Slyce Is My Favorite Visual Search Company

Who knew that shopping could be so much fun? I was tired of going to the stores and standing in long lines at the malls, so I started shopping as much as possible online. It’s so much more gratifying to get my things without all the hassle, and it’s a nice surprise when it shows up on my doorstep. My doorstep is always piled with packages that give me great big smiles when I open them. It’s a great feeling. I’d like to share my experiences with the visual search technology that I use, and I wanted to share the article I found that talks about new visual search companies.

About Slyce’s Take On Visual Search

One of my favorite companies to watch in the visual search industry is Slyce. It’s the company that I prefer to go to when I want to do my online shopping. They have an advanced platform that is available on the computer, and it is also available on smart phones. The application from Slyce is easy to use, and it is free to download. It’s one of the best things I have found for my phone because it saved me so much time and energy that I would spend going to the store.

I saw how advanced this technology is when Slyce made their latest upgrades. The new features brought to the application from Slyce make it more convenient to find the products that I want. The newest and best feature is called Slyce Link. It is a great way to find the products that are not available in their online marketplace. Slyce link gives suggestions that I enjoy, and they have a team of customer care reps that help make sure that the artificial intelligence is doing their job right.

News In Visual Search

The visual search industry is highly profitable for new start ups. It’s amazing to see these companies fueled by the generous angel investors and the crowd fund campaigns that put them into business. There are a few dedicated start ups that are revolutionizing this industry. Live Mint reports on a few of the newest start ups to join the industry. Here’s the link to that article from Live Mint.

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