Product Discoveries Through Slyce

Slyce began in Canada and made its way throughout many parts of America. The concept behind the development of this technology was to increase awareness through visual search. Using this type of platform, allows users to use image and visual recognition to acquire products. The idea of the company began at the end of 2011, and by 2012, is was booming.

This company has allowed the e-commerce industry to expand through recognition and knowledge. Slyce uses multiple formats in order to catch the eye of the consumer or user of the app. The idea is to assist businesses, agencies and consumers with providing a match based on visual images. The system that is used with Slyce, allows these images and matches to be broken down into specific properties.

The approach to create Slyce was due to the desire to share and find items through smartphone technology. The founders of this company, felt that there was a need for integrating shopping and mobile combinations to create an app that has a dual purpose. It increases the revenue of retailers while at the same time provides convenience to consumers.

The process is simple, an image is taken and then matched up with an item from a retailer. This marketing strategy has altered the manner in which consumers and businesses interact. It allows the consumer to shop at their leisure, by simply using visual technology. This app uses the combination of identifying a subject and allowing the user to purchase the item through retailers.

Many companies have jumped on this bandwagon and enlisted the services of Slyce to incorporate their program to direct shoppers to them. By utilizing this technique, it encourages consumers to exercise their right to impulse shop. This innovative program searches through millions of images until a match is found. This allows spur of the moment purchases, which benefit both the retailer and consumer.

Slyce raised millions in revenue when it was merely a startup. Now the idea of product discovery utilizing visual imaging, has gained popularity. Of course, the businesses and retailers that choose to collude with Slyce, need to have their inventory in sync with Slyce’s systematic approach. This will enable the products and items that consumers are searching for, to be found.

As technology advances, so will the format and platform that Slyce uses. The entire team at Slyce work together in order to ensure that the company stays up to date with the changing and advancements in mobile devices.

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