Schwarzenegger Contributes to Mobile Video Game Branding

Branding and mobile video games are terms that mean little to customers and players. For those interested in producing mobile games that are massive successes in the market, branding means a lot. Marketing, promotions, and branding all play major roles in drawing in desired customers. This is why the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger in advertisements for Game of War and Mobile Strike is intriguing.


Schwarzenegger does not exactly have a strong following with the younger persons who are gaming fans. The recent Terminator sequel failed horribly at the box office. Schwarzenegger’s fans are older people who remember his 1980’s and 1990’s heyday. Maybe this makes Schwarzenegger a brilliant presence in the games. Whoever said the only people who play video and mobile games are young people? Perhaps the arrival of Schwarzenegger in advertising campaigns means the game developers are trying to target older persons.


People in their 40’s and 50’s today were fans of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and classic video games. In 1982, when Schwarzenegger was tearing up the box office with Conan the Barbarian, Atari and ColecoVision were generating massive sales at retail stores. Those adults who were kids back in 1982 could end up being adult consumers of Schwarzenegger-branded games.


The Schwarzenegger games are free to play so drawing in adults is going to be even easier. An older would-be gamer who has a lot of time to spar on the way to work might be extremely open to playing a mobile game. This may be doubly true when their old here, Schwarzenegger, is part of the promotional campaign to draw in those players.


Schwarzenegger also maintains a very popular position in the nation. As a movie and television star, a former bodybuilding legend, and a former governor of California, “The Oak” is an inspiring figure. His presence in commercials and ad campaigns can inspire a positive branding experience for the company sponsoring the endeavors.


Branding is enormously important for gaming as the Schwarzenegger campaign reveals. Hopefully, the campaign will exceed expectations and lead to future endeavors with “The Oak”.




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