Jennifer Walden Speaking Out About Life As A Surgeon

Jennifer Walden was recently interviewed by Dailymail and her candid article explains who she is and why she is a surgeon. In eighth grade, Jennifer’s teacher told her she had the hands of a surgeon. Jennifer was already exposed to the structure of a surgeons life because her mom was a surgical nurse and her father a dentist. Jennifer began her career by attending the University of Texas and receiving a biology degree as well as her medical degree. She took a job in New York where she hung around for about eight years. After giving birth to twin boys she decided to move back to Texas for family support. Jennifer is happy to report she has a full time nanny and her boys are adapting greatly to the area.

As one of the top surgeons in the US she holds her head high. Jennifer takes her time to explain the good and bad of every surgery before doing the surgery. She gives each patient a lot to think about but also helps them to feel more at ease during the surgery. This young single mother is one of the media reporters that helps people understand about surgery and body types. She explains how young people may feel if their nose is too big or their breasts too small. She lets everyone know it is ok to hold high your own standards for your body.

In the article she explains what it takes to be a single mom and a surgeon. She talks about the myths and truths of surgery. She helps others to understand how important it is to a woman and a man to have vaginal rejeuvenation surgery. Jennifer tells how this surgery can change the sex life of any woman. Jennifer believes that women have this surgery to look good but also to help reduce vaginal urinary leaks. Jennifer hopes to help people feel better about their body.

In 2011 the single mother plastic surgeon from New York took a giant leap into her own life. Without this leap of faith, Jennifer may still be in New York working only on ear and eye surgeries. Jennifer is known as one of the best beauty surgeons in the United States and she has many different awards to prove her status. Jennifer is a writer as well. Look for her blogs and articles online. Check out her article interview at


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