Clay Siegall and the Call to Battle

Cancer is a dangerous illness that effects millions of people worldwide each year. This crippling disease forces an inflicted individuals body to literally destroy itself from the inside out. With so many people suffering from this illness it is no surprise that many companies and organizations have been seeking a cure for it for a long period of time. One such individual to answer the call to battle is Clay Siegall; a medical doctor with a specialization in cancer research. Siegall, along with his highly trained staff of professional scientists, leads the call against cancer from their corporate offices in Seattle, Washington.

The name of the bastion of hope where these individuals perform their duties to humanity is Seattle Genetics. This company was founded by Siegall, who acts not only as its founder but also as its president and CEO. The company brings to the table a plethora of different medical miracles that can be used to fight cancer where it begins. This is done through the use of anti-body drugs, whose development has been passed throughout the world to various pharmaceutical companies in order to distribute them globally.

Companies such as Pfizer and Genetech are just a few of the companies that Siegall has made deals with. This is a testament, not only to Siegall’s dedication to eliminating cancer but also as a statement of the type of leader he is; strong and charismatic. The world is an ever changing place, and as it becomes more globalized through the internet and other means of communication there needs to be a combination of worldly powers that can finally put the evil of cancer to rest. Clay Siegall has already begun the call, and it is up to the rest of the civilized world to decide to follow suit and form an alliance to end this malady once and for all.

The OSI Group: Global Food Producers With A Local Touch

OSI is among the world’s premier global food providers for many of the leading international brands. OSI started in Chicago where the founding family opened its first meat market in 1909. Since then the company has prided itself on it unwavering dedication to the success of its customers. Today OSI continues to be the company many businesses trust to deliver cutting-edge food solutions that meet the most exacting standards for product development and processing. OSI consistently delivers value and quality while streamlining their processes to optimize costs.

The company has a worldwide presence yet is able to provide a local touch that translates into competitive advantages for companies marketing products in one or more countries. Their global partners with their community roots and experience in local markets provide firsthand knowledge of the needs of their consumers. This enables OSI to provide businesses with effective customized solutions. Drawing on their vast international network OSI allows their customers to leverage their global supply chain. This results in cost savings and greater financial flexibility.

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Although OSI has massive manufacturing facilities all around the world, they run their operations like they’re a small company and remain privately held. This allows customers to know with whom they’re working. This engenders trust and helps businesses to rest assured OSI will do what’s necessary to ensure their customers are completely satisfied. They always welcome their customers to explore the food solutions they offer and discover what the OSI Group can do to help them succeed.

Whether a company needs breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts, side dishes or entrées, OSI can provide it. The products they offer include:

  • Bacon
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Cooked Beef And Pork
  • Fish Products
  • Fresh, Frozen And Cooked Beef Patties
  • Fully Processed Chicken
  • Hot Dogs And Specialty Sausages
  • Kettle And Smoked Products
  • Pizza And Dough Based Products
  • Raw Chicken
  • Sandwich Assembly
  • Vegetable Products

OSI has the capabilities to meet all your business needs. They can work directly with any company to manufacture the custom products to meet exacting specifications. OSI can create manufacturing as well as supply chain solutions to address even the most complex challenges your company faces. Using their network of global manufacturing facilities combined with local expertise they can provide the wide array of products and capabilities any business needs. They offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Research And Development
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Custom Product Capabilities
  • Processing Specialties
  • Food Safety And Quality Assurance
  • Process Engineering

OSI, which currently has its international headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, began as a small company offering quality meats to local people and businesses. In 1955 it began supplying meat to Ray Kroc and his fledgling McDonald’s franchise. Today the OSI global network has over 60 facilities and 3 zone offices. They have a zone office that’s ready and able to assist any company whether it’s located in Europe, the Americas or the Asia/Pacific region. Their experts can help with research, production, engineering, marketing, sales, finance as well as local and international law.

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The Midas Legacy, a Firm of Success

The Midas Legacy is an organization located in Winter Garden, Florida. The purpose of the company is to help different people reach their goals in life. Entrepreneurs, investors and aspiring business people are some of the individuals that the company assists to have it better in life. Apart from the business-oriented strategies, they also help people in matters of happiness, health, how to manage wealth and also retiring successfully.

Through the Midas Legacy, entrepreneurs will be able to make good business choices and also manage their financial status properly, this will help them initiate more employment for other people. The company is exceptional in its own way, for instance, they work with so many people to improve the lives of aspiring businessmen. They easily associate with individuals who think beyond the basic aspects.

Discipline is an essential value when it comes to developing oneself in improves your approach to people, you learn to be more assertive and humble. The company assists individuals by teaching them different ways than one can make it in life. The Midas Legacy collaborates with different professionals who use their knowledge to inspire people. The clients are so much inspired after so much learning. The company is all rounded in improving people’s lives, from entrepreneurship to values of life.

They provide research services to their clients to help them organize their work plan to cases like investing, the company produces enough platforms that will lead developing investors to a good direction especially in managing wealth. The different types of experts that the company has, has contributed to the growth of the organization.

The Midas Legacy has made it easy for people to retire smoothly without any pressure. Clients are able to consult the research experts on matters like having a good retirement calculator plan and a good income. Those worried about reducing their taxes, the company has all the help with that. Therefore having good wealth management tactic can be achieved. The company offers capital to associates who prove to have an optimistic effect on the lives of people.

The aim of the organization is to help clients succeed in life by helping them from day one of their visit to the company. The clients are given a free book called The Midas Codes as soon as they become members. The professionals in the firm include Sean Bower, a chief editor, Mark Edwards, an expert in natural health and Jim Samson a publisher.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s work with Cancer Research

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics, Inc., a biotechnology company. Siegall who received his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and his Zoology degree from the University of Maryland co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Seattle Genetics is based on a strong passion to help others along with sound scientific research, and drug development practices.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is the driving force behind the success of Seattle Genetics. His leadership skills has helped his company take its position in the forefront developing antibody-drug conjugates(ADCs) and securing the FDAs approval of its ADC product ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin)in 2011. Seattle Genetics in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and ADCETRIS is now a global brand that has been approved in more than 60 countries.

Seattle Genetics has generated more than 325 million dollars entering into multiple strategic licenses with GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer Genentech (Roche), AbbVie, for its ADC technology. Seattle Genetics is in the forefront in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), a technology specifically designed to harness the targeting ability of monoclonal antibodies to deliver cell killing agents directly to cancer cells thus sparing non-targeted cells.

Prior to his accomplishments with Seattle Genetics, Clay B. Siegall was with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute from 1991 to 1997, and The National Institutes of Health from 1988 to 1991. Dr. Siegall is an author of over 70 publications, holds 15 patents and is a recipient of numerous awards. Dr. Siegall joined as a board member of Ultragenyx in 2014 and also serves on the Boards of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc., a publicly-traded biotechnology company, and Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., a privately-held biotechnology company.

Among the many awards that Dr. Clay B. Siegall has received, are the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences, and the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Seattle Genetics, co-founded by Dr. Clay B. Siegall continues to develop and commercialize innovative monoclonal antibody-based therapy for the treatment of cancer.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler with their ambitious business pursuits

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were the masterminds of Intelligent Beauty, a business that has generates more than $5million in revenue. The intelligent beauty store includes a skincare product and a cosmetic marketplace. The product has also been under JustFab; a subscription-based service meant for fashion and design. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have always been on the lookout for multiple opportunities in their field. They have engaged in other ventures such as the particularly tremendous Myspace. Most of the companies the two have been involved in have turned out to generate millions of dollars during their operation.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler went on to find TechStyle, currently known as JustFab. The two played a leading role in helping the company grow to become the leading brand it is today. They did this through passion and fun in what they do. Such passion is hard to find in people that take their work seriously.

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While the two business partners have worked for many years together, history has it that they tried other marketing platforms at a very early age. Adam founded his first company at a very young age of 15. He later sold the company after three years. He sold it to MySpace where it became its parent company. Adam found business highly profitable, forcing him to quit high school and engage in strategic planning at Intermix on Forbes. He acted as the vice president of the company at a very young age. It was with Intermix Media where Adam and Don met. Don, on the other hand, was a brand building specialist and entrepreneur who had created and sold a company known as Fitness Heaven. Don’s endeavors had seen him generate more than $1 billion through sales of the enterprise.

When Adam and Don met, they fast became friends and became quick to join forces to start and grow their companies. In 2006, they were the founders of an online beauty platform known as Intelligent Beauty. After establishing themselves as market leaders in the health and beauty industry, the two begun thinking of a new shopping experience that should be made available online. They wanted to create a social interaction online and have it done at the most affordable price. Their ambition saw them start the Tech Style Company.

Intelligent Beauty has proved to be a highly fruitful and profitable company. The company operates in personal care, fashion and beauty industry. It believes that the best way to grow a business in the marketplace today is to make use of technology through a disciplined approach. The company focuses on a brand building method to improve its services.


Don Ressler; the Outstanding Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a creative entrepreneur behind several successful start-ups. He is one of the founders behind the overly successful online fashion subscription service Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. Don’s first endeavor was a fitness service by the name He later sold the company to Matrix Media in 2001. Don and Adam Goldenberg, the then 19-year-old COO at Intermix Media teamed up to start Alena Media. This was an e-commerce and performance advertising platform that generated hundreds of millions for Intermix in revenue. After Intermix was purchased by News Corp, Don, and his partner left to explore better opportunities.

Don and his partner were focused on the field of online performance advertisement. They brainstormed with former talented and like-minded Alena Team members and came up with Intelligent Beauty. This was a company that dealt with several cosmetic and skin care products online. Don Ressler and his partner also launched a fitness program two years later. They brought on board Founder of Intermix Brett Brewer as the Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Allan Hirsch for product development. In 2008 Intelligent Beauty received 43 million dollars in funding from Technology Crossover Ventures.

Don and his partner then made some significant developments on Intelligent Beauty. In the year 2010, they launched JustFab. This was an online subscription service for fashion retailing on They sourced Funds worth 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners and got Fashion Icon Kimora Lee Simmons on Board as the President and Creative Director in 2011. This was an intelligent move for Ressler and his partner, by the end of that year, the membership at JustFab had hit a whopping 4 million.

Don and Adam were now running a firm with quite a high performance. This led them to seek to expand their fashion enterprise. They first acquired a kid’s fashion e-commerce service called FabKids in 2013. Later the same year they bought a European based e-commerce fashion service for shoes called FabShoes. This was a move that brought their firm to the European Market with its 500,000 members across France and Spain. This was a further addition to the 1.5 million members JustFab had in Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2014 the company got 85 million dollars in funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Inclusive of the existing investors in the company including Shinning Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners the company got around 250 million dollars in funding.

Don is an excellent and dedicated co-CEO at Intelligent Beauty and JustFab. He says he learned that finding the right partner to grow alongside with is essential in business development.

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New Sizes for JustFab

Goettl’s History & Services

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1939. They have been reputable and well known in heating and air conditioning services and installation throughout Phoenix, Arizona due to its superb services.

The founders of this business are the brothers, Adam and Gust Goettl. For several decades, they succeeded in emerging with the trending times throughout the years in the heating and air conditioning industry.

Goettl Air Conditioning provide services for the greater Tucson and greater Phoenix metropolitan areas. Their services areas for the greater Tucson area include Benson, Catalina, Green Valley, Vail, and Sahuarita. They have highly trained technicians and an experienced management team that provide excellence in technical expertise and customer service. They provide services for commercial and residential customers.

More Details Concerning Services for Phoenix and Tucson

With Phoenix and Tucson cooling services, Goettl provides a full range of cooling services for residences. They will do 24/7 emergency service, installation of heat pump and air conditioning, maintenance and replacement, repair, new installations, and design for new homes. The residential heating services include heat pump integration, electric and gas furnace installation, and radiant heating service and installation. They even offer tune-ups to ensure families’ comfort and safety so their thermostats would remain as they should. Other services they offer include the following: Air cleaning, humidification, installation of digital thermostat, air duct cleaning, and the integration and testing of UV germicidal lights.

When it comes to Goettl’s energy efficiency services of their air conditioning and heating systems, they offer regular maintenance. They also offer complete air conditioning maintenance for all types of AC unit brands. They also work with zone control systems in Tucson. These control systems separate the home’s air conditioning and heating systems into zones which mean the heating and cooling can be done in a particular zone.

White Shark Media Helps With The Barrier

It is common for marketers to find themselves hitting a barrier. This is often the place where people are not making the sales that they want to make and they can’t seem to figure out why. One form of that is the struggle to get the traffic needed to their site. Another form is that they are getting the traffic, but the conversion rate is low. Either way, it is a barrier. While people can figure their way through a barrier, they will find that it might be better for them to get the help of a company that knows how to bring in the sales.


One company is White Shark Media. This company is filled with professionals that know how to break through the barriers and give people the sales that they need so that they will be able to profit from their business. Among the things that White Shark Media does is look at the company and help the client find a way to attract customers. This could be easily done with AdWords campaigns. All that the advertiser has to do is come up with a few key phrases that will compel people to click on the link and visit the site to buy the product or service.


In the case that one already has an AdWord campaign going and it is not very successful, White Shark Media is willing and able to help people find the weak parts of the advertising campaign. Often times, White Shark Media may scrap the whole campaign and then come up with something better that better represents the company and the products that is being advertised. There are a few pointers they are willing to give when it comes to advertising. One of the most important things for advertisers to do is to keep it relevant and engaging.

The Unfortunate Departure of Stephen Murray the CEO of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was born in 1962 August 1962. Murray was the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital. This is a private equity company that deals in growth and buyout equity transactions. He marked off an economics degree from the Boston College before earning a business administration master’s degree from Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray’s Career Achievements
Murray started working as a member of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation credit analyst training program. He would later join the MH Equity Corporation that was an affiliate member of the Hanover Manufacturers’ private equity and finance unit group. He then became the head of JP Morgan Partners after working with Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanover. MH joined up with Chemical Venture Partners late on forcing Murray to establish CCMP Capital that was an extended partner of JP Morgan Chase. Murray served as a board member of the primary affiliate companies like Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners, and Aramark at JP Morgan Chase.

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Stephen Murray’s Philanthropic Efforts
Stephen Murray was a great philanthropist. He supported many charitable organizations across the United States. Murray supported the Stamford Museum, Boston College, the Columbia Business School, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He was also the vice chairman of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and a member of the Chairman’s Committee of the Boston College trustees’ board.

Stephen Murray Passes Away From Health-related Issues, at the Age of 52
Murray died in March of 2015 after serving his company for almost two decades. He left the company as a successful Chief Executive Officer of the New York-based CCMP Capital. He was responsible for his company’s increase to multi-billion worth. Murray had just been listed on the SEC executive filings and the CCMP’s latest ADV Form. Greg Brenneman was among other people recognized by the honors. He was the chairman of CCMP. Murray’s departure was health-related, and the CCMP spokesperson refused to make statements on who might take the vacant board seat by succeeding former CEO Murray. Greg Brenneman expressed his distress in the passing away of his former friend and partner. Brenneman expressed his sorrows through an e-mailed statement saying that Steve was a terrific deal maker and investor. Murray left his wife Tami and their four sons who currently reside in Stamford according to public records.


Liberal Political Donor George Soros Looks to Help Democrat Party

George Soros is one of the numerous liberal political donors who has spent millions of dollars funding campaigns for Democrats. Recently, Soros spent $25 million in order to aid the presidential campaign of Democrat party candidate Hillary Clinton. These contributions were made in an effort to secure the election of Clinton in this past year’s election. Unfortunately for Soros, Clinton and other political liberals, the donations did not help them achieve their goal of getting Hillary Clinton elected. Since Clinton was unable to win the presidency, Soros and other liberals have looked to push their agenda while contesting a number of President elect Donald Trump’s proposed policies. This will help the Democrats accomplish their objectives making America a progressive and just nation.

Over the course of this past year, George Soros donated lots of money in order to aid Hillary Clinton in winning the presidency. His donations have provided Clinton with plenty of resources to help her put together a very effective campaign for becoming the next president. It was intended that the funds would allow Clinton to provide an effective message to voters that she will lead the country in the right direction both domestically and internationally. While Soros’ multi million dollar contributions have helped a number of Democrat candidates win office in the past, things did not go as planned in the recent presidential election. As a result, Soros and other liberals have looked to reassess their views and overall strategy for the immediate future.

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With another election coming up in 2018, Soros will meet with and talk to Democrat leaders about how to challenge Donald Trump as well as look for ways to succeed at fulfilling their political agenda. Soros has met with a number of liberal leaders which include Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Progressive Caucus co chairman Keith Ellison and also House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Meeting with these individuals will allow them to collaborate in finding the best way to not only enforce their policies but also look for the best ways to get more voters. George Soros will be available to help provide liberal leaders with the financial resources they need in order to win back a majority of seats in the House and Senate.

After the recent election, Soros and a number of Democrat leaders have came to the conclusion that they must change their strategy in order to win future elections. One of the conclusions that liberals have come up with is that it will be important to get the working class vote. Since voters of this demographic proved to be the detrimental factor in this past presidential election, Democrats must cater to them. By appealing to working class voters, Democrats will be in better position to win the midterm elections of 2018 and the presidential election of 2020. The first step in this process has been to appoint anew head of the Democratic National Committee. This appointment will hopefully lead to a more favorable outcome for the party in future political races.