Positive Fabletics Reviews

Going onto Trustpilot.com I automatically run into several positive reviews on Fabletics. The first review is about an amazing coat that they “love, love, love”. It is a Moscow coat that looks great with anything from jeans to leggings, to even dresses. They love the versatility of the coat. They can wrap it around them like a blanket or add a belt to make it more form fitting. They explain that the workmanship is high quality, which they expected from Fabletics products. Along with this woman’s review of the Moscow coat, Fabletics replied quickly to thank them for such an amazing review and tell her how happy they are that she loves it.

As I scrolled down a few more reviews I ran into a five-star review. It is apparent that this person is a repeat customer because they go on to explain that they are never disappointed. They also go on to explain that their order arrived in a reasonable amount of time. She also explains that the quality of the product is amazing. Fabletics also replied to this person to explain how happy they are that they enjoy their orders from Fabletics and they love hearing from members like her.

One woman explained that there was a disappointing return of one of her orders that she wrote a review about. Within minutes she was contacted by their customer service to help resolve the issue. So, in the end, this woman had an amazing interaction with their customer service and plans on continuing to order from them. It is very rare that a company can have customer service that replies to that degree to resolve an issue that a customer is experiencing. They saved themselves from losing a customer because they have amazing customer service skills.

Fabletics is a sportswear company that focuses on being all inclusive and fashionable. They are co-owned by Kate Hudson and getting bigger by the year. They started in 2013 and only catered towards women’s activewear. Since then they have expanded into men’s wear and more leisure wear for women as well. They started as a subscription online business and have expanded to opening physical stores as of 2016. They plan on opening another 75-100 stores within the next few years to help reach a broader range of customers.

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