A Career In Finance and Compassion: Stephen Rotella

Stephen J. Rotella is an American financial expert, based in New York City, currently serving as President at the helm of StoneCastle Partners, LLC.

Founded in 2003 with the intention of bridging the gap between the $2 trillion community banking industry and institutional investors, StoneCastle has established itself as one of America’s largest asset management firms dedicated to the United States banking sector, and is a recognized and trusted pioneer for institutional investors.

With assets totaling at over $11 billion, StoneCastle and it’s subsidiaries; StoneCastle Cash Management, StoneCastle Asset Managament, and StoneCastle Securities all offer capital, liquity, and funding solutions designed to address the needs of community banks, in addition to the needs of the investment community.

Stephen Rotella attended college at the State University of New York in Sunny Brook where he received his Bachelors in Economics. Rotella then went on to earn his Masters in Business Administration at the State University at Albany, SUNY in Finance and Information Technology in 1978.

After graduation, Rotella began his career as the Senior Consultant at Accenture an information technology company that provides global professional services in such departments as strategy, consulting, technology, and digital operations.
He later went on to serving as Vice President of Product Development at The Reserve Group a private equity firm that specialized in acquisitions and expansions.

Stephen Rotella served as the Vice President of Shearson Lehman, Inc, in addition to CEO of Chase Home Finance at J.P. Morgan, and eventually acting as CEO of Washington Mutual, before becoming CEO of StoneCastle Partners, LLC’s subsidiary StoneCastle Cash Management where he served for several years before landing where he remains today, as President of StoneCastle.

As of now, Rotella’s business career spans over three decades, with a background in strategic and operating leadership in the realm of financial services, including extensive experience in retail and internet banking, marketing, development, asset management, and large scale operations management.

But business is not everything. Stephen Rotella also supports many philanthropic causes, with his focus trained on the underprivileged, and on supporting the arts. Rotella has served as a member on several boards, including YouthCare an organization that advocates for homeless youth, and The Seattle Foundation a philanthropic service foundation serving the greater Seattle area, in addition to serving on the board of ArtsFund, and BalletMet Columbus both of which support the arts in the community.

As Stephen Rotella said in a quote “There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that something you have done, small or large, gives someone the chance to build a better life.

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