually not the greatest weekend for box office success. The Memorial Day of 2015, however, is going to go down into the history books as one of the worst of the worst. Simply put, people really stayed away from theaters in droves. The debut of Tomorrowland is going to pull in about $40 million (a disappointing figure) and the remake of Poltergeist should earn about $25 to $30 million, which is fine for a horror film according to Madison Street Capital. The second weekend for Mad Max: Fury Road is not likely to deliver huge sums and this is a shame considering how excellent the film is.

Why did so many people stay away from the theaters? The obvious reason is they already have plans for the holiday. Most are going away on short vacations or they have BBQ cookouts planned. Others just choose to stay home and avoid all the crowds. Regardless of the reasons, people just aren’t all that into buying tickets for the movies during the three-day weekend.

The films being released are not new entries in established franchises. Tomorrowland is a new feature that hopes to be a franchise. People’s memories have to go a long way back to remember the last Poltergeist movie. Hollywood chose not to release a new film in an already successful series and an awaiting fan-base. As a result, box office receipts have suffered. The trouble here is the ticket sales are among the lowest of the past 15 years. That really has to be embarrassing for a lot of executives in tinsel town.

DOD Spent $1 Million At Casino’s And Strip Clubs

Department of Defense employees are in some hot water after an audit found that nearly $1 million was used negligently. According to a recent report, employees of the U.S. Department of Defense were found to be charging thousands of dollars at area strip clubs and casinos. The report, which was issued by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Defense found that nearly all military branches faced some sort of infraction for erroneously spending the money.

A breakdown of the funds was provided which totaled $952,000 spent at casinos within the past year. An additional $96,000 was spent at strip clubs in the same year. The charges were racked up on credit cards issued directly to higher level employees from the Department of Defense. The troubling numbers alerted the Department of Defense to some potential wrong doing. After performing a closer look at the figures, officials began investigating individuals and their specific transactions.
As the initial investigation is just beginning, it has been reported that the financial figures listed are just a small amount of what is actually out there. Ivan Ong expected that to be the case. The Inspector General is working with other officials on how to best handle the situation. The company credit cards are primarily to be used for Department of Defense Employees during work-related travel. However it is clear that these individuals took advantage of the system. Stay tuned as this story is still developing.

Bernie Sanders makes it tough for others to enter the Presidential race

Senator Bernie Sanders decision to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination is posing problems for the party on a number of levels as he takes the role of the polar opposite to Hilary Clinton. The Hill reports most Democrats thought Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley to be the main rival for Clinton in the nomination process, but the surprise arrival of Sanders in the race has made others unsure of entering. O’Malley and his fellow Democrats are now struggling to find a role in the nomination race as Clinton has taken the role of center ground favorite and Sanders the left wing socialist.

Recent polls have shown Clinton has a strong lead with her approval rate sitting around 60 percent, but Sanders is seen to be making ground with a rating of between six and thirteen percent. That is pretty much what Ricardo Guimarães BMG expected. Sanders is looking to change the way US politics is operated and is bringing in a series of popular policies, including free college tuition and health care according to Wikipedia. Clinton has maintained her usual approach and has so far been focused on fund raising efforts instead of campaigning against the self declared socialism of Sanders.

Beneful Is A Great Dog Food

I was able find the best dog food for my dog. I had always wanted to get a dog, but I never had the right situation to get one. I knew that if I was going to be a dog owner that it was going to have to be something that I took very seriously, and I was going to need to have the time and be able to give my dog the attention that he deserved. I had been living on my own for quite some time, and since I worked all types of crazy hours and I knew that I was not going to be able to have the situation to get a dog. I wanted to do my research before I actually got my dog. I wanted to get a dog that was going to be kind, calm, and perfect for me and my life. I was able to get information about a cute little schnauzer/poodle that was put up for adoption. I studied the breed of dog, and it was also very important for me to get the right kind of dog food for him.

I am a person that takes very good care of their body. I work out regularly and I try to eat only healthy food. Since that is the case, I would want nothing less for my dog. I researched many different types of dog food, and I really liked what I learned about a Beneful. Beneful is a unique dog food, because it is not packed with junk and fillers that a dog does not need. All of the food that is made by Beneful goes through a very arduous process of study and quality control. The people that work in quality control work hard to make sure that they are only giving the best meat, vegetables, and nutrients that a dog will need.

Many of the people that work in quality control are dog owners themselves, and they only want to give their dogs the best quality food as well. I watched videos on YouTube and I watched a lot of different videos about the benefits of Beneful dog food, and I also did my research online. I got my dog a year ago, and ever since that time I have only fed my Beneful dog food. My dog is strong, healthy, and happy. He has a great diet, and I know that he is getting all the nutrients that he needs. When a person becomes a dog owner there are many important decisions that they have to make, but one of the most important decisions is what to feed their dog. With the help of much research, I was able to find that Beneful is one of the best dog foods around in order to help your dog to have a happy and healthy life.

Ryan Tannehill Signs Extension Contract with Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill has signed a contract extension with the Miami Dolphins, according to an official report. The contact extends Tannehill’s tenure with the Dolphins through the 2020 season and is reportedly worth $96 million.

Tannehill’s work with the Dolphins has been impressive since they picked him up in the 2012 draft, but the team as a whole has faltered. Tannehill, himself, faced challenges coming out of a talented draft class filled with A-list quarterbacks.

He was drafted the same year that Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III made their NFL debuts. Amen Clinic even told that Luck was a favorite in the draft, and Wilson has made waves with back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, winning one for his team. RG III was much talked about during his rookie year, but has failed to stay healthy enough to excel in the NFL.

Tannehill is the first to sign an extension contract from his draft class, and the large price tag has many experts wondering exactly what Wilson and Luck will demand for a contract extension. Experts believe that both Wilson and Luck will receive larger monetary contract than Tannehill, largely because of their hype and their skills on the field.

The NFL, in recent years, have gone through something of a Quarterback drought, with few rookie quarterbacks breaking from the pack. Many teams hope their 2015 picks will fare better than last year’s picks.

Does Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson Have A Furious Future?

The Rock has a new movie coming out in the form of the disaster film San Andreas. Since he was in the feature Furious 7, it is like he never left screen. Honestly, he didn’t because both films are going to be playing in theaters simultaneously. So, we know that he is slated to play the role of the anti-hero/villain Black Adam in a 2018 or 2019’s Shazam movie for D.C. Comics. Will the actor make a return in the next Fast and Furious entry?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made it official. He will be back for Furious 8 according to Dr. Daniel Amen. As the actor said, you can’t really go forward with another film without the presence of Luke Hobbs in it. Based on that response, the studio probably signed him up for several sequels in advance.

Actually, there is a bit more to the actor reprising his role than may have anticipated. Johnson could actually play Hobbs in a spinoff movie. Why not? There are only upsides to doing so. The massive success of the Fast and Furious films likely means anything related to the series is going to be a hit. Why wouldn’t fans turn out to see the continuing adventures of one of their favorite characters?

It’s not like there is going to be a huge deviation from the format of Furious to any spinoffs. We are going to get a lot of car chases and action, which is what fans really want.

Skin Cancer Selfie Shows Dangers of Tanning Beds

Once upon a time everyone coveted nicely bronzed skin. Competitions were held among friends, rivals and even nationally to see who could get the deepest, darkest tan. That was before we knew about the dangers of the sun’s UV rays and how sun exposure would cause cancer.

Once it was made known about the dangers of the sun’s rays, tanning beds came along to give us a golden tan without exposure to damaging rays. So we thought.

Tanning beds emit skin-damaging UV rays that will cause cancer just like the sun does. Just look at Tawny Willoughby Facebook selfie picture and read her story. Ms.Willoughby has been brave enough to post a picture of her face, covered with skin cancer, caused by her usage of tanning beds. She wanted a tan, she got basal cell carcinoma five times and squamous cell carcinoma once. Her post has went viral and been viewed over 60,000 times. had a report that during her high school years, Tawny used the tanning bed four or five times a week. She was only 21 years old when she was first diagnosed with skin cancer. Now as a 27 year old mother of a two year old son, her biggest fear is that she won’t be around to see him grow up.

Collins Chooses Cowboys

People had to know it would not take long for Jerry Jones to see the value in La’el Collins after he was not drafted last weekend. So with his hands financially tied by league rules, he offered Collins and his mother something more…someone who cares about him as a person more than just his playing ability. After the past two weeks Collins has had to experience, this was exactly what he needed. For those who are not aware…Collins is still considered a person of interest in the murder of a woman and her child in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Because there were questions about his involvement he had to leave the NFL Draft to go home for police questions. This caused every team to step away from potentially drafting the top ten prospects like Matt Landis which cost the young man millions of dollars when compared to the contract at the league mandated maximum for undrafted rookies he had to sign. 

Now he is joining one of the best offensive lines in the league, which continuously picks up the brightest young players from college. Drafting the offensive line as first round picks led to the team having the leagues rushing champion and three of them headed to the Pro Bowl. Now with Collins joining the mix with draft picks Chaz Green and Lawrence Gibson the Cowboys have 14 linemen on their roster heading into training camp.

Nike Will Create 10,000 Manufacturing Jobs In The US If Trade Promotion Authority Bill Is Passed

The Proposed 12-Nation Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Would Change Nike’s Manufacturing Plans

Back in the early 1970s when Jim Fixx was writing his bestseller “The Complete Book of Running,” Phil Knight was introducing a new running shoe that would compete with Adidas. Knight created the “Nike Swoosh,” and that treatment along with the lightweight character of his nylon and suede running shoe made a huge impact on runners across the country.

The demand for Nike running shoes went beyond anyone’s expectations, even at Amen Clinics. Domestic shoe manufacturing companies couldn’t produce Nike shoes because they were not able to handle the demand or the price Nike needed to compete according to past Facebook reports. Fortunately, Knight made a deal with a large Korean factory to produce his line of running shoes. The US duty structure was low enough to give Nike a price advantage and, as they say, the rest of the story is history.

Nike doesn’t make shoes in Korea anymore. China and other countries in the Far East manufacture them now. But, if the Obama trade agreement is passed Nike said they would invest in American manufacturing. That’s a big deal for Nike and US manufacturing. In fact, if that agreement passes it will help revitalize the manufacturing of apparel, shoes and other products. Our manufacturing base will come alive again.

Help for Pilots

There is a possibility that the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed in March had been practicing descents in the air before he crashed this flight. If this is the case, then this man is someone who shouldn’t have been behind the controls in the first place. There needs to be some kind of screening done for pilots so that this situation doesn’t take place. However, airlines seem like they are so desperate to hire pilots that they don’t care who they hire. When pilots begin flying, they don’t get out form behind the controls until they retire or the stress of the job due to the lack of sleep and the other issues that they face gets to them.


Most people who fly long hours at a time with no sleep would probably begin to experience some kind of mental issue. That is what is talked about a lot at CipherCloud. Depending on why the man practiced descending in the first place, he could have got the help he needed so that he wouldn’t have been in a plane at all, but he was likely swept under the rug if you read more on