Todd Lubar Mortgage Expert Turned Entrepreneur

TDL Global Ventures, LLC founder and president Todd Lubar has been providing creative mortgage solutions for investors for more than twenty years. Soon after graduating from Syracuse in 1995 Lubar became a loan origination officer at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was while working at Crestar that he realized that this would be his life’s work. He made it his business to learn every aspect of mortgage banking. He also established business relationships with real estate agents and other professionals that would be useful throughout his career.

By 1999 Todd was ready to strike out on his own. An equity position with Legacy Financial Group gave him the opportunity to offer mortgage services to a larger market and act as a direct lender. Then in 2002 Lubar took on a new entrepreneurial challenge when he founded Legendary Properties, LLC. Through Legendary Properties he bought, rehabilitated and sold both single family and multi-family homes. Lubar successfully flipped more the 200 properties and established an impressive 20-million-dollar line of credit.

Always a savvy businessman Todd Lubar began to diversify his business holdings during the economic downturn that occurred during 2007 and 2008. During this time, he opened a popular Maryland nightclub. Lubar was instrumental in securing several large contracts for a successful demolition company. He also acquired an interest in a large recycling business and helped it become a publicly traded company. He later spent time as the sales director at a debt relief company.

Although Mr. Lubar has been involved in various businesses, his primary focus has always been mortgage banking. Todd Lubar currently lives in the Bethesda, Maryland. The busy divorced father of two loves to travel and spend as much time as with his son and daughter.

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