The latest Developments in Cancer Management Research led by Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is amongst the leading development company for cancer management drugs. The company has made huge strides in cancer research and innovation by developing such cancer management drugs like Adcetrics and 33A.

Adcetrics drug is undergoing its third phase of clinical trials. The trials have proved that the drug is significantly crucial in the management of lymphoma. The studies are taking place in different research stations where more than 70 clinical trials are underway.

The company’s president and CEO, Clay Siegall, confirmed that they were in a competing spree to attain the best cancer management solutions. The company’s approach to all medical conditions utilizes scientific innovation, rigorous research, and drug development practices. This stems from the firm’s founders’ primary passion of filling the gap that had been left out by other drug development companies.

Besides Acdetris, other 12 cancer drugs have been developed. Seattle Genetics is planning to release a drug branded 33A into the third phase of clinical trials. 33A is designed to fight against acute myeloid leukemia. In addition to the two drugs, the company’s research experts are working to develop other drugs that would be used to manage breast cancer and bladder cancer.

In 2015, Clay Siegall made massive sales of about $226 million in US and Canada. Given the proven importance of Adcetrics in the management of lymphoma, the company is positive that the sales would increase to about $275 million.

To increase their sales, Seattle Genetics partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to sell the drug outside Canada and US. Moreover, the company is seeking to employ other 120 employees to add up to the already existing team of 800 employees to help streamline its service delivery.

On the 11th PEGS Boston Summit held on May at the Sea Port World Trade Center, Clay Siegall confirmed that Adcetrics had been used in the management of more than 15,000 lymphoma cases. Seattle Genetics has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to add up to their efforts in developing Antibody Drug Conjugates.

The company is currently growing close to 20 Antibody Drug Conjugates to help in addressing the unmet need for cancer therapies through the company’s proprietary and affiliation programs.

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