Seattle Genetics a Leader in Scientific Innovation

Seattle Genetics is perhaps one of the lesser known innovators in the scientific world. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company has grown to be a lot more than just a whisper in the wind. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Siegall is a trained scientist and specialized in cancer research. When he founded Seattle genetics, he wanted them to be a leader in innovation as well as research that was described as rigorous and overall a sense of wanting to help others to live a better and more productive life.

Siegall and his team help to develop antibody drug conjugates. This development helped later on to lead to the 2011 approval of their first ADC product named ADCETRIS. It has went on to become approved in more than 60 countries and has helped to put Siegall and Seattle Genetics in the public eye. With his leadership, Seattle Genetics has been able to partner with a number of manufacturers including Genentech, GlaxoSmithCline as well as Pfizer and have generated more than 300 million to date.

Using Seattle Genetics technology through a series of collaborations there are more than 20 ADC’s currently in development. Siegall has also been responsible for a large amount of capital fund raising totaling around 1.2 billion that was secured through a series of public and private fund raising. Before founding Seattle genetics, Clay Siegal was active with a number of companies, in the medical industry. Before he started his career, Siegal received a Ph.D in genetics from George Washington University and a degree in zoology from the University of Maryland.

With Clay Siegall’s leadership and the technological advances that Seattle Genetics are making, it is easy to see how this will lead to there being a lot of advances in the coming years that will hopefully help to conquer a number of the diseases that have been plaguing us all these years.

Seattle Genetics: Leading the Way in Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Seattle Genetics is a biotech company on a mission to provide the world with the finest antibody-based therapies for cancer treatment. Their research focuses on using monoclonal antibodies to target cancer cells while avoiding doing damage to other cells within the body. The kinds of drugs they work on are called antibody-drug conjugates, or ADCs for short. They hope that their drugs will be able to save many patients from having to undergo often hazardous chemotherapy procedures in the future.

The best known drug put out by Seattle Genetics is called ADCETRIS. This cancer-fighting drug is currently available in over 60 countries. The team at Seattle Genetics hopes they can strengthen this drug with further research to treat different kinds of lymphoma in the near future.

Currently Clay Siegall is the CEO and President of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall also co-founded this company back in 1998.

Dr. Siegall earned his B. S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. After that, he was awarded his Ph.D. in Genetics at George Washington University.

After graduating from college, Dr. Siegall worked for many prestigious institutions. Dr. Siegall worked at both Bristol-Myers’ Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute before forming Seattle Genetics. In addition to his post as the head of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is on the Boards of Directors of many other companies, including Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder BioPharmaceuticals.

In creating Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall wished to create a company that had a rigorous work ethic, an encouraging atmosphere for innovation, and a clear awareness of the patients they are serving. Thus far, Dr. Siegall has led his company towards many lucrative alliances with major players in the pharma world, including Pfizer, AbbVie, and GlaxoSmithKline.

For all of his work in both research and development of ADCs, Dr. Siegall has been given many awards in recent years. Dr. Siegall was recently given an alumni award from his alma mater the University of Maryland. Dr. Siegall also recognized as the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of 2012.

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Kenneth Goodgame: a Warrior in the Marketing Industry

Kenneth Goodgame is a familiar name in the marketing world. He has been in the marketing industry for a span of more than 20 years. Kenneth Goodgame began his marketing career at the University of Tennessee where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in marketing.

Goodgame is currently a senior vice president and the chief merchandising officer (CMO) at true value Hardware Corporation. Goodgame focuses on creation of multimillion dollar original equipment manufacturing excellence by a collaboration of innovative marketing strategies. He also specializes in overseeing the business financial aspects and development of outstanding business strategies.

Mr. Goodgame focuses on provision of balanced corporate alignment, KPI’S, quality assurance strategies and employee management for better performance and improved profitability of the company. Due to his experience in the industry, Mr. Goodgame has developed a third eye that helps him predict market shifts and avoid costly mistakes. Subsequently, he has been able to avoid mistakes that could stall growth.

Mr. Goodgame began to work as a product merchant in Hardlines D28 in the year 1995. At Hardlines D28, he oversaw the purchase of the indoor gardening section of the southern region. He worked at Hardlines for 4 years before joining proprietary brands as a director in 1999. During his tenure, he garnered success and negotiated deals with large firms such as john Deere. The deals earned substantial amounts of money for the company.

Goodgame later joined Home Depot where he lead and managed the procurement of a product section for consumers and commercial use worth $1.6 billion. He also generated an over $18 million increase in the company’s gross profits. Some of his strategies included developing and implementing practical rebates that were used by the suppliers of power engine equipment.

In the year 2002, Mr. Goodgame moved to Rubbermaid cleaning where he was the president and the general manager. In his first year at the company, he made a profit of over $170 million. This was a great achievement because the company had been crippled by 7 years of consecutive losses. He helped the company to secure an important $30 million-a-year deal with Walmart within his first three months at the company.

Mr. Goodgame moved to Bernzomatic in the year 2004 as the president and general manager. He grew the company by 94% to a staggering value of $150 million in the section of consumer goods. He led the acquisition and integration of vertical product company that was valued at over $30 million.

He has also worked at Techtronic industries as the president, Ace Hardware Corporation as a general merchandising manager before finally joining True Value Hardware Corporation in 2013. At True Value, he manages over $2.2 billion in global purchases and over $320 million in live inventory.

Overcoming A Negative Online Reputation with MoveBadPress

Entrepreneurs that expose themselves to the online world place themselves at a high risk for a lot of criticism. Building a solid reputation takes time and determination. When someone threatens that hard earned reputation it is important to stay focused. By staying focused entrepreneurs ensure that their customers and followers do not begin to question their integrity. Sometimes it is best to let your work speak for itself. The following is a list of tips that can help businesses maintain a good online reputation.

Do Not Fight Fire With Fire

Sometimes our natural reaction is to retaliate against those that we believe have harmed us. While this approach may work sometimes it is not always the wisest choice. As a professional it is important to maintain composure and never resort to mud slinging with an opponent. It is always better to ignore negativity and focus on the positive.

Stay Loyal To Your Customers

Whenever negativity strikes it is important to remember your customers. When your customers get weary give them assurance that you will continue to provide them with the best service despite any negativity that may be taking place. By maintaining a level of professionalism your customers will respect your business and continue to support you.

Maintain Your Focus

Most times when negativity strikes people tend to get off balance and forget their purpose. Negativity can lead to anxiety. A successful businessperson will keep focused instead of buckling under pressure and giving in to anxiety. If you follow these tips your business will be in a better position to handle any negative situation.

If you have an online presence and want to protect your brand from negativity consider Move Bad Press. Move Bad Press is a company that is focused on helping online figures manage their reputation and build trust. Move Bad Press is comprised of industry experts who know what it takes to maintain a positive online presence in the wake of negativity. If you are interested in learning more, please visit their official website,, for more information on how your business can maintain a positive reputation.

Candy Crush’s Sweet Success Has a Jawbreaker Problem

On April 12, 2012, Candy Crush was born. Somehow, the lollipop flowers and chocolate trees managed to get millions of people hooked on, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon either. With over 90 million people playing the sugary puzzle game every day, it comes to no surprise that Candy Crush is easily one of the reigning queens of the gaming world. However, despite all of the sweet success, Candy Crush has one vital flaw preventing the company from earning more milk money.

Upselling is described as the process of attempting to influence the client to buy some extra bonuses or upgrades, usually for a not-surprisingly high price. While this technique is great for utilizing profits in real life, such as credit card companies or hotel corporations, upselling has turned into a major jawbreaker for Candy Crush. After all, who’s willing to shell out a couple of real life dollars for a small booster pack of assorted in-game treats?

In order to see if people didn’t fall for upselling because of the ridiculously high prices or if Candy Crush’s players did, indeed, have common sense, researchers at the University of Chicago offered extremely pleasing 70 percent discounts for Candy Crush booster packs to 14 million players. However, despite the tempting offer, Candy Crush failed to make any noticeable profit.

Based on the results, it’s safe to say that most of us have enough common sense to have a sweet time playing Candy Crush without giving up any real life dough.

Avatars in Wheelchairs Confirmed by Microsoft

In recent Twitter posts, Microsoft leaders confirmed the development of disabled, or wheelchair-bound, avatars and early screenshots of what the new avatars might look like.

After an Xbox fan tweeted Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer, suggesting maybe he would start a petition to encourage Microsoft to include more diversity in its avatars. Spencer tweeted back quickly that no petition was needed, and that developments were already underway and would be released soon.

The next day, Mike Ybarra, an engineering lead for the company, tweeted pictures of the initial concepts that showed avatars in Microsoft-branded wheelchairs. The images show a male and female avatar in the wheelchairs, and immediately sparked further conversation about facial feature design expected to be released concurrently with the new avatars.

The current versions of avatars were released in 2015, when many games began allowing (or requiring) an in-game representation of the player. Avatars allow the player to create an in-game representation that is designed to be similar to the player’s physical appearance (though, certainly, players are under no obligation to create an avatar’s image based on their own). With this in mind, it has been frustrating for wheelchair-bound players who have not always felt represented.

Fortunately, the new avatars are expected to be released with the August updates Microsoft has already announced, and players look forward to seeing the many changes and options that will be available.

Pokemon Go Allows You to Be a True Pokemon Master

In 1996, the world was taken by storm at the sight of a cute little mouse that could shoot electricity out of its body. And thus, marked the beginning of Pokemon, Nintendo’s second most lucrative game series. over 20 years later, Pokemon still hasn’t left the hearts of many. With the vast majority of the population in first world countries having access to smartphones, Pokemon continues to surprise us with the introduction of its newest installment, the mobile app Pokemon Go.

In this game, IOS and Android can finally live their dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. One of the most unique aspects about this game is that it’s one of the few games not limited to XBox Live or the Wii series that require you to exercise in order to succeed. You, the Pokemon trainer, uses the app as a sort of inter dimensional mirror, which allows a person to walk to a variety of locations in the real world, hoping that it will lead them to catching a Pokemon.

However, the societal, trendy game has also caused led to some hilarious situations. In Australia, the police issued a warning after one too many people tried walking into the police station in order to catch a sandshrew. As a further reminder, people have also been warned to look both ways while crossing the street, since the glue-eyed habits of thousands of new Pokemon trainers have caused more than one angry driver that had to stop in the middle of the road.

First Politics, Now Gaming

The biggest story in American politics this year is the rise to the top of one Senator Bernie Sanders. From out of nowhere, Bernie has taken the country by storm through heartfelt passion for the American people and a bringer of facts. Now, fans can continue to cheer Bernie Sanders on as he takes on the gaming world.

More than a decade ago, Bernie Sanders began running for the U.S. Senate. To help get him elected, a web-based browser game was released called Bernie Arcade. In this basic web game, you control Bernie as he flies a plane through the sky. Score points by destroying enemies such as the Extreme Right Wing, Fat Cats, and Musdlingers. Snag fact sheets to help spread truth and score even more points. This one has not been updated since 2006, but one has to wonder why not.

For something that is a little more recent, head to your mobile app shop and download Bernie Sandwiches for free. This game is based off a viral meme of the same name that circulated the net a while back. In Bernie Sandwiches, you play as Bernie Sanders as he makes his way through Democratic Primaries collecting sandwiches.

Now, we look to the future of gaming with a recent Kickstarter campaign that more than met it’s goal. Bernie’s Journey is a role-playing game along the lines of Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. Help Bernie defeat Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump while saving the world.

Mario and Sonic Make Their Way to Rio De Janiero

In the year 2007, the creators of Sega and Nintendo had the brilliant idea of combining characters from two of the most lovable, kid friendly universes to create the “Mario and Sonic Olympic Games” series. Since then, the franchise has boasted an additional three more games under their belt. However, with the ever looming approach of the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Sega and Nintendo have produced yet another game, “Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Games,” and it looks like one of the best ones to date.

Now, with the newest installment, players can expect to see a plethora of characters most video game fans have even heard of before, such as Ludwig Von Koopa, one of Bowser’s many sons, and Cream, Yoshi’s ever so forgettable love interest.

According to many players, people have taken a absurd interest towards the game because of the wide variety of sports you can do, such as the javelin toss and gymnastics. As a plus, there aren’t many things capable of making you laugh more after watching overweight characters such as Dr. Eggman perfectly execute that triple jump.

Another quality most fans enjoy about the game is the sheer simplicity of it all. No quests, specific routes to follow, just choose your character and jump, swim, and run your way to becoming the champion of the 2016 Rio Olympics. After all, there’s nothing quite like beating the snot out of an 800 pound gorilla in boxing after a hard day of school or work.

Doom Continues to Innovate

The first update for Doom was released afew days ago and people are genuinely impressed. Doom is a legendary franchise that defined an entire genre of gaming and fans are shocked to see that Doom continues to innovate.

The new update includes a photo mode, which allows players to take high resolution images and videos and post them on social media. People are doing a lot of amazing things with the photo mode.

Japanese players in particular are creating a lot of stunning images. Some are using the slow motion option to create bullet time Matrix-style vignettes set to operatic music complete with frozen explosions.

The original Doom was a landmark game that popularized and defined what a first person shooter is. It had a multi-player online mode that required users to dial each other up with a modem. I spent many an evening doing just that, and it worked shockingly well.

Perhaps the biggest innovation was in the some of the gameplay concepts. The gun selection was staggering for the time. The BFG continues to shock and awe to this day, as people are now 3d printing models of the BFG.

Doom allowed the player to approach a situation any way they saw fit. Explosive barrels were placed in strategic locations and secret doors were everywhere. A clever player could even get the creatures to kill each other.

It is fascinating to see that Doom and id Software continue to innovate. More updates are on the way and fans eagerly wait to see what other ideas they have up their sleeve.