Fabletics Soars With Don Ressler At The Helm


Don Ressler started Fabletics with Kate Hudson as a bit of a fashion revolution, and they are building a company that will sell clothing to women for the casual every day routine. Don has been with the company from the beginning, and he has helped Kate build a company that serves women online and in stores. This article explains how Don has made Fabletics into a fashion icon in just a few short years on the strength of athleisure.


#1: How Was The Company Started?


Don helped Kate start the company as a subscription service. It sends clothing to women that will help them run off to the gym, and it will help them when they want to get dressed for a day out. He has pushed the subscription concept for some time, and they are now expanding to stores in North America.


#2: What Are The Stores All About?


The stores Don wishes to start for Fabletics are a place where women may shop for the same clothes they get online. The women who are using the website will use their accounts to shop in the store, and they will check their accounts to see what they have purchased. Every woman who shops with Fabletics is learning about casual clothing in a new way because Don has split the duties of the shop. They may sell online, in the store or both.


#3: How Do They Stay On-Message?


Kate has modeled the brand from the beginning, and everyone knows her in the clothes. They know how she looks in the brand, and she has helped design clothes that will fit any woman. She wants a woman to make her way to the gym in the clothes, go to lunch and make her way home in the same outfit. She is in the clothing quite often, and she ensures every woman knows there is a size for them.


The Fabletics brand has grown quite a lot under Don Ressler, and he is helping more Kate’s vision forward. He is the executive who knows the fashion world better than any other, and he knows the women who shop with the company will find something that serves them well. They may choose their gym clothes on the site, or they may find casual clothes at the stores he is opening. He feels a responsibility for Kate Hudson’s vision, and he cares for it well.

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