Cosmetics For An Improved You

In a land full of sparkly eyeshadow, light pink lipsticks, or soft fluffy eyeshadow brushes, beauty is created. This world is that of makeup, a wonderful place where women and men can be creative using colors of the rainbow to make our world a lovelier place.

When applying make-up, even if a bit of lipstick, it can make one feel as though they are offering the world an improved form of themselves. Of course makeup won’t fix a foul mood but it can make one feel better knowing that they look better. When it comes to purchasing makeup, some are loyal to only one brand while others buy a cosmetic because of its guaranteed quality and how it works with one’s looks and skin. Some enjoy cosmetics that provide a timeless look while there are those who compare a face to a blank canvas on which to experiment with creative looks.

If you are one to try an innovative make-up look, be sure to start with your eyes and have them stand out. Consider about using a prominent shade like blue, purple or silver like those offered from Lime Crime. This yummy cosmetic line offers shades like Libra, Aquarius and Ophiuchus with glitter from their Zodiac color collection. Try eyeliner in a bright sky blue (such as Lime Crime’s liquid eyeliner in Lazuli). Go for a blue again but on lashes by opting for blue mascara or consider even using false eyelashes.

Now that the eyes are finished, apply some blush to the apples of cheeks but just enough to compliment so do not overdue the color. Apply translucent face power over this to get a finished look. For lips consider using a lighter shade like the gorgeous Coquette, Babette or Cosmopop (again from Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection). These shades provide a great hint of color while not being too extreme, particularly if accompanying a face that is wearing bold eye color. Lime Crime lipsticks (established by Doe Deere) are very creamy and they do not dry out lips, while colors are very opaque.

With a sincere love of music, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere started out as a youngster as a member of Sky Salt, a band that played “fairytale rock” and releasing the single I Believe In Fairy Tales (available on iTunes). For her stage attire, she dissected clothing items and stitched them back together to suit her own style. This led Deere to design clothing which she sold on the Internet. Her clothing focused on two colors which were lime and green merged with hot pink (her favorite colors) and brimmed of polka dots and forceful checker prints in rainbow bright colors.

Not being pleased with cosmetics that were available encouraged Doe Deere to produce her own line. Receiving a great response for a red eye shadow tutorial lead her to create several more focusing on unusual makeup which ultimately led to her Lime Crime cosmetic line which she launched in 2008.

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