White Shark Media Pioneering Small Business Marketing

White Shark Media may not have a lot of history when compared to some of the other marketing companies around, but in the few short years they have been around they have made a big splash. Since 2011, White Shark set out with a philosophy in mind of how and who they want to do business with, and have been able to stick to that model while adapting in areas to improve customer service and efficiencies to help make White Shark a success.


One of the unique features of White Shark Media is that the company is an approved Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. This allows small and mid-size companies to use White Shark as the driving force behind those small company’s marketing campaigns, and trust that a company like White Shark will effectively drive those smaller companies to success. Business owners can then focus on making their business profitable and successful.


Apart from being an approved Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, White Shark Media sets themselves apart because of their customer service. The company themselves clarifies that they are not really in the marketing business, but in the service business, assisting customers and clients to help make them successful. Though customer service is key to their industry, the business model has also aided in White Shark becoming one of the fastest growing agencies for digital marketing in North America.


Some of the winning formulas that White Shark uses includes a broad and highly educated employee base with experience to help customers. White Shark uses their breadth of knowledge to help customers avoid pitfalls and this in turn helps the customers be successful early and often. White Shark also targeted North and South America through domestic an off shore marketing to find those small to mid-size companies in need of the assistance that White Shark is capable of providing.


As part of their Big Hairy Audacious long-term goals, White Shark is continuing to move the company in the right direction. Typically with a audacious plan such as that, a company is in for the long haul to effectively make the plan work. White Shark Media has proven their formula to be successful.

Brian Bonar Takes A Look At San Diego Foods

Brian Bonar has been quite active in the financial world for some time, and he is now creating beautiful foods in the San Diego area at his new restaurant Bellamy’s. This article shares how Brian has built a new type of restaurant to serve the area, how the restaurant came to be and what his plans for the future are. Foodies may make their way to San Diego knowing that Brian has their taste buds in mind.

#1: What Is Bellamy’s?

Bellamy’s is a bistro sitting in the middle of downtown Escondido, California, and it was built in an open space where the community needed another family joint. It took the name Bellamy’s because that is what fit in with the places around them. There are quite a few places in Escondido, and they all have names similar to this. Brian chose the name because he wanted to blend in, and he brought his own version of diner food to the area.

#2: San Diego Is For Foodies

There are quite a few different people who come to San Diego every year for the food. They wish to have the best food in America, and they are finding a lovely place to eat in Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s. He created a place to eat that has its own bar, and there are several other places that he takes inspiration from.

#3: What Is The European Fare He Offers?

He wants to offer bistro food to the people of the area, and he wants it to feel like a sleepy French cafe. He works on his business every day as he coordinates with the chef he hired, and he keeps people in the bar every night as they have found a new place to relax.

#4: What Is The Passion Behind Brian’s Food?

Brian has a passion for food that is difficult to quantify, and he wants to move on in his life to a place where he may bask in food every day. He understands that a beautiful plate of food makes people happy, and he understands the people of the area are interested in the best food they may find, and he builds his menu around what he believes is most wanted in the area.

The sunny weather of San Diego along with the lack of rain has made the city a great place for people to come when they want to get away from the world. According PR Newswire, They may come to see Brian Bonar, his chef and his lovely establishment. It is only one of many places to eat, but he is an innovator who wishes to make food for everyone who truly enjoys it. Foodies may come to San Diego in search of a new flavor.

Don Ressler’s TechStyle Lead the Way in the Industry

When people think of Fabletics, they think of Kate Hudson. When they think of JustFab, many people think of their President and Creative Director Kimora Lee Simmons. It is only natural then that many people do not associate Don Ressler with these two companies that are combined, along with several others, to form the recently renamed TechStyle Fashion Group.

In 2001, Ressler sold his year old website, Fitnessheaven.com, to Intermix. The company saw the money that his health and fitness website could bring them, since he had done one hundred million in capital and generated over one billion dollars in sales. Four years later Intermix was bought by News Corporation.

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As a result, Don Ressler set out to start another business, this time with Adam Goldenberg, a friend he made during his time at Intermix. Their first business still focused on health but incorporated beauty as well. IntelligentBeauty originally focused on skin care and cosmetics. Two years later the company created a weight loss supplement with Dr. Allan Hirsh called SENSA. Intermix’s founder was the chief executive officer for the product as well.

Having allowed someone else to become the CEO of their company allowed Ressler and Goldenberg the opportunity to think of the next big thing. A little bit apprehensive due to lack of knowledge of the fashion world, they set themselves into high gear. Adam Goldenebrg and Don Ressler worked alongside styling consultants and designers to build a company that tailors a selection of shoes, accessories and handbags to a person’s taste and sends them a product every month for $39.95. Their goal with JustFab is to help women stay excited and engaged, not just with the accessories but with their entire wardrobe, giving them the opportunity to receive style tips from leaders in the fashion world. This model worked well enough for the men that they expanded with Fabletics, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle.

In August of this year the company changed their name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Part of their change is the fact that they want to put their customers first, just as they always have. After some bad publicity, they overhauled their program and are resolving the issues customers are talking about. This makes everyone happy and will keep Ressler’s company a leader in the online fashion industry.

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Rick Shinto: InnovaCare Health’s Top Leadership

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, InnovaCare’s President, and CEO started his career as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Dr. Shinto holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of California. Later on, he enrolled at the New York University for a degree in Medicine. Dr. Shinto is credited for being a force of change within InnovaCare Health. He is instrumental in the success it enjoys today.

According to a recent PRNewswire, Dr. Shinto won the annual award of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in New Jersey. Ernst & Young award recognizes most successful entrepreneurs who demonstrate success and excellence in personal commitment, financial performance, and innovation. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award was presented at a special gala held in Hyatt New Brunswick on June 27th, 2012. Dr. Shinto expressed his honor for receiving such a prestigious award. While at Aveta, Dr. Shinto focused on providing quality services to members and partners; therefore, he feels grateful for being recognized for committing to excellence. As the new winner of New Jersey’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Dr. Shinto is now qualified for the national entrepreneurial awards.

Having worked as the Chief Medical Officer of NMM California, Dr. Shinto has over two decades of experience in healthcare and clinical operations. Before joining NAMM California, Richard Shinto served as the Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima Health Plan before his way up as the Vice President of MedPartners’ managed care. He is also an author of several medical and healthcare-related articles.

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Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope has recently rejoined InnovaCare as its Chief Administrative Officer. She has over 20 years of experience specializing in government health plans, Medicaid and Medicare. Throughout her career, Penelope has gained extensive knowledge in developing healthcare processes and clinical programs geared towards improving Medicare industry. InnovaCare Health announced the addition of three top executives in early 2016 to increase the organization’s professional integrity and expertise. The three top executives including Penelope Kokkinides brings an added layer of expertise that positions InnovaCare amid increased competition in the industry.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is Puerto Rican’s leading Medicaid and Medicare plans providing healthcare-related services throughout the nation. Currently, InnovaCare’s membership has increased to over 200,000 subscribers served by more than 7,500 service providers. Besides, InnovaCare partners with the government of Puerto Rico to operate two Medicaid plans that offer extensive health care coverage through a coordinated model. InnovaCare Health commits to developing sustainable care models that are innovative and affordable.

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EOS: The Next Generation of Chapstick?

For so long we’ve been searching for a chap stick to relieve us of painful, chapped lips. Sure we have other, more organic options than the leading brands, but at what price? Chap stick just isn’t enough of a priority to warrant paying more than a couple of dollars for a tube. Sure, we’d all like to be rich enough to not bat an eye about paying $70 for a lip balm such as Sisley Paris’ ‘Confort Extreme’ Lip Balm, but honestly, how many of us have that kind of money?

So in came EOS to save the day. Once celebrities started using EOS Lip Balm products, it quickly became the most popular lip balm since Baby Lips debuted. The wide array of flavors from Vanilla Bean to Strawberry Sorbet, from Blueberry Acai to the traditional Mint, people loved the unique, natural flavor of the EOS balms. The EOS company quickly became one of the largest companies to sell lip balm, second only to Burt’s Bees.

What is most intriguing is the process of creating the product. The co-founders of EOS Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller wanted a product that would compete at an affordable price, would be organic as well as pleasing to all five senses, and would be convenient for women who use lip balm everyday. They weren’t interested in becoming another fashion accessory, they truly wanted to created a product that people loved and would continue to love for as long as they could get their hands on it. They created the product and got to work on pitching it to drugstore owners. Their first difficulty was that since the EOS orbs had been created for women’s comfort and most drugstore owners were male, they had a hard time finding a buyer until they met with a female buyer at Walgreens. She loved the different aspects of the cute new lip balm and readily agreed to sell it at her store. After their name got out, large box stores such as Racked, Walmart and Target stocked EOS on their shelves.

When they started selling in bulk, Mehra and Teller had to find a way to produce at a competitive rate. They managed to created an almost fully automated production facility, which allowed them to produce at a rate that filled demands.

Even though they can call their business a success Mehra and Teller never stop innovating and are always working on something new to bring a bit more sunshine into the world of cosmetics. EOS products are also available online thru the evolutionofsmooth.com website or via https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth.


Persons Seeking Capital in a Down Economy are Provided with a Ready Solution in Making Use of Alternative Funding Solutions Provided by Equities First Holdings

Many individuals around the globe are seeking ways to raise Capital: however, many traditional funders have, inconveniently, more fully regulated attaining a start-up type of loan or any loan, in way of an investment or business activity. The consumer is perplexed–as to what to do. There is a viable financing alternative, available, to the consumer, possessing a good history as to credit, which he or she may have not considered.

Equities First Holdings is a ready resource, as it pertains to alternative forms of funding. The consumer that struggles, in attaining a conventional loan, through no fault of his or her own, at a traditional bank, finds a ready financing solution when turning to the trusted and reliable global based entity of Equities First Holdings.

The lender is able to offer the consumer a loan with a significant LTV ratio and a preferred fixed rate of interest. Such a financing alternative means, that an LTV ratio, considered risky, to the conventional lender, is offered at Equities First Holdings to the prosperous consumer, with no reservation–whatsoever.

This type of loan arrangement, as indicated above, provides the interested borrowing party, a nice fixed rate of interest. When the interest rate is fixed, the result is: the borrower may rest assured that his or her loan payment is constant. Too: the loan is structured, as such, that the borrower may walk away from his or her financing arrangement, at any time, without penalty. The reason being is that the loan is secured against shares on the open market exchange. This is certainly a great financing alternative. However, the next question which may come to the mind of the consumer is: Why is it, do persons who pay back their obligations, as to loans, are not more aware of this type of loan strategy?

The preceding loan arrangement is not considered, often, since, at one time, there was a considerable amount of media attention devoted to crooked lenders, who not only took care of the loan arrangement, but also took care of the borrower’s shares. Such persons would dump the shares in the market. In doing so, once the loan transaction met full maturity, the shares or collateral were absent–or unavailable. However, that said, such institutions did not have the trustworthy and reliable reputation, possessed, by organizations, such as Equities First Holdings.

The lending institution has locations in London, Singapore, and other prosperous world markets. It possesses years of experience as a leader in the field of financing alternatives, on behalf of its prosperous clientele. It provides the highest and most refined alternative lending services, within the markets it serves.

Naturally, the wise consumer, seeking funds or much needed Capital is welcomed to investigate the reputation and the services offered by the financial lending leader: Equities First Holdings–especially, in today’s current, shaky economy.

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/equities-first-holdings-relocates-melbourne-220955887.html  for more information.

Brian Bonar and the Professional Networking Community Award

Brian Boner is the CEO and Chair of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was named winner of Cambridge Who’s Who executive of the year in the year 2010. While this is a great award, it is crucial to know that only 2 men and 2 women are named top executives of the year. The committee that selects these men and women lays focus on leadership skills, academic accomplishments, and professional achievements. Brian won the award because he met all these requirements.

Brian’s Experience

Brian has more than 30 years experience in finance especially professional management. He has been CEO and chair at Dalrada Financial Corporation for more than 10 years. This experience makes it easy for him to oversee the running of his company. He is in charge of aftermarket goods as well as looking into employer/employee benefits at his company. DFC is a marketing liaison that offers many employee programs aimed at boosting business growth.

Under Brian’s leadership, the company has managed to assist many clients protect their assets and manage their finances. The corporation handles risk management insurance (worker’s compensation and business liability), financial management, employee benefits, promotional and business management services. Apart from chairing DFC, he has been CEO and chair at Trucept Incorporated (or former Star-Trek Solutions) since 2010.

More on Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a very famous investor within San Diego, CA. not only is he an investor, he is also a finance enthusiast who loves to share his skills and knowledge in this area with other people. He is an American Finance Association Member. He has multiple skills that have played a great role in the success of his career. Some of the areas he has specialized in include:

  • competitive assessments
  • sourcing
  • private equity
  • angel investing
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • business planning
  • small businesses
  • entrepreneurship
  • process improvement
  • restructuring
  • strategic partnerships
  • marketing techniques
  • due diligence
  • startup organizations

Brian got his bachelor’s degree at university of Strathclyde. This university is in Glasgow. He proceeded to do his masters degree and PhD in the UK in Stafford University. When he started off his career, he used to direct technology sales in August 1992-April 1994.

He was then promoted on many occasions in his career because of his determination and work ethics. In the month of April 1994, he became vice president at Dalrada’s marketing department. In September 1994, he became executive V.P. From the year 1995-1997, Brian was the director at DFC prior to becoming president and chief operating officer. In the year 1998, he became the CEO at DFC. In 1999, he became the board’s chairman.

Relmada Therapeutics announces motion to amend its Complaint against Laidlaw

Relmada Therapeutics announced that it was going to amend its lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company Ltd. Relmada is a company that develops various emerging therapies for the treatment of chronic pain.

The company has announced that it will amend a lawsuit that was filed in the Nevada district court. The amendment will include an additional legal claim. Relmada has added the claim that Laidlaw breached their confidentiality agreement when it disclosed confidential information that the law firm got access to when it was serving as the investment banker for Relmada.

Relmada has also sought compensation for financial damages incurred while responding to Laidlaw’s false and misleading publications that they produced at the end of 2015.

Relmada also noted that Laidlaw and its principals, James Ahern and Mathew Eitner, were issued with temporary restraining orders and associated injunctions against them because of their roles in providing and facilitating false and misleading information.

Relmada’s board has agreed that Laidlaw needs to compensate them for the damages incurred by the company as a result of their actions. The board also seeks to be prevented from further harm by Laidlaw’s actions in the future.

Laidlaw and Company is a well-known investment banker with over 170 years’ experience. The firm has offices in USA and Europe. It employs more than 150 people. Despite its long experience, the company faces numerous allegations of mismanagement and implementation of poor policies by its management and companies it has worked with. The firm has also been accused of maintaining a poor organizational culture and implementing poor policies of dealing with clients.

Relmada’s management wrote a letter to their shareholders informing them of the fiasco and thanked them for their continued support. The leaders also assured the shareholders that their efforts were aimed at securing the future for the company.

Thor Halvorssen’s and his Passion for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen, or Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, is a Venezuelan human rights advocate born in 1976. He advocates for civil rights, human rights, public interest, and democracy. He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum where activists of human rights come together annually. According to the Economist, the forum is a good event that is almost similar to forums like Davos Gathering, but whose agenda is human rights. Thor is the president at Human Rights Foundation, an organization that fights for people’s freedom and right. He also serves as patron in a kid’s peace movement called On Own Feet based in Czech Republic. Thor also started the Moving Picture Institute.

Thor’s Background

Thor’s father was the ambassador for the anti-narcotic campaign of the government. He was also a special investigator in Venezuela’s senate commission. Thor is a History and Political Science graduate as well as post-graduate from Pennsylvania University.

His Parents’ Struggles

While Thor was studying at the university, his father arrested for claims of money laundering as well as fraud. For this, his father was imprisoned for 3 months where he was tortured and beaten to near-death. Another crime they charged him with was terrorism. Thor feared for his father’s safety in prison. Thus, he began a campaign so that he would be freed. With the help of Amnesty International, Thor’s father was released from prison because he was proven innocent. After his release, the International Society for Human Rights‘ Pan-American Committee made him director at the firm.

The fight for human rights and politics run deep in Thor’s family. His mother was once shot while attending a peaceful protest. Most of the protestors were shot by police in Venezuela whenever they went to demonstrate and sustained injuries. The acts that the police engaged in was caught on camera and aired on TV. This led to the capturing of the shooters. At first, the shooters were tried but had their sentences revoked later on. Later, the shooters were retried. Each of them was given a 3-year jail sentence.


Thor got the Sol Feinston Award at his former university for the good work he has been doing as a human rights activist. In 2010, Thor was given a Silver Medal from Romanian president as appreciation to him for the devotion he has shown in fighting for human rights. He not only fights for human rights in his country but in other nations as well.

@Facebook: https://facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides’ Great Work at InnovaCare

Managed health care programs is one of the best things that ever happened to the American people. InnovaCare has been stewarding the provision of managed healthcare services in Texas. To make it even better for their patients, they have joined an initiative by the Health and Human Services to reform their services. The move shows that the company is interested in providing affordable yet quality services.

Were it not for the leadership team at InnovaCare, most likely, this provider would still be lagging behind. The most notable leaders in the company are Rick Shinto, the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare and Penelope Kokkinides who is currently the Chief Administrative Officer. Both individuals have been very instrumental in the growth of InnovaCare Health. Their extensive knowledge and experience in various fields within the medical industry has seen them grow InnovaCare to new heights of excellence on a year- to- year basis.

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About Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto, InnovaCare’s CEO, attained his bachelor’s degree at the University of California. He was then admitted to the State University of New York, School of Medicine. Shinto then progressed to get his Master’s degree at the University of Redlands.

His career began at Southern California, where he worked as a pulmonologist. In the year 2008, he was hired at the Aveta Inc. He worked for 4 years before moving to InnovaCare Health. He was hired as the Chief Executive Officer, a role that he has held till now. Recently, he added three leaders to the executive board of the company, Penelope Kokkinides being one of the most notable additions.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare in the year 2015, as the Chief Operating Officer. Her outstanding job at the company saw her get a raise to the rank of Chief Administrative Officer.

Kokkinides attended Birmingham University where she had her bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological studies. She then furthered her education at the University of New York University, graduating with a Master’s degree in Social work and a Masters’ degree in Public Health from the Columbia University, School of Public Health. She then undertook a post-master program advanced degree in Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Prior to joining InnovaCare, Kokkinides worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare. In total, she has over 2 decades of experience in the clinical medicine industry.

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