Defining Success with Josh Verne

Success comes in different forms. Success may be from hard and determination or even luck. Despite these two determining factors, there are other things that influence success and most are due to the choices that an individual makes. So which are these factors that make some people excel more than the other?


First, you need to find something you love and make a living out of it. This is called making a career out of your passion. This involves figuring the one thing that makes you wake up very early in the morning or even work late at night just to see it through. However, be careful as not every person with a passion has succeeded in life. Finding a passion will keep you motivated and will remove the boredom in your life. Second, to have a successful life, you must ensure that there is a balance in your life. For instance, if you have a family, ensure that they have something to eat. Also, to maintain yourself esteem and confidence to a higher level, ensure you remain healthy even though you are rich. By balance, I don’t mean being obsessed with some aspects of your life; I mean ensuring that there is some progress in almost all areas of your life.


Thirdly, there is a lot we can learn from listening instead of talking. Speaking less also earns you respect as there will be power in your words. To be successful in life, you, therefore, need to listen more and ensure you speak less. People have a lot of knowledge that you would gain from if you decided to listen. Also, ensure that you cater for the needs and emotions of other people. By this, I mean that always ensure that a win-win situation prevails. Give everyone a reason to smile, and this will most likely build your reputation as a person who takes other peoples’ desires into consideration. This will be a good starting point to grow your business.


These words are not my own but the words of serial entrepreneur Josh Verne. Josh Verne is well known for commercial and internet startups such as as well as He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


He founded in the year 2015 to cater for the needs of students. With this platform, students can share anything from exams, gossips, what trending and even sports. Prior to establishing these two companies he used work for a company in Philadelphia called Home Line Furniture where he helped increase sales and make millions in profit.


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