Big Expectations for Microsoft at E3 2016

Over the past few years Microsoft has gone a long way in getting people excited for their major announcements at E3. It is expected that they will have a press conference on Monday morning in which they will announce two new consoles. One console will be a lightweight version of the Xbox One. The other is currently called Scorpio, and it is said to be a more powerful next gen console.

There are also rumors of an Xbox streaming stick or device that allows players to stream their games with very little set-up. Video game streaming has become a major cultural trend and every major company is developing new ideas in that realm.

Microsoft apparently wants to link the consoles to PC games a bit closer. Rumor has it that Cortana, the Windows 10 voice-activated system, might be utilized in this new set-up.

In recent years, Sony has been beating Microsoft in sales and most agree that Sony games are of a higher quality. Microsoft appears to be under quite a bit of pressure. There is a belief that if Microsoft doesn’t have a big announcement, there could be an internet backlash.

The walls between PC and console continue to crumble. Xbox One exclusive games will be released simultaneously on PC. It is rumored that Halo 5’s campaign mode might be playable on PC.

This year’s E3 is looking to be a crucial event for Microsoft as far as public perception goes. It will be interesting to see if they can deliver.

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