Don Ressler’s TechStyle Lead the Way in the Industry

When people think of Fabletics, they think of Kate Hudson. When they think of JustFab, many people think of their President and Creative Director Kimora Lee Simmons. It is only natural then that many people do not associate Don Ressler with these two companies that are combined, along with several others, to form the recently renamed TechStyle Fashion Group.

In 2001, Ressler sold his year old website,, to Intermix. The company saw the money that his health and fitness website could bring them, since he had done one hundred million in capital and generated over one billion dollars in sales. Four years later Intermix was bought by News Corporation.

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As a result, Don Ressler set out to start another business, this time with Adam Goldenberg, a friend he made during his time at Intermix. Their first business still focused on health but incorporated beauty as well. IntelligentBeauty originally focused on skin care and cosmetics. Two years later the company created a weight loss supplement with Dr. Allan Hirsh called SENSA. Intermix’s founder was the chief executive officer for the product as well.

Having allowed someone else to become the CEO of their company allowed Ressler and Goldenberg the opportunity to think of the next big thing. A little bit apprehensive due to lack of knowledge of the fashion world, they set themselves into high gear. Adam Goldenebrg and Don Ressler worked alongside styling consultants and designers to build a company that tailors a selection of shoes, accessories and handbags to a person’s taste and sends them a product every month for $39.95. Their goal with JustFab is to help women stay excited and engaged, not just with the accessories but with their entire wardrobe, giving them the opportunity to receive style tips from leaders in the fashion world. This model worked well enough for the men that they expanded with Fabletics, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle.

In August of this year the company changed their name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Part of their change is the fact that they want to put their customers first, just as they always have. After some bad publicity, they overhauled their program and are resolving the issues customers are talking about. This makes everyone happy and will keep Ressler’s company a leader in the online fashion industry.

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