ClassDojo Is Similar To Slack In Classroom Use

ClassDojo is an app that’s become a new social media fad for elementary level classrooms. The app didn’t entirely start out as a social media tool, but it’s evolved into something similar to Facebook for teachers and parents, while having a key feature similar to Slack, a coworker social media app. This is the ability for teachers, students and parents to download the app from Amazon and use it free of charge or needing administrators to signup for the service for their schools. ClassDojo is designed to help teachers encourage good behavior and participation in class activities, and let them notify parents throughout the day on how their child’s day is going.


Two British graduate students, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don felt there wasn’t enough support in the app world for education and school environments, so they came up with an app themselves after discussing with teachers how they felt it could help them. Chaudhary and Don started out with creating points for positive behavior, but saw the potential to do much more. So they partnered with a learning center at Stanford University to create student growth videos, an animated series that teachers can use to encourage students to learn subjects they have trouble with.


ClassDojo has also sought to do away with parent and teacher meetings every year. Because of busy schedules and many other things on their plate, parents don’t often see the full progress their child has made until they have their once-a-semester meeting with the teacher. But ClassDojo gives parents a glimpse into classroom learning and activities and teachers can let them know right away what areas the student is doing well in or struggling with. Teachers can even send reminders to students and parents about upcoming class activities in the evenings or over the weekend.


ClassDojo to this day has received over $30 million in venture capital funding after its latest round of $21 million was received this last year. It’s saved money because it’s not used any for advertising costs and has been marketed simply through people spreading the word. Chaudhary and Don have addressed concerns about user privacy through implementing secure layers and features to the app and keeping all user data confidential. The app has been free to download and will continue to remain so, but there are plans being made for extra features that could include curricula and more learning videos that are in the works for monetization of ClassDojo.


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