Microsoft Expects More Xbox One Sales

Xbox 360 users make up a large portion of gamers in the world, but that’s about to change. Microsoft recently announced that the company is expecting millions of sales for the Xbox one later this year. Gamerant recently published an article that features much more information on this story. Nonetheless, I happen to agree with Microsoft, but I’m not so sure about the one million sales.

The Xbox one console is still very expensive, and many people are not ready to pay $400 or more. However, Microsoft’s recent announcement of backwards compatibility has sparked an interest in thousands of gamers worldwide. Apparently, Xbox 360 users are more inclined to purchase the Xbox one console now, and it’s because of the backwards compatibility feature.

Microsoft revealed that Xbox 360 users are waiting for a new ‘Halo’ or ‘Gears of War’ title, and later this year, the Xbox community will get both games. ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ will release in October, and the Ultimate Edition of ‘Gears of War’ will release later this year as well reports Susan McGalla on her facebook. Microsoft will be selling the Xbox one with ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ for a limited time, and Xbox 360 users may be more inclined to purchase an Xbox one.

Connecting Consumers and Retailers via Visual Search

As consumers continually align their shopping habits to the way they use technology, the retail industry must also make adjustments to accommodate them. When consumers began demanding the ability to shop from their computers, they lit the spark that led to the e-commerce boom. The changes in retail habits did not stop there. Information technology is seeing continued advances, and computing has now become mobile for many demographics. Buyers of today are adapting to technological innovations by also engaging in m-commerce, through which they may make purchases from their mobile devices. Image recognition technology is fast becoming part of the solution for meeting the needs of these shoppers on the go.

Practical Example
Industry leader Slyce, found at, presents a great example of how visual search technology works and how retailers can take advantage of it. The general idea, as illustrated by Slyce, is for consumers to have the ability to easily locate and purchase something they want after taking a picture of it with a mobile device. The image recognition technology enables the buyer to use the image to run a search, and that search leads to options to purchase the item desired.

From the Slyce demo, it is easy to see how the underlying technology leads to a mobile device user becoming a buyer. After a simple click of a cell phone camera, visual search technology matches the image with products available for sale. With a few taps on the device, the desired product is conveniently ready for checkout in a mobile shopping cart. The Slyce demo effectively depicts how this is accomplished by having the visual attributes of a product entered into the system for recognition by shoppers.

How Image Recognition Works
Exact algorithms are proprietary to the companies offering services, but there are some basic principles of image recognition that help with understanding the technology. Meta data, captions and tags propel a large number of searches on images, but advancing technology is making it possible for computers to also detect patterns in the images themselves. An analysis is conducted on the numeric sequences represented by the pixels of an image, and the information is stored for future reference. When consumers run visual searches on pictures they have taken, they are matching the pixel information to what is stored already. The information has to exist for consumers to find it in their search results and make their purchases.

Benefits to Retailers, Brands and Publishers
Because potential buyers are increasingly mobile, it is becoming more imperative to begin taking advantage of visual recognition. To put their products in reach of customers, businesses will need to make it easy for the items to be located. Image recognition enables sellers to do that for consumers who take advantage of mobile technology, and it provides a means of making an immediate connection between the buyer and the retailer.

Sellers benefit not only from mobile application of visual searches, but also from desktop usage when shoppers run a search on scanned pictures or images they find online. With visual searches, consumers have an increasingly sophisticated tool for finding exactly what they want. This means image recognition, for both desktop and mobile users, is increasingly one of the most important instruments for connecting consumers to the products they are eager to buy.

What Is Baron Zemo Up To In Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War is the next big Marvel event movie. Solo projects like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange are definitely anticipated, but Civil War is going to have ripple effects beyond a self-contained story. Civil War pits hero against hero. Of course, more than a few villains want to capitalize on the scenario.

Without giving too much away, set photos are hinting at a major plot point in the film. Baron Zemo, the evil Nazi scientist, may very well be taking advantage of the carnage during the Marvel Civil War to launch a deadly biological weapons attack. Could the attack be what is needed to bring the feuding Marvel heroes back together? The answer depends on what heroes we are taking about and just how deep their rifts are. That’s what those at Amen Clinics are trying to understand.

In Civil War, the government seeks to regulate and identify all superheroes. Secret identities are frowned upon after the disastrous events in Avengers: Age of Ultron. What makes Civil War interesting is audiences are left to make up their own mind about which hero faction to root for. (Well, that was the case in the Civil War books)

Eventually, the heroes do have to come together to fight an evil threat. Baron Zemo, one of Captain America’s most ruthless villains, appears to be that likely threat. We just have to wait about a year to see how he fits into the overall scheme of Civil War.

Ariana Posted A Teaser Of A New Song

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular, young pop singers in the music industry. She has gained a wide audience over the past few years of her career, and she is sure to get even more new fans with the release of her next album.
For those who love her already, though, they are just getting anxious to hear the full version of the new song that Ariana posted a teaser of online. The clip of the song that she posted sounded upbeat, dance style, and amazing. Her next album is sure to be a great one.
Ariana has succeeded in her career thus far, and she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Alexei Beltyukov knows she is going to capitalize while she can. The full version of her new song is sure to be great, and she is sure to draw in many new listeners because of it and her new album.

No-Arm Man Throws First Pitch At Giants Game

There are a lot of inspiring people out there, but Tom Wilson trumps them all. According to an article found on reddit and written by NY Post, Wilson who is a no armed man managed to pitch the opening throw at the San Francisco Giants vs Seattle Mariners game early in June. Not only did he throw the ball with his feet, but he also got a strike in just one try. Every day Wilson has to do things like drive, eat, and write only with his feet so it is amazing that he is able to do this. This is another reason that he is such an inspirational motivational speaker, because he is showing the world one baseball throw at a time that you should never limit yourself to your disabilities.

Just because people can have the perception that living a life without arms will not be very fulfilling, optimists at Beneful feel this goes to prove them all wrong. Wilson spends his time these days traveling around and speaking at events and schools, but he is also a pretty good first pitch thrower too. The teams are amused by his talent and he is also letting people know that nothing can stop him in life. I hope that someday people who are missing limbs like that will see that they don’t need them to accomplish their goals and their wishes as they truck on through life.

Will Kinatrax Change Pitching?

A new Kinatrax system is going to be used by the Tampa Bay Rays in the coming years. This is a system designed to do motion-capture, but it does not use the markets that are typically needed for this process. For instance, Keith Mann tells me Hollywood movies are often filmed with motion-capture systems, and the actors have to wear a lot of white dots on their bodies, something Twitter echo. This system does away with that and just uses special cameras, so anyone can be captured by it.

The goal of the system is to give teams more information about pitching. It can show how a pitcher moves and what forces are at work on his body. This could show where he needs more strength and it could expose potential injures that could happen in the future. If a pitcher is injured while on the mound, it could also show doctors exactly what happened.

Some people have said that this is going to change the way pitching is looked at going forward. In the past, pitchers have only been able to give out this type of information in labs. There is nothing like a real game situation. Since the Rays now have the ability to look at their pitchers in these real situations, they may be able to keep guys healthy and prevent injuries that put pitchers in the dugout. On top of that, they can also look at other pitchers who are playing against them.

Occidental College’s Jonathan Veitch, Author and President

Occidental College’s current president, Los Angeles native, Jonathan Veitch, became the 15th president of the small liberal arts college on July 1, 2009. Mr. Veitch is a graduate of Stanford University and also received a doctoral degree from Harvard. His accomplishments include teaching as a Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison before spending five years as Dean at the New School in New York City where he increased the size of the student body and hired more faculty, while expanding its liberal arts college. Veitch’s resume also includes work as an author of the book American Surrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s.

Mr. Veitch has initiated an integrated planning process, simply called a Planning Steering Committee, which is comprised of faculty, staff, administrators and students. That committee’s creation of task forces has resulted in helping to track and improve the college’s long range future as well as helping to bring better community relations with the surrounding Los Angeles community of Eagle Rock.

Veitch is credited with building the new Samuelson Alumni Center and renovating the existing 98 year old Swan Hall, which houses the new McKinnon Family Center for politics and global affairs. The Johnson Student Center has also seen some expansion. Occidental has also contributed to the health of the environment with President Veitch’s vision of installing a ground mounted solar array of 1 megawatt which generates approximately 11 percent of the school’s electrical usage. This project featured a collaboration of art faculty with a local design team.

Occidental has enjoyed an increase in student enrollment partially due to the knowledge that President Obama did spend two years there. There has been a diversity of students internationally as well as nationally.

For President Veitch, interaction with community that includes alumni and parents is very important. Equally important, if not more, is the increase in endowments. His tenure has brought in over $65 million dollars which he credits to the work of students and faculty. Though a success, the work will always continue to do more not only to continually increase the endowment but increasing the vision for Occidental.

Golden State Thumps the Cavaliers

The Golden State Warriors evened up the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 103-82 win last night in game of the NBA finals at Quicken Loans Arena. Warriors coach Steve Kerr made many minor adjustments and one major one when he replaced starting Center Andrew Bogut. Bogut was replaced with Andre Iguodala in a move that was surprising to just about everyone. What made it surprising is that Kerr was asked at the pre-game press conference if there were going to be any changes in the lineup ad Kerr told the media there would not be. According to Twitter, the changes did not come until almost 30 minutes before game coverage started. The move gave the Cavaliers very little time to make any adjustments to Kerr’s move.

At the post-game press conference, Kerr stated that the late change was no coincidence and purposely lied to the media when asked about lineup changes. Some feel that the move is borderline cheating. Although, withholding injury reports to the last minute is considered to be standard practice in the NBA so this is really no different. Either way, the move didn’t exactly have much of an influence on the game. Bogut did not play well and got three fouls within the first five minutes of the game. The team, as a whole, played better and was pretty confident throughout the entire game. Game five will be played on Sunday June 14th.

Paris Hilton Hangs Out On Yacht With Rich Hottie

Paris Hilton is known worldwide for her deep pockets and good looks. However, Paris Hilton is also known worldwide for being a glamour model and camera hog. Over the course of the last decade, Paris Hilton has earned millions of dollars by being a reality star. However, it should also be noted that Paris Hilton is in line to become the owner of the famous Hilton hotels, and that will definitely happen in the near future, businessman Ricardo Guimarães BMG commented.

For now, Paris Hilton enjoys soaking in the summer sun, and she was recently spotted vacationing off of the coast of Spain. TMZ recently published an article that features several pictures of Paris Hilton flaunting her beach bod on top of a giant yacht. However, Paris Hilton is not alone in the pictures. In fact, she is joined by multi-millionaire Thomas Gross.

For those of you that don’t know, Thomas Gross is apparently worth $200 million dollars, and he happens to be in incredible shape as well. Paris Hilton and Thomas Gross met at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Fans are hoping that Paris Hilton can finally settle down, and Thomas Gross seems like the perfect mate for the young starlet.

‘Dark Souls 3’ Leaks Before E3

Gamers are eagerly awaiting the E3 video game convention, but it seems that many high profile video games have already been leaked. As of right now, ‘Fallout 4,’ ‘Dark Souls 3,’ and an ‘Uncharted HD’ remake has been revealed before the E3 events, and it seems that the game developers are very upset with the leaked information. Nonetheless, many gamers are very excited for ‘Dark Souls 3’ and ‘Fallout 4.’

The ‘Dark Souls’ series is one of the hardest game series in recent years, but players enjoy the tormenting gameplay for some odd reason. Gamerant recently revealed several new images of ‘Dark Souls 3,’ and it has also been revealed that ‘Dark Souls 3’ will be released in the second quarter of 2016.

The E3 convention hasn’t even started yet, but gamers on the Beneful team denote so much good news has already been revealed. Also, fans of Bethesda are extremely excited for ‘Fallout 4,’ and it’s not without reason. The ‘Fallout’ series is one of the best franchises in recent years, and the latest game has been in development for nearly five years. Luckily, Bethesda has promised that ‘Fallout 4’ will be released later this year. However, some people feel that Bethesda will most likely push the game back, but I hope that’s not the case.