Adam Sender–How the Greats, Like Adam Sender Choose Art

The science of art collecting is something that is as elusive as is the logic behind how pieces are chosen to sell for millions of dollars, and which paintings never reach that status. At the end of the day, art collecting is more about choosing art that speaks your soul, as opposed to choosing art that is just very expensive.

The most important thing about making money or even becoming an art collector is creating an investment thesis. An investment thesis is important because it allows you to ask yourself the question, “what do I believe about the art world that other people do not believe that I know is 100% right?” When you ask yourself that question, it enables you to have a solid reason for making contradictory assessments and cashing in on things that people don’t understand. Conviction is the glue that holds your investment thesis together. Without conviction, you will quit at the first sign of the trouble, while having it could cause you to ride out the storm, and making lots of money in the process.

As people around the world will create art, they often times forget about how important it is to inspire the dealers and people by their art on a very personal and primal level. Often times, being an artist with conviction can be a very tough job, yet, when the right collector comes along and sees your work as a masterpiece, the collector will eventually coax the market into finding your art worthy of being appreciated on a worldwide level.

Adam Sender is an art collector who has collected over 400 pieces of art. He plans on selling a lot of his art at the Sotheby’s auction house.
Think about this: just being sold at an art and auction at Sothebys is an accomplishment that most artists will never have a chance to enjoy in their lives. One could say that is the first step to receiving legendary status in the art world.

A lot of pieces that Adam Sender has purchased started out costing nearly $100,000 and wound up selling for two or $3 million, including the painting of Cindy Sherman, known as black sheets, which he bought for 100 grand and sells today for over $3 million. There is a possibility that the same, exact piece could go for four or 5 million if it’s price is driven up.

Beneful Provides Variety for Fussy Fido

My 15-pound Fido decided to become stubborn a few weeks ago, when his new over-sized Golden girlfriend, Toby, moved in next door. Romance seems to have got him distracted, thinking more about flirting than about chowing down. Thankfully, Beneful offers 39 different varieties to suit Fido’s palate. Fido’s recent favorite gourmet delight, beef, is now “out” in favor of chicken. I was delighted to learn that Beneful offers a terrific selection of chicken dog food.

I know I can trust Beneful, since it’s a subsidiary of Nestlé, a company on that makes food for people, too. I would not feed Fido chocolate, but Beneful Romana Style Medley, with chicken, pasta, and even spinach suits him fine. Did I mention that Beneful Romana Style Medley also contains Fido’s absolute favorite veggie, carrots? Dangle a can of Beneful Romana Style Medley in front of Fido, and he might even forget about the girl next door.

Did you know that a healthy smile will improve your love life? I have yet to try that one out myself, but it seems that Fido’s healthy smile is winning him doggie kisses. He loves Beneful on purinastore Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. I make sure he has one or two before he ventures out on a date each day, rolling in the manure with Toby.

Toby seems to have become fussy, too. Since she’s a big girl, her mama feeds her Beneful Original, priced at under $26 for a 31.1-pound bag at Target. Toby’s mama learned that Beneful is one of the few dry dog foods that will completely soften in warm water. Toby doesn’t even know she’s eating on a budget.

When Fido is extra fussy after a long menage-a-deux with Toby, he enjoys a nighttime repose with the stars, Beneful Baked Delight Stars,that is, also made of chicken. When Fido sees me opening the cabinet and reaching for the box, he can’t stop barking, much to the dismay of Toby’s mama, next door, who is already in bed. I’m sure that in addition to dreaming of Toby and more rolling adventures, Fido will be dreaming of Beneful tonight, and maybe tomorrow night, too.

All varieties meet the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profile, so I don’t have to worry that Fido’s recent romance is going to shortchange his nutrition. No more fussy eater! Fido is himself again, thanks to Beneful.

George Soros: The Ultimate Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist

Source: Forbes

George Soros fled to England from Hungary in the year 1947. In England, he joined an economics school in London for studies and graduated as an economist in 1952. He later went to the United States of America and worked for three firms in New York investment companies in 1973. George then decided to start his venture and founded the great Soros Management Hedge Fund, which was later named as the Quantum fund. He has managed his fruitful and aggressive hedge fund for two decades.

Soros began his philanthropic efforts in 1979 by offering study scholarships to South Africans. He provided Xerox machines to copy banned texts in the year 1980 and also helped in undermining communism in the Eastern bloc as well as supporting cultural exchanges. His philanthropic foundations called Open Society Foundation have supported philanthropy in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Soros also created the University of Central Europe after the fall of the great Berlin wall to promote thinking.

In the 1980s, Soros gave up the day to day management of the hedge fund and by then he was one of the wealthiest people on earth and started his safe journey through his Open Source organization. In the recent years, Soros has indulged in major political activism campaigns all over the United States. He has widely lectured and written on the United Sates role in education, world affairs, and political freedom. Soros was offered an honorary degree from the University of Oxford.

His Open Source organization network partners and is now running projects in more than 100 nations in the entire world. George Soros is its founder and chairperson. His main idea is to realize a society that has a regime that is accountable to the people, where the rights of people are respected, and the truth about factors affecting the people is always available. This makes the philanthropic organization to be one of the biggest in the entire universe.

Soro’s Wake-up Call to Europe
European leaders are not aware of the present challenge they are facing from Russia. Soros attributes this mainly to one fact that the Eurozone and the European Union lost their way after the financial crisis in 2008.

A lot of popular resentment has arisen from the fiscal rules that prevail currently in Europe. The latest elections have seen 30% of anti-Europe parties capture the European parliamentary seats. Russia now presents an alternative that imposes a challenge to the principles and values on which the European Union was founded originally. It is based on the force that manifests itself in aggression abroad and repression at home. The US and Europe are determined to avoid any direct military confrontation with Russia for its reasons. It is easy to foresee what lies ahead.

Soros’ Democratic Fight In Voting Right Cases
The single liberal benefactor; the philanthropist George Soros is mostly paying for the democratic legal arguments against restrictive laws of voting enacted in the recent years by the Republican-controlled state governments.

Soros has agreed to put up $5 million dollars into the lawsuit effort. He is hoping to remove the restrictions on voters access that they say could otherwise result in a close voting.

Yeonmi Park’s Book Touches Lives

Yeonmi Park’s book, “In order to Live” is one of the most highly rated books to read. Millions of people have read her book and they are horrified about what has happened to her. At the same time, they are inspired at what she has done with her experiences. Many of the readers have heard of Yeonmi Park at the One Young World Summit. Her book does more than takes the One Young World Summit speech and expands on it. It explores Yeonmi Park life in exhaustive detail. It also does it in an unflinching way. It doesn’t do anything to emotionalize anything about her life. It also doesn’t try to paint anyone in a good or bad light either.

Yeonmi Park of course probably had to take her time to write the book due to having to relive the experience. At the same time, she has probably gained a lot of insight during the writing of her book. Given all that she has went through, she is not callous. Even though she is forever scarred and haunted by her experiences, she has shown that she has learned how to use her experience for something productive. Writing the book is one of the steps that she could take in order to heal and help others.

When Yeonmi Park at did her speech, the video went viral. The room was emotionally charged with many people crying, including Yeonmi Park herself. Due to the viral video, this has also gotten the attention of the North Korean government. In response, they did everything they can to discredit Yeonmi Park. However, it is too late. The North Korean government government has always been looked at with an air of suspicion. Yeonmi Park has dealt a devastating blow with her speech and continues to find ways to help North Koreans achieve freedom.

She is also working on freeing others due to the fact that she sees all humans as alike. She believes all people are worthy of respect initially and should be treated as such. She will not tolerate any kind of violation of human rights. She will fight hard for everyone.

Save Money On Lodging And Food When Visiting London

After the majority of people visit the city of London, they always say that they wish they would have had more time there. They may have only been able to visit some of the city’s biggest attractions, like Buckingham palace, the Eye of London, and London Bridge. One of the reasons why some individuals are only able to stay for just a short time in London is because staying in a hotel is usually quite expensive.

One option that individuals should consider when they are planning a trip to London is renting an apartment. The services that are provided through WorldEscape or London Escape make finding an apartment in London very easy. Depending on how large the apartment is, what time of year a person is visiting, and where the apartment is located, an individual will usually be able to save tons of money on their lodging. They will be able to have more money to spend on fun when they are in London.

Something else that people often notice when they are in London is that restaurants are usually quite expensive, at least in comparison to other European countries or other vacation destinations. When a person rents an apartment in London, they will be able to save a lot of money on food. The majority of apartments that are rented in London have a kitchen. This means that a person can shop in a local grocery store and then cook most of their meals at home. This will save them a lot of money on their food budget. Even preparing things like coffee and tea would be much less expensive in the apartment than if a person had to buy these beverages while they were out and about in the city.

London has so many things to offer visitors. Instead of spending a lot of money on a lodging and food, an individual should instead spend it on theater tickets, Museum entries, and other activities that they do not have the opportunity to engage in when they are in their home city. London also has many shopping opportunities. If a person can save money on their lodging and food, they will have more money to shop for souvenirs or a variety of other things that London has to offer. Antique shops and flea markets in London have treasurers that are just waiting to be found by shoppers who are searching around the city for them.

How to Get Your Information up on Wikipedia

Writing for Wikipedia is not like writing for your own blog. Wikipedia has certain requirements of the articles or information they accept. Fo some it may be a simple thing, after all, they have already edited other Wikipedia articles. But for most people this is a process that is somewhat challenging. Of course you would love to have the information up on the site, after all how to make a Wikipedia page offers a lot of credibility, but you either have to contract a professional wiki writing service like Get Your Wiki or spend some time making sure your information meets all of the requirements. To help you along we’ve written this guide to help ensure you work out all the little details.

You can only really create a new articl once you have a registered account. This requires you to choose a user name and password. You can create an article as an unregistered user if you submit it for publishing by another registered user.
Check the Subject Matter
Wikipedia only accepts certain subjects and requires that the topic be worthy of notice. If the topic is suitable for an encyclopedia then Wikipedia is likely to accept it. But if your unsure you should ask questions in the Wikipedia Teahouse and search the site first to find related articles.
Before you start writing an article from scratch you want to practice first. Start by editing existing articles to get a feel for the style. Try reading the Wikipedia tutorial to learn the basics of writing for the site.
Get Your References
Don’t forget to take not of your sources of information as this will be necessary. Wikipedia requires you to demonstrate the notability of your article through the use of references.
Try Try Again
Wikipedia has a rigorous article patrol and when articles are rejected they are deleted quickly.
So why go to all the trouble? Getting information on Wikipedia can give you a great deal of credibility. However, it is often quicker to have a professional Wikipedia copywriting service do the job for you. This will minimize the chances of the article being rejected, and improves the ability in getting the information presented in a noteworthy way. A service like Get Your Wiki can help get that article posted and accepted on Wikipedia.

The Unique Voice Of Jaime Garcia Dias

Brazil is one of the world’s most exciting places. This nation has started to assume an even greater place on the world stage. In the coming years, attention is expected to be focused on this area of the world as Brazilian art, literature, and other aspects of Brazilian culture take center stage. At present, Brazil is the world’s largest Portuguese speaking nation. This South American country has developed an indigenous form of the language and a thriving culture that is uniquely their own. Writers here have much to offer those who wish to explore the world of Brazilian fiction and literature.

One such writer is Jaime Garcia Dias and his history on CrunchBase really drives that point home. Dias is noted for his love of the written word and his devotion to the field of Brazilian and Portuguese fiction. He is also noted for his assistance and mentoring of all those who also wish to enter this field and help treat readers to the chance to enjoy their own unique voices as well. His work has been widely admired by those who love to read a good story and find the local region fascinating, even if they have never visited this part of the world and do not speak Portuguese.

Dias is a native of this fifth largest nation as his Twitter bio attests. He was born here more than forty-five years ago to a father who was also a writer and someone who helped his son develop a love of literature and explore the possibilities of the Portuguese language. His father’s devotion to this field inspired his son to enter it happily. Dias found he also loved language and adored telling stories to others. Since that time, Dias has done much to help expand the field of regional literature and also helped to develop a devoted fan base of people who enjoy reading his many works. He has published more than more than twenty books in this field to the delight of his fans who find his ability to tell a story enchanting.

As a result of his impressive skills and popular blog posts, Dias has been widely honored by those who are entrusted with the advancement of Brazilian literature. He is the recipient of multiple awards for excellence in the field of Brazilian literature. He has also been honored for his teaching skills and his ability to help other writers. Dias cites many other Brazilian authors as some of his favorite writers as well as for his own inspiration. He has a wide depth of knowledge of the field of Brazilian literature as well as that of the Portuguese language. As Dias looks to the future, he sees one of promise and opportunity for Brazilians everywhere as well as those who want to read works published here.