Capital Group: Leading A Legacy

Capital Group enjoys the privileged position of being ranked among the oldest and largest investment management organizations in the world.

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1931, today Capital Group has offices in Asia, Australia, and Europe, and handles much of our country’s financial investment matters.

It only makes sense that the future of such a company would be placed only the most capable hands, the hands of Timothy Armour.

Timothy D. Armour has served at the Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Group Research and Management Company, also the Equity Portfolio Manager, and now, as of July 2015, Chairman of Capital Group, following the death of former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg.

Mr. Armour is a seasoned, well established professional at Capital Group, with thirty three years of investment experience in the organization alone.

After graduating with a bachelor degree in economics from Middlebury College, a private liberal arts college in Middlebury, Vermont; Mr. Armour began his career at Capital Group as a participant in the Associates Program.

Evidently proving himself, Mr. Armour then held the position of Equity Investment Analyst, where he covered global telecommunications, and U.S. service companies.

He never stopped growing within the company, learning invaluable insights, and proving his competence in the world of investment management.

Though Capital Group and Mr. Armour feel the loss of former leader, Mr. Rothenberg, the company is confident in their choice of successor.

Mr. Armour addressed his predecessor’s passing in a quote to PRNewswire saying; “All of us here at Capital deeply mourn the loss of our friend and colleague, Jim. He was a purposeful leader, who possessed a talent for taking decisive action in the best long-term interests of our clients, investors and associates.”

Mr. Armour, with other key members of the Capital Group team, strive to continue working diligently towards setting, communicating, and implementing Capital Group’s overall business strategies, and oversee all operations as usual.

Capital Group gives the credit of it’s success, not to the individual, but to the collective talents of their associates who support the organization’s mission to deliver superior, long-term investment results to all of their clients and investors.

Timothy Armour is honored to be at the helm of such a legacy of excellence, and promises to do his utmost to work in the best interest of all of their many investors, and see Capital Group enjoy many more years at the top.

What Makes the Sunny Plumber Stand out from the Rest?

Plumbing problems in homes or business places can never be ignored because they affect our daily living. Having a blocked drain or sewer can be frustrating, and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. The option that comes to the homeowner’s mind is to call a plumber who can help with the problem. If you are experiencing plumbing issues, call The Sunny Plumbers because they are one of the best service providers in the market. These experts are based in Tucson, and have been offering professional services for many years. Some of the services they offer include: leak detection, drain washing, sewer line repair, water heater repair and water treatment among others. So, what makes The Sunny Plumbers exceptional?
Competent and Trustworthy Employees

Trusting strangers with your property can be challenging, especially if you won’t be in the house when the repairs are done. Trust should never be a concern when you employ The Sunny Plumber. The company has a team of professional plumbers who are skilled to handle all your plumbing needs. Before any person is employed to work here, they have to be screened for drugs. A background check is also done to determine the track record of every employee.

Round the Clock Services

The Sunny team is always equipped and ready to respond to any need that the customers may have. Services are provided 24 hours in a day, and on a daily basis including the weekends. If you have a leaking or blocked sewer, these are the best people to consult because they are prompt.

Affordable and Satisfaction-Guaranteed Services

The company provides some of the most affordable prices for different plumbing needs. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because Sunny plumbers take their time to listen to the client. You can request for a free quote by calling their customer care service.

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall the Shoppers Paradise

Roberto Santiago is the entrepreneur who developed Manaira Shopping, which is the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. It took two years to the completion of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall, and when it was launched, it changed the whole shopping experience for the residents of Joao Pessoa. The mall is a shopper’s paradise on having combined all the amenities that make shopping a whole lot of fun.

The mall has some of the most exclusive and classic bars, lounges, restaurants, and the fitness center. The mall has the best stores that deal with a variety of products that customers are visiting the mall need. There are fashion stores that sell the latest fashion clothes for men, women, and kids. Some shops retail high-quality perfumes on at cost friendly prices and jewels that are very authentic.

For a shopper who has always imagined of having a beautiful piece of furniture in his or her house, the furniture store at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has furniture that is hard to find in other stores. The shopping mall has not left out home developers; the hardware stores have the latest accessories to make your home the paradise you ever dreamt of. For the people who have a passion for sports, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has stores that sell comfortable sportswear.

Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall has a well-developed website that has listed all the shopping opportunities offered, and it is very prudent to visit the website to have the clear guide of what your trip will be like. At the Roberto Santiago Maniara shopping, there is a movie theater that is known as Cinepolis. At Cinepolis, you can watch a movie released an hour ago. The movie theater has an exquisite interior finishing with comfortable seats that make the time spent there unforgettable. Cinepolis has invested in the most recent screens that make watching a movie look so real.

At Roberto Santiago Maniara shopping, the restaurants have the best foods on offer. For a shopper who loves fast foods, they are served in sanitary conditions that make consumers yearn for more. At the Maniara shopping steak house, customers enjoy the excellently grilled meat. The bar also stocks the most exotic liquors and wines as old as twenty years old. The bar is relaxing, and whether visiting on a weekday or a weekend, the bar is comfy, and no one regrets attending.

White Shark Media And Marketing

A large part of business is marketing. While there is some aspect of the business that goes into providing content on the web page, it is not going to bring that many customers without the right marketing campaign. A lot of businesses go without being noticed because of the lack of a marketing plan. However, marketing is something a lot of business owners don’t have time for. For starters, it requires a lot of planning and creativity in order to come up with a campaign that not only shows a lot of positive aspects of the products, but represents the image of the company.


White Shark Media is really good about helping people deal with the aspect of business that they don’t have time to deal with. One thing White Shark Media helps with is AdWords advertising. This is where a lot of the fun comes in. When people see the AdWords ads put together by White Shark Media, they are going to be more interested in the company being advertised. Not only will they visit the company, but they will also be more likely to buy the products or pay for the services being offered. This is one advantage that people get to enjoy.


White Shark Media is also willing to help people with their own advertising. When people present something to the company, they will look at the advertising in order to see what the strengths are and also look for areas that could be improved upon. In some cases, White Shark Media runs promotions in which they offer free evaluations on the ads that are created by their clients. This definitely helps them come up with the most effective ads. Therefore, White Shark Media gets to experience some of the success they help their clients achieve.


White Shark Media is also growing and changing with the market. For one thing, they are willing to listen to people outside of the company because they are the ones that decide whether or not to but the services from them. After all, it is a good thing to show some kind of humility and respect towards others.


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ClassDojo Is Similar To Slack In Classroom Use

ClassDojo is an app that’s become a new social media fad for elementary level classrooms. The app didn’t entirely start out as a social media tool, but it’s evolved into something similar to Facebook for teachers and parents, while having a key feature similar to Slack, a coworker social media app. This is the ability for teachers, students and parents to download the app from Amazon and use it free of charge or needing administrators to signup for the service for their schools. ClassDojo is designed to help teachers encourage good behavior and participation in class activities, and let them notify parents throughout the day on how their child’s day is going.


Two British graduate students, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don felt there wasn’t enough support in the app world for education and school environments, so they came up with an app themselves after discussing with teachers how they felt it could help them. Chaudhary and Don started out with creating points for positive behavior, but saw the potential to do much more. So they partnered with a learning center at Stanford University to create student growth videos, an animated series that teachers can use to encourage students to learn subjects they have trouble with.


ClassDojo has also sought to do away with parent and teacher meetings every year. Because of busy schedules and many other things on their plate, parents don’t often see the full progress their child has made until they have their once-a-semester meeting with the teacher. But ClassDojo gives parents a glimpse into classroom learning and activities and teachers can let them know right away what areas the student is doing well in or struggling with. Teachers can even send reminders to students and parents about upcoming class activities in the evenings or over the weekend.


ClassDojo to this day has received over $30 million in venture capital funding after its latest round of $21 million was received this last year. It’s saved money because it’s not used any for advertising costs and has been marketed simply through people spreading the word. Chaudhary and Don have addressed concerns about user privacy through implementing secure layers and features to the app and keeping all user data confidential. The app has been free to download and will continue to remain so, but there are plans being made for extra features that could include curricula and more learning videos that are in the works for monetization of ClassDojo.


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New Ad For “Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” Has Many Fans Talking

A brand new ad for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was released at the Video Game Awards, and it has a lot of fans talking. After watching this ad, many gamers believe this new game will allow Link to time travel and call on kinsmen within the game to fight by his side.


The scene gamers focus on to make the time travel claim is an encounter between Link and an enemy that looks somewhat like a bird. Gamers point out that the Master Sword Link is wielding looks brand new, which directly contrasts a similar scene shown in E3’s 2016 “Breath of the Wild” trailer. In the E3 ad the sword looks more worn than in this latest version.


Another aspect of these two ads fans point out is that in the E3 ad Link had a Sheikah slate, but in the new ad he has no Sheikah slate. This would indicate that time travel was used; at least that’s what a few fans conjecture.


If time travel were to be used in the new Zelda title, it wouldn’t be a first for the series. Time travel was featured prominently in “Majora’s Mask,” and it was also a part of the classic “Ocarina of Time” game.


This new ad also has some people wondering if non-playable characters (NPCs) will be a part of the new Zelda adventure. Viewers can easily see a few NPCs helping Link ward off Bokoblins in the latest ad.


In addition to all these theories, a strange female was partially shown in this new ad. All that could be seen for certain was that this female character was holding a Sheikah slate in front of Link. Many people believe this female must be either Princess Zelda or someone related to the royalty, since Link was kneeling before her.


Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny any of these rumors. Gamers will simply have to wait till they get the game in their hands next year.


Speaking of an official release date, Nintendo has not been specific about when this game will be released for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Amazon currently lists the Wii U version of the game for $50.99 and puts the official release date on March 31st of next year. However, some people think that that date is just a placeholder and believe Nintendo will release the game earlier in 2017.



Theories On “The Last Of Us II” Spread All Over The Internet

The biggest surprise at the Playstation Experience 2016 show this year was the reveal of the first official “The Last of Us Part II” ad. Ever since this ad has been released to the general public, there have been thousands of theories sprouting up all over the Internet on what it means. The ad currently has around 3.5 million views on YouTube.


In this brand new ad, a much older Ellie is seen in a house with a bunch of dead bodies around her. She picks up a guitar and starts singing the song “Through the Valley” by Shawn James. Joel slowly enters the house and then asks Ellie is she is going to go through with her “plans.” After a long pause, Ellie says she is determined to “find and kill every single one of them.”


One theory gaining a great deal of traction online now is that Joel has actually been killed by the Fireflies and is only a figment in Ellie’s mind. The “them” Ellie referred to might be the Firefly organization. This would explain why the Firefly symbol was seen at the start of the ad on a stop sign, and also why all the dead bodies around Ellie don’t appear to be infected.


As many gamers are already aware, Ellie is immune from the zombie infestation that ravages the USA in this post-apocalyptic game. “The Last of Us” was all about trying to bring Ellie to the Firefly’s medical headquarters in order to find a vaccine. Unfortunately, the Fireflies would have to kill Ellie to get the vaccine from her. When Joel discovered this, he went on a rampage to save Ellie’s life. At the end of the first game, Joel lied to Ellie by telling her the Fireflies didn’t need her for the vaccine.


Some darker theories on this ad posit that Ellie actually killed Joel and is only imagining him in order to justify her rage. Some other theories suggest that Ellie might not be immune to the zombies anymore, and that the big gash on her neck is a new bite that’s now taking hold of her brain.


Certainly, the use of a song riffing on the 23rd Psalm signals that themes of religion will be more prominent in this new title. Also, if gamers will experience “The Last of Us Part II” from the perspective of Ellie, this might make her a classic unreliable narrator.


Of course, these are all speculations for right now. Gamers will just have to wait for Naughty Dog to release more ads and information to get a better sense of the plot line and release date for “The Last of Us Part II.”



Omar Boraie, developer extraordinaire

Through four decades of his life, people thought he was crazy. City planners and politicians thought so. His peers thought so. But he persisted in his vision for New Brunswick, New Jersey, and today his company Boraie Development LLC has been instrumental in the New Brunswick rebirth.

A native of Egypt, a chemistry scholar, Omar Boraie came to Rutgers University–New Brunswick to pursue a doctorate degree. In the process, he bought a house and fell in love with real estate development – and the New Brunswick of the 1970’s. Once a thriving commercial hub, New Brunswick had fallen into decay, abandoned by developers who lacked the foresight and passion that Omar had. Where others saw craziness, Omar saw possibilities and hope. To all his detractors and skeptics, he simply shrugged and said: “It will work.”

Omar faced what seemed insurmountable challenges; Twenty-one vacant and dilapidated buildings on just one New Brunswick downtown block. So he bought all those buildings and in their place built Albany Street Plaza Tower One, followed by Tower Two completed in 2003. They are office buildings, bringing much-needed office space, 250,000 square feet, spurring more growth within the city. But for the city to continue its prosperity it needed residential units. Omar saw the demand and went ahead. A crazy idea, many thought again. Can you really do a profitable New York City-style condominium in downtown New Brunswick?

Today, One Spring Street Condominium’s 121 residences, retail and office space, rise twenty-five stories high, tallest building in New Brunswick.

Omar’s love for his New Brunswick community extends to other endeavors too: Member of both the Board of Trustees for the State Theater and the advisory board for the nonprofit Elijah’s Promise. His contribution was instrumental in renovating the State Theater into a modern Opera, Broadway show, Classical and family events venue. For over 18 years, Elijah’s Promise has been a mainstay for low-income members of the Central New Jersey community who suffer from hunger and seek justice.

It doesn’t matter Omar is 75-years old, his vision and projects for a better New Brunswick persist today.

The Difficulty Level of Disney Games

The Disney channel is one of the top companies when it comes to entertaining children. It should be no surprise to see this company rise to the top in the gaming industry as well.


There are “Just Dance” video games that have Disney songs. There are also video games like “Star Wars” and “The Tron Evolution.” In a recent discussion on Buzzfeed there were fans of the “Lion King” video game that was released years ago for Sega Genesis. This game, unlike many of the other games created for children, was considered difficult.


Many people have added their opinion about how the game was so difficult to get through. As they moved from one level to the next it became difficult to get to the next level. There is something that has been revamped for lots of the newer games that exist right now. In fact, a large number of the games have multiple modes that people can play. There are easy and expert levels in many of the games that exist today. That has made it much easier for people to play according to their skill level.


The old Lion King game is something that a lot of kids wanted for Christmas, but it was a frustrating game to beat. Most kids that requested this game were unable to get through the multiple levels that were on the game. Much of that may have had to do with the fact that there were limitations on the amount of technology that kids had access to. Videos was about the extent of their technology. In this day and time there are tons of kids that have smartphones and all types of technical devices. Kids are so much more accustomed to technology and playing games on their phones. They are a lot more advanced. A game that seemed really difficult some years ago may prove to be much easier now that there are some people that are playing games that are lot more technical. Most people that have played the “Lion King” game as a child as probably waiting for new and improved version of this game. Disney has moved on to other things, but there are still people that long for classic games of their youth.


Successful Litigation with Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck PA LitigatorLitigation is also known as dispute resolution. It involves any assistance given to people who have disputes in business transactions. Companies or individuals may have differences in terms of mergers and acquisitions, banking transactions, competition, restructuring problems or contractual matters. In such a case, a litigator will come in to represent a plaintiff or defendant in civil cases. The litigator will help the client in the process of investigations, pleadings and discovery. The legal expert is also instrumental in pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. The education level of a litigator includes a Bachelor degree, a Test to the Law School Admission, a Juris Doctor (J.D), passing the Bar Exam and being experienced.

Litigation Process

The litigation process goes through different phases which include preliminary case assessment and development where the two parties can meet and the litigators can develop a theory for the case. The second one is pleadings where the defendant is served with summons and complaints. The third stage is discovery which means exchanging evidence. In the fourth stage there is summary judgement and finally a trial can be the next step if it is necessary.

Karl Heideck Legal Solutions

Karl Heideck is presently a legal heavy weight based in Philadelphia working as a Hire Counsel at Grant & Eisenhofer. He specializes in litigation, risk management and compliance. Over the years he has specialized in reviewing discovery materials which are being used for complex securities fraud or litigation in the banking industry. Karl Heideck also deals with risk management, banking crisis and acquisitions. He participates in settlement negotiations to give clients with the needed legal support in order to settle disputes.

In 2010, Karl Heideck worked as a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP reviewing the materials to be used for fact investigation, trial and discovery. He was dealing with issues on white collar defense, bankruptcy restructuring and pharmaceutical litigation. In 2010 he was also an Associate working at Conrad O’Brien representing companies and individuals in commercial litigation. Karl Heideck has skills in litigation, corporate law, legal research, legal writing, commercial litigation and employment law. Karl Heideck is also excellent in product liability, teaching, courts and civil litigation. He attended Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law.

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