Madeline Stuart’s Recent Bridal Shoot and About JustFab

Madeline Stuart, the 18-year-old model with Down’s Syndrome, recently broke the mold again by releasing her own bridal photo shoot. Her mission was to prove that bridal modeling doesn’t have to be exclusive for the stereotypical tall, thin models. The photo shoot was carried out at the Rixey Manor manor in Virgina, which is owned by Isadora Martin-Dye.

Sarah Houston, who was the photographer of the shoot reported that Stuart’s mother, Rosanne, had some reservations at first due to concerns that it would be an excuse for newspapers to sell Madeline as a celebrity. However, she quickly came to her senses and realized that it could also be a vehicle for helping to improve the general public’s perceptions about Down Syndrome. Houston also commented that she was blown away by how easy Madeline was to work with because of her warm personality.
Martin-Dye also later commented on a Facebook post that Stuart seems to be the happiest in front of the camera.

The dress that Stuart wore was a ruffle with a short train and a sparkly tank at the top. On her face was a little bit of dark blue eyeshadow, mascara and very red lipstick. Her red hair was pinned up. Everything she was wearing matched her face and skin tone perfectly. Her best feature, though, was probably her smile.

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