Investment Banking Demystified

So you want to know more about investment banking. What is it? How is it different than traditional banking known as retail banking? How does investment banking work? We describe investment banking and answer these questions below.

To start of, investment banking is a kind of banking that focuses on growing wealth through investment of money. Investment banks usually do no accept deposits such as checks or direct deposits. In fact, they may not have a bank branch at all. You often will not find tellers at an investment bank. Investment banks are more interested in pooling money together to make a profit for themselves and ultimately their shareholders or owners.

Investment banks invest their funds or shareholder money through a number of means. They will actually purchase stocks and bonds on the market as an institutional client. Stocks will then be resold for a profit or kept for dividend payments. Bonds can be kept untill they mature or resold again.

Some investment banks will buy companies outright and manage them directly. Others will have an ownership stake but let the bought company continue to manage itself or hire new managers. Profits from the acquired company however, will flow to the investment bank that is the new owner.

Investing money and buying companies are the only things that investment banks do. Investment banks offer consultation services. They include assisting firms going through buyouts, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring. The investment bank can also appraise the value of company stock, issue it and be responsible for selling it on the stock market. All of these service incur a fee from the client that is paid for the investment bank’s service.

Investment Banker, Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker that is the founder of Lustgarten Martin. The firm operates out of Florida and focus on the niche markets in South and Central America. Mr. Lustgarten has an understanding of the business climate of Latin America and is fluent in the Spanish language and Latin American culture. This unique insight allows Lustgarten Martin to spot new opportunities in niche Latin American markets before others.

Mr. Lustgarten holds dual citizenship in Austria and Venezuela. His knowledge of world markets with an expertise in Latin America has made his firm a highly successful boutique investment house. He resides in Ponte Vedra Beach with his wife and kids. Martin is also an avid collector or antique collectible items.

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Finding Dessert Wine With Assistance From UK Vintners

No dinner in the United Kingdom is considered complete without a dessert. Desserts make an ideal end to any meal. Those who reside in the United Kingdom have many desserts to pick from as they a lunch or dinner. Desserts in this island land often mix in seasonal fruit with the region’s highly varied creams. When creating a meal that includes a dessert, as many UK vintners know, the right wine can be an essential part of the course that helps bring out innate flavors and provides that final luscious touch. Working with a UK vintner can help anyone here discover how easy it is to pair a wine with a dessert of any kind and create something that will help their guests remain happy to linger at the table for yet more stimulating conversation. Many UK-based vintners specialize in dessert wines that are full of flavor and bring something out in anything from a tart to a serving of Eton mess.

Discovering Dessert Wines

UK Vintners like the Harrogate Fine Wine Company offer dessert wines that can help show off the understated fruit flavors in a lemon pound cake or the sharp notes in a fall apple crumble. A United Kingdom wine merchant like Capital Vintners an also help people learn why it might make sense to pair dark chocolate desserts with something rich like port to help offer a contrast to the sweet flavors. A company such as Daniel Lambert Wines offer wines that will strike a fine balance between a wine that is forward and one that might have less notice on the palate. Such choices can help people pick out a dessert that might help offer something special and warming against the tongue when eating sticky toffee pudding. They can also pick wines that have the sweetness they need serving something that is less full of sugar such as a Bakewell tart. Online wine merchants like Vintners Selection ( is a great place to look for the exact wine that can help add a sense of class and elegance to any fine dessert choice.

Many Choices

Wine has long been the beverage of choice with dessert. A wine selection can help any dessert selection stand out from the other elements of the menu. Many wines are specifically designed to work well with all kinds of desserts from the very sweet to the slightly more subtle. When a client picks out a dessert or series of desserts to end the meal, they are picking out something they hope will leave a lasting impressive and help provide a wonderful end to the entire meal. What many people are learning today is that a dessert menu can also be even better with the right kind of wine. Many people who entertain seek to pick out a series of dessert wines that can be on hand and allow their guests to decide not only on which dessert they would like to eat but which wine they think will go with it best.

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Enhance your Skin Tone Naturally with Makari

Natural products tend to blend well with the human skin promoting both youthfulness and beauty. According to experts, people with an affinity for natural beauty products live longer since such products do not contain harmful chemicals to human health.

Regardless of your skin type, here are three effective natural methods for a fair and flawless skin.


This delicious drink can also come in handy when enhancing your skin tone. It contains a bleaching agent, lactic acid that brightens and lightens the skin complexion. You can:

• Gently apply yogurt onto your skin and gently rub it in using your fingertips. After 5 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure daily until you notice satisfactory changes in your skin. Or;

• Properly mix and blend one tablespoon of fresh yogurt with a half teaspoonful of honey. Apply the resulting paste onto your skin, leave it on for around ten minutes then rinse it off. For best results, apply this mixture daily for several weeks. Alternatively, substitute the honey with lemon juice and some oatmeal.


It’s a highly acidic content, and presence of vitamin C does wonders for the skin:

• Cut a lemon in half. Gently apply it directly on your skin and leave it to dry. After approximately an hour, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Lemon juice is known to reduce and prevent scars. Alternatively:

• Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, honey and milk powder. Apply it on your face and neck, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off. Do this every other day.

Aloe Vera

Over the years, its extract has been used to even out skin tone and lighten dark spots. You should:

1. Cut the outer layers into smaller pieces and squeeze out its gel.
2. Apply the gel on your skin and leave it on for 30 minutes.
3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water
4. Repeat this procedure consistently every day, for two weeks.

About Makari de Suisse

It is simply referred to as Makari, a Swahili name meaning beautiful. Makari is a leading multicultural skin care brand worldwide known for, manufacturing natural skin based products such as lightening bars, whitening creams, body-whitening milk, whitening exfoliator, clarifying glycerin and repairing clarifying serum among others. For the last 10 years, it has helped customers across the globe achieve radiant skin, through its products.

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Prey Trailer Released – How Will It Fare?

Hailing from Bethesda, the incredible studio that blew our minds with the massively influential titles like Skyrim and Fallout, is Prey, a sci-fi First Person shooter. With a release planned for 2017, this game will surely make some sort of a splash, but will it have what it takes to have a lasting name in the history of video gaming? A link to the trailer can be found here


The trailer starts off with a nice scene narrated by the protagonist who is apparently in the midst of some greater cosmological struggle. Eventually they show some baddies, some floating junk that shows they’re in space, and they have a lot of pretty glowing lights.


From my perspective, this trailer just screams that Prey isn’t going to have any genre-shaking or lasting impact on the current gaming scene. There is little to no real footage of their combat engine, no showing off of new rendering techniques, no strange new game-mechanic that nobody’s yet explored. It just teases the storyline a little bit, and has some moderately good looking in-game renders. Or at least we should hope that they’re in game renders, because as you can see very early on in the video, their implementation of CryEngine has some pretty glaring anti-aliasing issues that they might not want to put in a trailer. I wonder if anybody from the art department got an earful from their boss about the distractingly weird-looking handrails that nobody forgot to move. One thing that never fails to get me about most game engines is that they’re almost all absolutely terrible at rendering three-dimensional thin, straight lines. Handrails, power lines, wires, string, anything like that is always going to look a little goofy unless you’re using a monstrous PC.


Still, I will admit to being a little harsh. Depending on your expectations, I think Prey has the potential to be a very good game. While Bethesda may not have the reputation of making games with the depth and complexity of Brood War, they certainly know how to make a pretty game, and they undoubtedly know how to tell a story. I’ll wait until the game actually comes out until I give it a hard rating, but the trailer tells me that it’s just going to be alright.

Boraie of New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company that deals in development, property management, sales and marketing in partnership with financial institutions, architects, and contractors. Headquartered and operating in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area, Omar Boraie aims to build top quality housing while at the same time making it very affordable. It was founded 40 years ago by Egyptian immigrant, Omar Boraie. Today his two sons are leading partners in the firm. His son, Wasseem Boraie, has publicly expressed his deep optimism about the future of the company.

He says they use architectural firm, Costas Kondylis & Partners, the firm usually used by Donald Trump. With their help, he says, he is confident that the ventures of Boraie Development will eventually become a treasured staple of the regional landscape. But they do have plenty of tough competition in the New Brunswick area on Their biggest competitor is Edgewood Development. Edgewood is presently in the process of clearing land for housing for middle class families. And this is just a sampling of the many real estate projects going on by many different companies in New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie how when he first started out in the business, the landscape looked drastically different with a lot more prospects and a lot fewer competitors. Decades ago, it was a bigger gamble because the place was a lot less populated. He remembers how in 1985 he made a particularly huge gamble to erect a two-tower commercial building in an area of town that had almost nothing at the time. The gamble paid off big time and paved the way for even bigger prospects for Omar Boraie’s company. Today he can watch from his window as his company builds multiple luxury apartments in several areas of town.

Each luxury unit is complete with a balcony and on-car garage. These luxury apartments don’t only have top quality living quarters, they also have a fitness center, a pool, a garden, and a garage. Prior to any of its construction projects, the Omar Boraie team always does environmental cleanup of a prospective site. The governing authorities of New Brunswick are thrilled with what Boraie and other real estate developers of the area are doing since they are taking old, run down, and abandoned buildings and renovating them into very refined establishments. All in the know are very confident that the New Brunswick area will only be getting more refined and luxurious. Here’s to the future!

The rise of George Soros

In 2004, George Soros spent close to $27 million campaigning against the then presidential aspirant George Bush. After Bush made it to the Whitehouse, he disappeared from the public eye for a while. Well, Soros is back, and he is supporting the democrat campaign which is seeking to take Clinton to the house on the hill. According to the federal elections commission, Soros has contributed more than $25 million to the Clinton campaign. He is expected to fund the campaign even more as the November 8th elections draw nearer.

Reports indicate that Soros had even planned to attend the New York Democratic convention and meet Clinton. However, since he has returned to active trading and wants to keep a close eye on the events that are unfolding in Europe, especially with the Brexit vote, he decided to cancel the meeting.

The people that are close to Soros observe that he has been more closely involved in politics on than he has been in recent years. It is being suggested that it is probably the result of the amount of faith he has in Clinton, whom he has had a personal relationship with for over two decades, and a fear of what a trump presidency would do to the already polarized America.

His political advisor was quoted stating that even though Soros has always been involved in politics, there is more to lose this year. The fact that there is a nominee who is suggesting that the country build walls and lock out refugees, a matter that is very close to George’s heart, makes him want to ensure that the nominee does not step in the Whitehouse. The fact that he is willing to bet his money on Clinton will have a positive impact on her campaign, mainly because it could encourage other donors to support her campaign.

The effort that has been made by George and other contributors such as Don Sussman and Tom Steyer, have given a big advantage to Clinton, over her main rival, Donald Trump.

About George Soros
George was born in 1930 in Hungary. He is a Hungarian-American business leader and philanthropist. He is also a political activist and an avid writer. Soros has been named the man who broke the English bank in the late 80’s when he sold pounds worth $10billion and made a one billion dollar profit during the Black Wednesday financial crisis of the UK.

Over the years, George Soros has donated more than $11 billion to different political campaigns and other philanthropic causes. He was instrumental in the transition of Easter Europe to capitalism from the communist regime. Soros is worth over $24 billion and is one of the 30 richest men in the world. His return to the world of investing could mean more profit for him in the coming years.

Brian Bonar Honored as the Finance Executive of the Year

As the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar has received the highest professional honor as the Cambridge Who’s Who Finance Department’s Executive of the Year. Although it is an honor for the Cambridge Who’s Who to include you in their registry, only four executives receive the honor as the executives of the year. The honorees of Cambridge Who’s Who are selected based on their leadership abilities, professional accomplishment, and academic qualifications.

With over three decades of experience as an executive manager in the financial services industry, Brain Bonar is well-positioned to manage Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar worked as Dalrada’s chairman and CEO for over ten years. His positions held him responsible for recruitment process, evaluation of employer benefits, and aftermarket products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation acts as a marketing agency, distributing various management programs that help businesses to increase efficiency. Its services include managing business risks, evaluating employee benefits, financial advisory services, and business administrative services. Besides, Mike Bonar serves as the Principal of Smart-Tek Automated Services, and chief operating officer of Allegiant Professional Business Services.

Background of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a renowned and successful executive in the finance industry. Currently, he is the Chairman of Trucept Inc. He gained extensive business leadership skills, having served as a leader in different companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. Part of his success in business can be attributed to his experience in technical activities. Over the years, he has learned how to build business structures that work.

He attended James Watt Technical College to pursue a bachelor degree in Technical Engineering. A year later, he joined Staff University for further studies in Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his career, Brian Bonar developed a reputation as a committed leader inspired to achieve the goals and aspirations of his clients.

With vast experience in commercial, retail, engineering, and aviation, Bonar’s blend of experience helps him to build great projects, teams, and dynamic client relationship. In other words, Brian Bonar is an empathetic, practical, and bold leader.

Brian Bonar’s accomplishments

Brian Bonar’s career started as a procurement officer of IBM before his way up as the Director of Engineering of QMS where he managed over 100 employees. Later on, Bonar left for Adaptec as a sales manager. After gathering sufficient experience in management, Brian established his first company, the Bezier Systems.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar would later join Dalrada Financial Corporation as the CEO where he was revered as an influential leader. Bonar’s specialties include business restructuring, mergers, and acquisition. In his role as the president of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar combines his experience in management with the technical genius of an engineer. Just recently, he was honored by Cambridge Who’s Who as the Finance Department’s executive of the year.

Virtuall Reality Is Here

The video game market is growing in leaps and bounds. The interaction that children have with games is amazing, and these life like games are also drawing adults into the mix as well. A good number of the games that are getting the best video reviews are the ones that have interesting action sequences.


The “Call of Duty” games are getting a lot of buzz, and the Batman game has gotten good reviews by gamers this year. The best technology for the video game season has been the buzz about the PlayStation virtual reality games. In has been a long time coming, but virtual reality is finally here, and fans are impressed by what they see. The

PlayStation virtual reality headset and controllers have been deemed comfortable by many users, and the reviews are good so far.


This is next wave of excitement that has made people see video games in a completely different light. There was a time when the Wii was ground breaking. There was technology that was linked to hand motion. Now the games that will come in virtual reality are a lot more real for gamers. People will be getting up out of their seats to play these games, and that is a big improvement from all the previous games that turned kids into couch potatoes. There is a lot of talk about how this virtual reality for video games could bring even stronger sales in a market that is already generating billions of dollars.


The thing that is pondering the minds of most parents is how they are going to transition from old gaming systems to newer reality based games. There are games that do not have virtual reality controllers and headsets that have sold for as much as $400 in the past. Parents do not want to pay a fortune for a new gaming system when they have already paid a considerable amount for gaming systems prior to the virtual reality explosion.


Right now there are still a lot of games that are not available through virtual reality. Parents do not have to make the transition to this type of gaming system just yet. It is going to be better to wait for price drops with economies of scale.

The New Mediator in Business Costs

New and innovative ways for companies to save money is always something that is well-received within the business world. New companies in particular are looking for ways to save a lot of money on production, which can sometimes prove difficult especially in times of economic failure such as these. It is difficult to find ways to cut costs, and discounts are always a welcome addition.

According to Bloomberg, Android help businesses move along in the right direction entrepreneurial genius Billy has created a new program that is both a social network and a discount program that individuals within the United States can take advantage of.

This program is called Magnises, with members of the program being given an interesting metal card. This card can be used in the same way as a normal credit card in that it can be used for payments at different locations. The card is connected directly to a personal banking account of the number and when used as a payment method automatically deduct discount prices from the overall cost of the service.

What makes this program so valuable is its effect on the cost of business meetings for companies. It is not uncommon to find a business meeting that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to a corporation. Magnises cut out a huge chunk of costs from a business meeting, which makes it much easier for companies to save money and spend that money on different scenarios.

Now $200 that a single business meeting might have cost a company can be broken down into multiple business meetings instead. This is a huge deal for corporations and allows them to progressively grow from the ground up.

Billy McFarland has created a service that is useful to both consumers outside of the business field and consumers within the business Market. Discounted pricing is on certain locations such as bars, restaurants, cruises concerts, as an example, makes it extremely beneficial for anyone currently involved in the business of some sort.

Understanding a Spread Bet in Sports Betting

Usually, people more people place bets on the same team if it is stronger than the other if the choice is just a pick to win. However, sports books view that as a problem because they use a portion of the money from losing bets to pay winners. That means that sports books experience significant losses if one team gets too many bets. explains such occurrences in depth, especially for novice bettors. Sports books are companies where bettors place sports bets. Sports books offer a spread bet to avoid such situations, or rather even things out. A spread bet is given where the margin of victory in a game is used to define the winner of the bets. The sports book offers a line for the game that proposes a minimum margin of winning for the favorite team. In this case, the favorite team is the one that more people believe will win. The minimum margin of winning for the favorite is known as the spread.

Spread betting aims at creating an active market for both sides of a bet on college football odds. Strong teams may be matched up against by weaker teams in a sporting event. If the favorite team wins by more than the minimum margin of win, they cover the spread, so people who bet on them win money. The other team is known as the underdog. Bettors who bet on the underdog can win their bet in two ways. One of the ways is if the underdog wins and the other way is if the underdog loses, but the margin of win is less than the spread. Understand that covering the spread is only necessary for the favorite team, not the underdog. Bets are usually canceled, and people get their money back in situations where the favorite team wins by just the spread amount. It is not a favorable situation for the sports book; hence, they always make the canceled bet impossible by giving a spread with a fraction. The fraction is known as the hook. A positive number shows that the team is a favorite while a negative number indicates an underdog team.

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