Ignite A Light within The Children of Colorado By Three at Generosity.com

Attention all caregivers, teachers and parents providing a light for our future: Generosity.com is hosting a new fundraiser to support a nonprofit organization that promotes the learning development process for the children of Colorado entitled ‘Bright by Three’. The Bright By Three fundraiser is run by co-founder and owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camps, Jon Urbana.

As a former Lacrosse athlete and instructor to many athletic youths, Jon Urbana understands the importance of child development. Urbana, a Denver Colorado native, believes the first three years of a child’s life will essentially formulate the quality of productivity for the remaining years into adulthood. As a successful athlete of Villanova University, Urbana accumulated honorable mention and ranked 7th in the nation for scoring defense.

Urbana’s Facebook profile shows that he’s an avid believer that children who are interactively, physically and mentally encouraged at an early age quickly and successfully develop confidence, discipline and personality that supports a bright future. For this reason he supports The Bright By Three organization alongside his other efforts to help ARAS (Crowdrise) and Earth Force (GoFundMe).

The Bright by Three organization located in Denver Colorado was formed by former Colorado Governor Roy Romer in 1989. In an effort to make Colorado the best place to raise children, it has since then supported 200,000 families in Colorado with information and support with early childhood development free of charge.

Bright by Three provides parents and caregivers with a free three step development program that begins at the prenatal to 12 month mark and continues up to the 24th to 36th month mark. Bright by Three covers developmental stimulation techniques that have been proven to enhance early literacy and grade school preparation. Donations to Bright by Three are typically tax deductible and Colorado residents may be eligible for Colorado tax credit. Bright by Three receives and accepts funding through donations from private foundations, organizations as well as individuals.

Beneful and the Walk

One of the most important things that can be done for a dog is a walk. This seems simple, but the dog gets to express their doggie-ness in the walk. Contrary to popular belief, dogs need the company of other dogs. They are not particularly enamored by their humans, but they accept them. If done correctly, this acceptance will include you being the leader of the pack, and this designation makes dealing with your dog a more natural experience for you and the dog. When you leash them to go out, you both make up the hunting pack, and the expedition begins. This is when the dog is most himself and happiest. It is an opportunity for bonding, exercise and one of the most relevant benefits is the positive impact the walk has on the dog’s psyche, but they are all important.

Bonding with your dog is important because you are the leader of the pack, and this means you are responsible for everything that the dog needs at every stage of their lives and that is a responsibility that many new owners do not anticipate or account for when they become owners. This causes owners to acquire dogs that are totally unsuited for the owner’s lifestyle, and this dynamic causes multiple issues. These issues often cause dogs to become abandoned or left at shelters. By keeping this in mind before acquiring a dog, a better selection can be made. These considerations could mean that no selection at all should be made because the entirety of the dog and the owner’s life has to be considered and planned for before the commitment is made for the dog’s sake.

Exercise is also important. In the wild, their ancestors would range for fifty miles in a day. This need to move and hunt has to be satiated. Dogs are products of the food that they eat because they expend so much energy. This means that an active dog can be always virtually on the edge of hunger if their meals are not planned well. The planning has to include the nutritional value of the food they are fed as well as the amounts. Active dogs could require twice the food that the packaging suggests. However, even if you are feeding the correct amounts of food, if the food is not nutritionally beneficial, it is not sustainable, and most dog food brands are not.

This is why I utilize Purina’s Beneful brand on Amazon, it has the appropriate protein levels along with variety to please a dog and fulfil their needs nutritionally for a lifetime. It gives my dog the correct energy through positive nutrition to fulfil the most beneficial part of the walk for both of us, and this is letting my dog become one with his wolf nature. I carry Beneful dry dog food to reward him after he chases down his tennis ball prey much like he would be rewarded by his efforts by a small bite to eat in the wild, but no animals are harmed in this hunt because Beneful makes us civilized even as we hunt as a pack.

Turning Dark Times Into A Bright Future

Life is never perfect. People are never perfect. This is life. We learn from our past and often it is because of the ups and downs of life that lead us where we are truly meant to be. When you hit rough waters, it’s not a time to give up. Rather, it’s when you know you need to try harder or move onto something better. Trying harder and striving for a brighter future, is exactly the path Doe Deere has set out to do, literally!

Although Doe Deere has had some hurdles in her lifetime, this thirty four year old exotic and confident women was determined to put some of life’s failures behind her and strive for something better in life. In 2008 Deere established her own make-up brand, Lime Crime. She took a crazy idea and ran with it, hoping that one day it may actually become something.

Lime Crime by Doe Deere is a make-up company like no other. The vast array of exotic colors has become a trademark of her company. Lime Crime has quickly grown into a large company and has been featured in the Nylon magazine. This make-up line is a hot commodity and has stirred great interest among beauty experts and bloggers. Additionally, Deere has been named Top 50 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs.

Deere’s hot new make-up company offers people a chance to express themselves thru their style using unique and colorful make-up. Beauty lovers appreciate the wide selection of bright colors and the ability to create intense pigments. Lime Crime is geared for those who want to stand out. Packaged in pink sparkly containers with unicorns, Lime Crime is for the girly girls both young and old. As Deere explains, her brand is a “statement make-up”.

Doe Deere has turned her dark past into a bright future. This hard working woman has gained tremendous independence at such a young age. Thru her life experiences, she has learned she is not just a girl with a unique idea, but is an owner of a company with tremendous potential. The success ultimately depends on the type of leader and business women she plans to be.

There will inevitably be people in your life that dislike something you say or do, however, there will always be an equal if not greater number of people surrounding you with inspiring, encouraging and supporting thoughts. If not for our failures, we often don’t find what it is we are actually destined to do in our lives.

Sergio Cortes: Impresionating Your Idol

He looks like a twin brother of the late Michael Jackson, he dresses like him, sings like him, walks like him, sings like him and electrifies crowds like him. The only contrast in reality is that Sergio Cortes is not Michael Jackson. Blood does not associate them, and neither is Sergio Cortes a reincarnation of Michael Jackson, who passed away in June of 2009.
Sergio Cortes was born in the iconic Spanish city of Barcelona in 1971. He grew up liking Michael Jackson and his music as well as learning all his songs and lyrics to detail. Mr. Cortes is a natural artistic talent, and this reflects in his perfect impersonation of Michael Jackson. During his teenage years, Sergio’s passion made him dress up and imitate Michael to the delight of family and friends. Sergio Cortes also works as a talent development manager with Destiny Projects Company.
There are thousands of talented Michael Jackson impersonators around the world. Some undergo surgically and cosmetic enhancement to get the looks of Michael. Interestingly, Sergio Cortes stands out a class above the rest. Mr. Cortes gained world fame and attention when he gave an electric performance in 2012 at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid. Since then, fame and fortune have risen for him. Sergio Cortes speaks highly of his mentor and pride himself in having an opportunity to cement the legacy of Michael Jackson.
Sergio Cortes has embarked on a mission to recreate cover songs for most of Michael Jackson’s hit song records. His renditions of Thriller and Smooth Criminal are out with complete with choreographed videos. He has extensively toured Brazil and his native Spain to promote his works. More impersonation shows itself in his choice of stage name, Sergio Jackson.

Sergio Cortes being a darling of Michael Jackson fans has a huge social media influence. He shares his pictures and videos with his global fan base. His Facebook and Twitter pages scatter with images of the Michael Jackson look alike. Sergio Cortes is also a YouTube sensation. Sergio Cortes admitted his heartbreak when the death of Michael Jackson broke the world. He uses his talent to honor his idol that explains why all his concerts and events are Michael Jackson themed.
Michael Jackson’s music and moves are timeless. They will keep entertaining people for generations. It touched Sergio Cortes, and he is spreading the pop culture around the world.

Sergio Cortes— The Real Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

It was a sad day for fans of Michael Jackson when it was announced that the King of Pop had died on 25th September 2009. Jackson was one of the most talented artists who have ever lived. He touched and changed the lives of many through is an advocate for love and inspiring music.
One way people all around the world have remembered Jackson and his performances is through the shows presented by his impersonators. Sergio Cortes has been a true reflection of Jackson’s life. Cortes is today regarded as the most outstanding impersonator of Jackson not only by looks, voice but also by clothing and personality traits.
Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain and was born in 1971. Cortes and his mother liked to listen and dance to the music of Jackson. They could also sing and enjoy the music. Cortes developed an interest to imitate Jackson when he was young. He has worked hard to become the best Jackson’s impersonator. This is something the fans of Jackson are happy about.
The dream of Cortes to be a great impersonator of Jackson has been made true by Destiny Projects, a company that has taken a center-stage role in nurturing and developing talents of young artists. Whenever Cortes does a tribute show to celebrate Jackson, the crowd is thrilled. He creates a moment of true, live spirit of Jackson. He has made several appearances in performances, which has turned the crowd joyous and deeply touched.
Where Cortes has performed, the audiences have shown nothing tears of joy and happiness. In 2012, Cortes made a hallmark performance in Madrid Spain as a way of giving tribute to the legendary musician and King of Pop.

It is no surprise that many people have tried impersonating the legendary musician. However, no one may have come so close to perfection like Cortes.
People have even thought that Jackson never died and is still alive— all this is because, Cortes looks, dances, and sings like Michael Jackson. Cortes admits that his success in impersonating Jackson has been out of love and respect, which he has always had for the King of Pop. Surely, there may be no other best way people can celebrate the fallen star than seeing his impersonators on stage doing what Jackson did best. It is a great honor to have people who are talented and possess looks of Michael Jackson. These people continue to carry the spirit of Jackson alive.

Finding High Quality, Comfortable Lodging In London Vacation Rentals

Visitors to London who are looking for overnight accommodations are more and more frequently seeking lodging alternatives outside of London hotels, which are quite often small, offer few amenities, and can be extraordinarily expensive. One terrific option these visitors have is to book a London vacation rental.

Travelers may very well look at World Escape vacation rentals first. World Escape offers a very nice variety of London apartments and vacation rentals that will fit into any traveler’s budget. From small, more inexpensive shared dorm rooms with shared facilities in a hostel to larger, multi-bedroom locations with attractive amenities, World Escape has locations all throughout the city and outlying areas of London.

World Escape offers rooms in apartments, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. Viewing World Escape room availability within London and all London neighbourhoods is extremely quick and easy. Going to their website (www.worldescape.com), users can click on to a specific London area and see a comprehensive listing of all available accommodations in that area. Here, they will get photos, prices, and full details on the room, and can book the room for their desired check-in date, either online or by phone. Live Help is available on the site to help answer any questions the traveler may have.

There are literally hundreds of thousands (with the number rapidly approaching 1 million) vacation rentals in London and surrounding areas. The size and scope of available lodging options, and corresponding rates per night, is absolutely mind-boggling. Small, one bedroom accommodations are plentiful (not to mention shared room hostel options), and are located all throughout the area. Travelers who desire extremely spacious, ultra-luxury lodgings also have many options, as vacation rentals also offer home rentals in select locations. One listing in Fitzroy Square features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, sleeping 8, from $36,735 a week. A location fit for royalty, indeed!

Visitors to London who don’t have a rental car or their own vehicle will have absolutely no problem getting around London and throughout the suburbs. London’s public transportation network of buses, trains, Underground, and taxis is extremely convenient, clean, safe, and runs hundreds of routes all throughout the city and metropolitan area 24 hours a day. So anyone seeking a vacation rental outside the city should have no hesitation in booking a room, as they will have great ways to get right into the city at any time they choose to do so.

Hiring A Competent Lawyer For Best Results

Frans Schoeman is a popular lawyer in South Africa. Many of his clients, both past and current clients, are always raving about the outstanding services he provides. A simple search online will certainly indicate that Mr Frans Schoeman is a clear choice for anyone who wants to get the most effective and efficient representation in their case.

Are you facing a legal dilemma? Looking for the best lawyer to handle your case? When dealing with any type of legal matter, it is extremely important that you hire the best lawyer available. Having a good lawyer will help protect your legal rights and ensure that you get the best chance of success. When it comes to hiring a competent lawyer, whether you are going through a business dispute or personal matter, look no further than Frans Schoeman.

With so many lawyers providing services to people out there, it can be a daunting task deciding who to choose. There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding who to hire in a legal matter. The best way to handle this, is to choose a lawyer who has a great reputation in the legal community and among clients. That is where Mr Frans Schoeman can help.

When you decide who to choose, do more than review the information on resume.com or reviews on a website. Check out reviews from other people. There are resources that provide reviews of lawyers, and these can be helpful in deciding which lawyers are reliable and which ones are not to be trusted. When you check out reviews of Frans Schoeman, you will find out that he is a well established and trustworthy lawyer. Frans Schoeman has many positive reviews about him and his law firm, Phatsima Diamond. Mr Frans Schoeman is Director at this reputable law firm, which is located in Bellville, South Africa.

Before you ultimately hire a lawyer, it’s advisable to meet with the lawyer and discuss your case. During the consultation, you will need to ask about the lawyer’s trial experience as well as his reputation in the industry. If you decide to consult with more than one lawyer, make sure you ask about each lawyer’s reputation and trial experience. The trial experience of the lawyer you select can be an important factor in the outcome of your case.

Frans Schoeman is a top rated litigation lawyer with many years of trial experience. Frans Schoeman has represented numerous clients over the years and is considered one of the most prominent litigation lawyers in the legal community. He is well respected by his peers and clients, and he works very hard to obtain the best possible result for his clients. Mr Frans Schoeman takes the time to examine all evidence and circumstances surrounding his client’s case, and then develops his winning litigation strategy. Once you have a powerful lawyer like Frans Schoeman on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible outcome in your case.

Skout Aims for Expansion, Develops Fuse

Skout is the hottest social networking application that you probably haven’t heard of you. Developed by Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom over the past four years, Skout has already connected over 500 million people in 180 different countries all over the globe. Skout itself is a GPS based social connecting app that focuses on getting strangers to interact and befriend one another over the more common echo chambers like Facebook, which rely on a pre-existing social circle. The app can be purchased for free on iOS systems and there are in-app purchases that can deepen the experience of users. Let’s take a look at Skout and break it down before digging into their newest venture: Fuse.

How does Skout operate?
Well, Skout works much like any other social networking app available on the market — only it does it in a way that is immediately accessible. The problem with social media is that it is so pervasive in our culture that we cannot escape it. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have their own strangleholds on the industry so it is up to new developers to bring new ideas to the forefront of the action. That’s why Skout is a success: it does something old in a slightly new way.

The point of Skout is to build relationships with strangers that are located in the same general area as you. You will input a zip code when you register and from that zip code you will see other users. Registration is a breeze, consisting of only a few questions and then your profile picture and before you know it you will be on your way to socializing. After registering you will be kicked to a gridded screen where you will see row after row of user profile pictures. These pictures represent users that are online, in your area, and ready to chat. You can begin interacting by tapping on their profile picture and selecting any option from the list that presents itself. You can chat, add friends, send virtual gifts, and do any other number of small and easy to use features.

What is Fuse all about
The goal of developing Fuse was to create something that was sleek, immediately accessible, and intrinsically entertaining. The core component of the app is that it allows you to send messages to friends, who you add via their phone number, with a limited timer. You can have group chats, send images, or do 1 on 1 conversations. No matter what type of conversation you are having you can set your messages to ‘burn up’ after a certain amount of minutes, or when the ‘fuse’ runs out. This is a new take on Snapchat that focuses more on real world integration.

Skout was founded back in 2007 and the Scandinavian developers are already beginning to make some very real waves in the world of social media. Fuse and Skout are both top tier applications that are gaining more and more steam. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them become the next big things in social media.

Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park Speaks on North Korean Life

When one hears Yeonmi Park speak about her various trials and tribulations as a citizen of North Korea, one cannot help but be impressed. Although she’s only 21 years old, she has lived a life that few have. She now speaks about her ordeals to groups around the world, condemning the barbaric North Korean government. Her story is a fascinating one of endurance and courage.

When Park was young, she lived in a robust area of North Korea with her parents, both employees of the state. She remembers a life like any other child, one of playing with friends and laughter. She didn’t understand that she and her family lived under the control of a brutal dictatorship. She remembers that one of her mother’s friends was beaten for a crime by the police force. That was her first indication that life in North Korea was not all she thought it was.

Park and her way of life took a drastic turn on youngvoicesadvocates when she and her family were relocated to another portion of the country. She was in an area that was short in supply for basic things for everyday survival, such as food and water. Her family, once living a comfortable lifestyle, now had to fend for everything including food. To ease the burden of hunger, her father began to deal precious metals to make ends meet. Eventually however, he was caught by the police and sentenced to an elongated prison sentence with hard labor. He spent several years in jail paying for his crime, until he became seriously ill while serving his sentence. He was released by authorities to spend the remaining years of his life with his family.

When he returned home, and saw the conditions that his family was living under, he concluded that his family had no other choice but to leave North Korea. He carefully planned a route of escape for his family, but unfortunately he was too sick to make the journey himself. He stayed behind in North Korea and eventually died from his illness.

Park and her mother began their journey, first sneaking across the North Korean border into China where they were assisted by Chinese smugglers. Unfortunately, the conditions that the smugglers provided were barbaric, and Park and her mother endured great hardships while they were being smuggled. At one point, Park’s mother was brutally raped by one of the Chinese smugglers, and Park had to watch it happen in front of her.

Eventually, the Chinese smugglers got Park and her mother to the Chinese border of Mongolia, where they crossed and communicated their intent to South Korean diplomats. The diplomats helped get them from Mongolia to South Korea and freedom.

Park now tells others about the journey that her and her mother took, and the state of the North Korean government. She is firmly committed to changing the atmosphere of North Korean politics and wants others around the world to know about the brutal oppression of the North Korean government. She has just finished writing about her ordeal in depth in a book soon to be released by the Penguin Press Company.