Solo Capital Partners LLP Gains Quick Grip on Financial Market

Solo Capital Partners is an international company that offers boutique financial services. It is also called Solo Capital Limited. It was established in 2011 by a financial strategist and investor extraordinaire, Sanjay Shah. This was after Shah gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in financial markets during his employment years. The company is registered in London and fall under the jurisdiction and regulations of the United Kingdom.

Solo Capital is run by 3 directors headed by Sanjay Shah as the CEO. It has about 20 to 49 permanent employees and does not have any subsidiaries. The company provides financial services to its clients and has gained a lot of popularity due to its sound advice, business acumen and high returns on investments. It also offers agency brokerage services, investment management, safeguarding and securities lending.

The company has hired a team of experienced professionals. They provide actionable solutions that are backed by knowledge and experience in financial investments. This has propelled the firm to the top. By 2015, Solo Capital boasted of about £67.45 million in assets under management. It earned a £15.45 million net worth and enjoyed cash flows amounting to £30.26 million.

Specialized Services Offered

It handles proprietary trading in commodities, derivatives and FX. Its consultancy services are inclusive of sound investment advice, performance strategies that work and utilizing the full potential of human capital. The company is also involved in many professional sport investments. It deals with talent acquisition, commercial representation, offering advisory services as well as asset management and performance.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a shrewd businessman born and raised in London, UK. In 2009 shah decided to become his own boss, after ten years of employment. Due to his extensive background in financial services and a wealth of experience in sound investment techniques, he established Solo Capital in 2009. Since then he has toiled to establish his own empire with an incredible 39 companies under his ownership. In 2011, shah paid himself about £19 million after enjoying a successful year.

Under his management, Solo Capital has grown to become a premier financial investment firm operating in London. His network of companies spans across London, Luxembourg, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands and Malta. He has employed a team of professional managers to help him manage and grow his empire. As of 2016, Shah’s Net worth was estimated to be $280 million.

Autism Rocks

Soon after his four year old son was diagnosed with autism, shah started Autism Rocks to help create awareness and support for the disease. The philanthropic businessman had in the past helped needy kids from India to get autism care and treatment. Autism Rocks organizes musical concerts and invites well known artists to perform. All proceeds are used for autism research.

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