Some Facilities Out There Are Still Dedicated To Providing Excellent Care

Home to San Luis Obispo in California is one of the leading assisted living facilities in the nation, The Manse on Marsh facility. There is a known issue of many establishments and facilities that have dropped their standards and do not maintain their communities or provide care for patients as they should. The Manse on Marsh facility is setting an example for other nursing homes and assisted living facilities by providing exceptional care and maintaining a positive and safe environment. The company has even been given the Caring Star award based on how well the facility is kept and the high number of positive reviews and statements from residents and families.

The Manse on Marsh assisted living community is independent and covers the surrounding areas of San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, accepting all possible patients. The number of patients that have said great things and the high rating of the company on helped the community win the prestigious award, which has high minimum qualifications to even be considered. The Manse on Marsh has truly shown their dedication to providing excellent care the facility won the Caring Star award for two consecutive years.

The company and their staff is always diligent to provide the high level of care possible, which includes their services for medications, bathing and grooming, meals, and more. No resident has to pay for everything in order to receive care, they can just pay for the things they actually need or want to have. This makes the Manse on Marsh facilities care plan’s one of the best in the industry. They want to ensure all of their residents always feel safe and at home in the community.

As it stands, the Caring Star award is among the highest there is in the assisted living and nursing fields. Since the facility has managed to win the award multiple times now, they have effectively expanded their awareness and brought even more people into their community. Within the respective regions, Manse on Marsh allows anyone to join in on their community, disregarding backgrounds and superficial things. With the company’s passion for excellent service and care, they will hold a steady position in the industry as a leading assisted living facility.

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