Jeffry Schneider, an Invest Firm Expert in Austin-Texas

Jeffry Schneider is an Austin-based financial service and alternative investment expert. He is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, an alternative investment boutique in Texas. Mr. Schneider is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he studied a Bachelor of Science degree. He developed his knowledge in financial services and alternative investments while working with some of the prestigious firms in the country such as Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown & Sons.

Career Background

Jeffry Schneider holds over 24 years of experience in the public and pension funds as well as in the global financial services firms. His in-depth knowledge and expertise saw him hold an executive position at Axiom Capital Management. He helped develop a good relationship with the hedge fund and alternative investment managers leading to tremendous growth at the company. He later moved to Paradigm Global Advisors before launching Ascendant Capital LLC in 2009.

Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital is an alternative investment boutique, which provides services to the emerging and the established investors. They work hand in hand with over fifty broker-dealers, private banks, family offices, and more than 250 investment advisors across the globe. The company has developed from two to over thirty employees generating nearly one billion dollars in less than a decade. The company also intends to raise $50million every month as their way of maintaining their position in the industry. Jeffry Schneider sights that the alternative investment firms are bound to increase in future.

His role at the Company

Jeffry Schneider works in developing a healthy working environment for his employees by promoting a family like a relationship at Ascendant Capital. He encourages open communication, trust, and hard work among the workers. His way of leadership has played a significant contribution to the growth of the company. Ascendant has a unique approach to alternative investment where they identify the private equity, hedge, and real estate funds that are lacking among the investors. They then work on developing value-added offerings followed by extensive sales and marketing including the educational services. Therefore, alternative investment firms are a good way of diversifying holdings and reducing volatility in the markets.

Philanthropy and Other Interests

When Jeffry Schneider is not dealing with alternative investments, he is busy competing in races around the globe. He has participated in marathons, Ironman, and half Ironman at Texas, Chile, Saint Croix, California, and Florida. Mr. Schneider is also an advocate of healthy living, exercising, and eating right. He also spends time traveling with friends and family all over the world with Budapest and Thailand as his favorites. Jeffry Schneider is also renowned for his support of different charitable causes such as The Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for children, Wonders and Worries, and the Gods Love We Deliver.

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