Does Sony Need A New Playstation To Keep Their Lead In The Console Wars?

The Playstation 4 has been a smashing success for Sony, precisely when the ailing Japanese company needed it the most. The abysmal response to the Playstation 3 at its launch, combined with the massive R&D and marketing costs that went into developing the system, set the Playstation brand back. Thankfully for Sony, it was Microsoft’s turn to trip over themselves during this latest console generation, and Sony has been all to happy to leapfrog their competition. With such a huge lead, should Sony continue to play it safe and stick with the same Playstation 4 console that launched in November of 2013? Would they be better off focusing on the games, and not the hardware? Sony themselves may provide the answers to these questions on September 7th, when they hold a press event in New York City to most likely discuss their plans for the future.

That future, according to industry insiders, could very well be in the hands of Sony’s newest Playstation product, codenamed “Neo.”. With Microsoft already working on a newer, more powerful console nicknamed “Scorpio”, Sony needs to provide a response. With so many Playstation 4 consoles already in homes, will consumers be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for yet another piece of hardware? It will be up to Sony to offer a value proposition that appeals to gamers, but I don’t think the currently rumored enhancements that the Playstation Neo are said to have will be enough. 4K gaming sounds like an enticing improvement, but not many people own 4K televisions, and those who don’t are probably more than happy with their current HDTV’s. Virtual Reality will be another feature that Sony will no doubt promote with the Neo. Getting demo kiosks into stores so that people can try VR for themselves will be a crucial, and costly, step that Sony must take if they want their brand of VR to be a success.

Sony is once again the king of the console hill, but it’s in a constant battle with Microsoft to stay on top. Will the Neo be the thing that cements the Playstation brand at the peak, or will the weight of a new piece of hardware be too heavy of a burden?

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