The Nutritional Dry World of Beneful

Many Facebook friends will only eat dry forms of dog food. Luckily, Beneful has created many different combinations of the dry food that will not only please the palate of picky eaters, but will supply their body with all of the nutrients that they need. Beneful Originals
Beneful Originals come in beef, salmon, or in chicken flavors. The creators of Purina Beneful dog foods have really done their homework when it comes to the right nutrition to include in the tasty dry bites. Spinach, good for both furry friends and humans, packs a punch with the massive amount of vitamins and this one ingredient alone would boost the nutritional components to this flavorful food. Pups of all kind love peas and carrots but what they do not know is they are so healthy for them too. All three flavors of the Originals dry food contain all three of these fabulous vegetables.
Healthy Weight Furry friends who have put on a little extra weight would benefit from the nutritional dry food by Beneful called Healthy Weight. Only quality ingredients go into the making of any food by Purina and Healthy Weight by Beneful is no exception to that rule. This dry dog food contains real pieces of chicken combined with tasty bits of apple, carrots, and even green beans. These ingredients are combined in such a way that they are lower in calories than most other foods without any loss to the flavor.
Playful Life Dogs of all kinds will benefit from Playful Life. The combination of proteins and vitamins in this powerhouse of a dry food was created to help keep the dog healthy while they burn out the massive energy that they each day. Blueberries and spinach are combined with beef and eggs to make Beneful’s Playful Life dry food tasty and packed with vitamins. This yummy food comes in several sizes from a small 3.5 pound bag so the furry friend can try it all the way up to a massive 31.1 pound bag for the playful pooch that falls in love with this flavor.
Incredibites Pooches come in all sizes and shapes and Purina, one of the leading names in pet food brands, has kept the smallest of furry friends in mind while creating Incredibites.