The New Cruelty Free Way to Look Fabulous

Lime Crime is a makeup company that started from the ground up. Their goal was to create a line of makeup that covered those imperfections that most do not want other people to see as well as providing the user with unique products that could fit anyone’s style whether they prefer something neutral or are looking to make a bold statement with their makeup. Lime Crime also prides themselves in that they have completely cruelty free products that have not been tested on animals. Their website not only shows you the product but also shows how it would look on a person’s skin and lips by both providing photos of models wearing the products and showing what the shades of eye shadow look like in different lighting in creative ways such as putting them on a model’s finger tips. Lime Crime offers rich and bold eye shadows as well as a great selection of Zodiac Glitter in a variety of colors. It is not just for customers to use on their eyes as one could also put it on their nails and even lips as none of the ingredients are harmful.
Lime Crime’s website on storyexchange offers lipstick and lip gloss in colors of different shades of brown, purple, red, and even offer green colored lip products. The customer has the option to see all of the different lipstick colors online in a unique way as the customer can see them both on models and on a realistic looking pair of lips that display every color available as it would look when the customer was wearing it. The colors all look very rich and vibrant even in the more neutral tones. There is quite a noticeable difference in the texture of each of their lip products so it is easy for the customer to get the exact look that is desired. There are also some vibrant shades of neon nail polish available for purchase including green, yellow, orange, pink, and blue. The website also offers a blog where additional photos of their products can be seen on models as well as some stories that can be read and opinions on the newest trends that are out there. There are also some random stories and photos posted on the blog that keep it interesting. One could also visit the sale section of the Lime Crime website to see which of their products is discounted.

The Image Recognition Technology From Slyce Will Be Welcomed by Retailers and Consumers

Every now and then, a new company comes along with a product or service that promises to revolutionize the way we do things in certain areas of our life. When it comes to how we search for things we wish to buy online, the visual search technology on created by Toronto-based start-up Slyce may be just such a product.

Image recognition technology is still in its early stages, but if companies such as Slyce have their way, it will progress rapidly over the next couple years. For most online shopping today, consumers have to type words into a store website’s search feature in order to have the results of what they’re looking for come up on screen. As Slyce continues developing their image recognition technology and as they integrate it with more online stores, those same customers will be able to simply take a picture of something they like and then upload that picture to the stores website or app. With this image recognition programming running in the background, the store will then show items that look just like the one in the photo. As this becomes more commonplace, any time a person sees a pair of shoes, shirt, scarf or anything else they like, they’ll just snap a photo of it with their smartphone camera and then finding it online will be a breeze.

Given the truth in the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this will be a welcome capability both for customers and for retailers. Some have pointed out that it will be good for business beyond just getting the immediate sale. Retailers already learn much from us consumers every time we log in to an account on their online store and add something to a shopping cart and then abandon the cart before purchasing. Additionally, they get data about what we are looking for from what we type into searches on their websites. Uploaded photos of items of interest will be yet more data for stores to use to target consumers with ads of things that they have good reason to believe they are interested in.

Slyce has been successful at getting start-up capital as this technology is extremely promising when it comes to changing how people shop online. They raised $10.75 million in capital just last year. There are plenty of investors and retailers who realize that being able to utilize the full potential of images to help consumers find what they want should make online shopping even more popular than it already is. Shoppers at Neiman Marcus have already started to see what this technology can do for them, and it will become even more widespread as it continues to be developed and improved.

Yeonmi Park: How a Young North Korean Defector is Fighting to Topple a World Superpower

North Korea is probably one of the most talked about countries in the world, yet most people do not know many details about the inner workings of the hermit nation. Ever since the three year Korean war ended in 1953, Korea has been bitterly divided into two nations – the Russian and the Chinese supported North Korea and the American and the United Nations supported South Korea. The division of the Korean peninsula has left the northern region essentially cutoff from the rest of the world under dictatorial rule.

Postwar North Korea betrayed its own people by implementing inhumane restrictions and laws, labor camps, concentration camps and citizen purges, which resulted in the death of over a million people. These atrocities still continue up unto this very day. As a result of the horrendous living conditions in North Korea, many people have attempted to defect from the region. This has proven to be a nearly impossible task, for the North Korean border is heavily fortified. In addition, defectors who are caught are subjected to imprisonment, torture and death. To deter would-be defectors and to punish successful defectors, the North Korean government implements a practice of imprisoning and torturing friends, neighbors and up to three generations of family members who are related to the defectors.

The threat of harm to associates and relatives of defectors have discouraged many people from attempting to escape from North Korea. However, every year desperation compels dozens of North Korean citizens to make the dangerous journey out of the region, and some of the defectors have successfully escaped. One of the success stories is that of a charismatic lady named Yeonmi Park. Her epic escape is a tale of legend on youtube, for Yeonmi and her mother crawled and walked across a frozen desert, crossed a frozen river and traversed three mountains to defect to China by way of Mongolia in 2007.

Park’s harrowing story received global attention after she gave a speech at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland in 2014. Her riveting first-hand testimony about life in North Korea brought more awareness to the unimaginable living conditions there. For example, when Park was nine years old she and her sister, who was 11 years old at the time, had to eat grass, insects and flowers just to survive after their father was sentenced to 17 years in prison for selling items across the Chinese border and after their mother was subsequently incarcerated and interrogated for three years as a result of his imprisonment.

Park has echoed the sentiments of other defectors about how North Koreans are not permitted to speak, dress or think independently. She claims that she was so brainwashed by the North Korean propaganda machine that she thought that the North Korean dictator could hear her thoughts. Her account of executions for minor infractions include a tale of how her mother’s friend was publicly executed for watching a Hollywood movie.

Park currently lives in South Korea, and she is a world-renowned activist, author and speaker. She has dedicated her life to educating the global community about the conditions of North Koreans, and her ultimate goal is to contribute to the liberation of the North Korean people.

A Loss In Private Capital

CCMP Capital has been a long standing private equity investment firm that mainly focuses on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. CCMP on has been known by a multitude of names since the beginning of their existence and was originally founded under the name Chemical Venture Partners over two decades ago. Their main purpose was to serve as the private equity and venture capital branch of Chemical Bank. In 1996 Chemical bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank and adopted the Chase name, choosing to change their name to Chase Capital Partners. In 2000 they once again changed their name to JP Morgan Partners after acquiring another company, J.P Morgan & Co.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital chose chose its name in 2004 after a final acquisition of Bank One, choosing to create a spin off company of JP Morgan Partners and launching the spin off in 2005. CCMP is an acronym that stands for their heritage organizations. With their new company launching independent investments in 2006, CCPM began its budding career in investment capital. In 2007 CCMP completed its fundraising, closing $3.4 billion in commitments from institutional investors for CCMP Capital Investors 2. CCMP continues to focus in buyout and growth equity investments in both North America and Europe. A typical investment from CCMP ranges from $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction in companies that range from $250 million to $2 billion in size.

CCMP has spent years investing in four different sectors of equity and their continued expertise thrives as the market in each section grows. They’ve got their hand in consumer/retail, industrial companies, healthcare and energy. They’ve invested around $7.1 billion dollars in consumer/retail alone with their hand dividing into more retail centered branches like specialty reality, service business and mass channel supply. They’ve also invested $1.6 billion in healthcare companies in the last 27 years.

President and Chief Executive of CCMP, Stephen Murray, was an investment capitalist and philanthropist. Murray sadly passed away in March earlier this year, after a long standing career as CCMP’s CEO, president and co-founder. Murray had been with CCMP since 1989, originally being part of MH Equity Corporation which was bought out by Chemical Bank in 1991 and then merged with Chemical Venture Partners. In 2005 Murray became head of the buyout business at JP Morgan and Partners, then co-founded CCMP in August of 2006 and by 2007 he had be named CEO of CCMP .

Murray was not only a investor but also a charitable man. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Stephen Murray will be greatly missed by his family and colleagues, but CCMP promises to continue his great legacy with honor.

Cosmetics For An Improved You

In a land full of sparkly eyeshadow, light pink lipsticks, or soft fluffy eyeshadow brushes, beauty is created. This world is that of makeup, a wonderful place where women and men can be creative using colors of the rainbow to make our world a lovelier place.

When applying make-up, even if a bit of lipstick, it can make one feel as though they are offering the world an improved form of themselves. Of course makeup won’t fix a foul mood but it can make one feel better knowing that they look better. When it comes to purchasing makeup, some are loyal to only one brand while others buy a cosmetic because of its guaranteed quality and how it works with one’s looks and skin. Some enjoy cosmetics that provide a timeless look while there are those who compare a face to a blank canvas on which to experiment with creative looks.

If you are one to try an innovative make-up look, be sure to start with your eyes and have them stand out. Consider about using a prominent shade like blue, purple or silver like those offered from Lime Crime. This yummy cosmetic line offers shades like Libra, Aquarius and Ophiuchus with glitter from their Zodiac color collection. Try eyeliner in a bright sky blue (such as Lime Crime’s liquid eyeliner in Lazuli). Go for a blue again but on lashes by opting for blue mascara or consider even using false eyelashes.

Now that the eyes are finished, apply some blush to the apples of cheeks but just enough to compliment so do not overdue the color. Apply translucent face power over this to get a finished look. For lips consider using a lighter shade like the gorgeous Coquette, Babette or Cosmopop (again from Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection). These shades provide a great hint of color while not being too extreme, particularly if accompanying a face that is wearing bold eye color. Lime Crime lipsticks (established by Doe Deere) are very creamy and they do not dry out lips, while colors are very opaque.

With a sincere love of music, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere started out as a youngster as a member of Sky Salt, a band that played “fairytale rock” and releasing the single I Believe In Fairy Tales (available on iTunes). For her stage attire, she dissected clothing items and stitched them back together to suit her own style. This led Deere to design clothing which she sold on the Internet. Her clothing focused on two colors which were lime and green merged with hot pink (her favorite colors) and brimmed of polka dots and forceful checker prints in rainbow bright colors.

Not being pleased with cosmetics that were available encouraged Doe Deere to produce her own line. Receiving a great response for a red eye shadow tutorial lead her to create several more focusing on unusual makeup which ultimately led to her Lime Crime cosmetic line which she launched in 2008.

The Best Possible Wikipedia Writing

Writing is very much a skill in demand today. People who know how to write well are likely to get good grades in school and then be in demand in the job market. Those who realize that their writing skills may hire Wikipedia writers and may be less than ideal will find many ways they can practice such skills. Using such outlets can help someone hone their ability to communicate with others and make them feel more confident at the same time. The skilled writer is one who knows how to convey information to others of all backgrounds and ages in a way that allows the reader to understand exactly what they have to say.

One of the best places to learn to write better is on the net. Many sites welcome new writers who are willing to write for them. One such site is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is read by many viewers each day. People turn to this site when they are looking for information about nearly any topic imaginable. Readers have learned to respect it as have search engine designers. The result is that writing an article for Wikipedia allows the potential writer to interact with thousands of potential viewers and readers all over the globe.

Many people benefit when someone chooses to write for Wikipedia. The reader has access to information they know is of high quality and has been vetted. The writer for Wikipedia also knows that they are able to give their time to the site and, in the process, master new writing skills and become better at communicating with others in writing. The writer also knows that any information they place on the site that is not correct, will often be replaced with the correct information within a short period of time by other people who are reading the article.

Those who write for Wikipedia often wish to use it to help create and manage their image online. Even people who have been writing for the site for many years will want to delegate this task to a company such as Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki offers people the chance to have a page on Wikipedia that is all about them. Users provide the company with accurate information about their lives. In turn, the company will create a page for them on the site that is written in accordance with all the numerous guidelines set forth on the site.

Product Discoveries Through Slyce

Slyce began in Canada and made its way throughout many parts of America. The concept behind the development of this technology was to increase awareness through visual search. Using this type of platform, allows users to use image and visual recognition to acquire products. The idea of the company began at the end of 2011, and by 2012, is was booming.

This company has allowed the e-commerce industry to expand through recognition and knowledge. Slyce uses multiple formats in order to catch the eye of the consumer or user of the app. The idea is to assist businesses, agencies and consumers with providing a match based on visual images. The system that is used with Slyce, allows these images and matches to be broken down into specific properties.

The approach to create Slyce was due to the desire to share and find items through smartphone technology. The founders of this company, felt that there was a need for integrating shopping and mobile combinations to create an app that has a dual purpose. It increases the revenue of retailers while at the same time provides convenience to consumers.

The process is simple, an image is taken and then matched up with an item from a retailer. This marketing strategy has altered the manner in which consumers and businesses interact. It allows the consumer to shop at their leisure, by simply using visual technology. This app uses the combination of identifying a subject and allowing the user to purchase the item through retailers.

Many companies have jumped on this bandwagon and enlisted the services of Slyce to incorporate their program to direct shoppers to them. By utilizing this technique, it encourages consumers to exercise their right to impulse shop. This innovative program searches through millions of images until a match is found. This allows spur of the moment purchases, which benefit both the retailer and consumer.

Slyce raised millions in revenue when it was merely a startup. Now the idea of product discovery utilizing visual imaging, has gained popularity. Of course, the businesses and retailers that choose to collude with Slyce, need to have their inventory in sync with Slyce’s systematic approach. This will enable the products and items that consumers are searching for, to be found.

As technology advances, so will the format and platform that Slyce uses. The entire team at Slyce work together in order to ensure that the company stays up to date with the changing and advancements in mobile devices.

3D Printing An Office – The Future Of Architecture

By now, most everyone has probably heard about the incredible feats that 3d printers are capable of from printing firearms that can shoot real ammo to the production of prosthetics that can change the life of someone with a disability. It seems that the possibilities are endless with the fascinating devices and I just read an article about another amazing undertaking by none other than the city that strives to never be outdone – Dubai. They plan to design and print a full office with the assistance of a 3d printer. This is something that is both innovative and awe-inspiring and those interested can read the entire article here: The printing of an office.

The office mockups show that it will be a marvel of architectural design and take a top spot in the world of modern marvels all while being constructed from materials that are shaped by a 3d printer. Special reinforced concrete, fiber reinforced plastic and glass fiber reinforced gypsum to be more specific in regards to the ingredients. This project is going to take 3d printer capabilities to the next level and may very well change the way design and production is done in some cases. One can imagine a consumer shopping for a home by toying with an app until they have created a unique design that intrigues them. Then, some checks can be done by engineers to insure the feasibility of their design and the print button is pressed. Voila, a one-off home in no time at all.

Mohammed Al Gergawi is a leader of the UAE National Innovation Committee and he hopes that this will be the start of many projects which will pioneer the inclusion of 3d printing in construction projects and at the same time secure Dubai a spot as the global hub for design innovation through 3d printing. As the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Al Gergawi has already shown a keen eye for a fresh prospective on whatever initiatives he encounters, like this piece about Al Gergawi from 7 Days From Dubai. The launch of the $4.5 billion Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Healthcare City, and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Arab Management Award are all linked to his name and the leadership which he continues to provide to his country.

His work reads like a veritable rapsheet of impressive projects and movements which anyone would be proud to place on their resume. Al Gergawi has contributed to media projects like Dubai Media City, social projects like the Dubai Austism Center, was a mentor at the World Economic Forum, and other regional initiatives. If his success is any indicator then this 3d office building will be inspiring to anyone who is able to visit or read about it. Dubai continues to advance in ways that set it a level above the competition when it comes to countries.