The Skills of Lori Senecal in Helping Organizations Grow

Lori Senecal has a lot to be thankful for. She is one of the most sought after women in the world of marketing, and many women want to know her secret to success. The thing that has made her a successful is her ability to move beyond her introverted personality and lead in a way that makes others follow.

When people look at the resume of Lori Senecal they will discover that she is the global CEO for a company called CP+B. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is a company that has become much more innovative under her leadership. Lori, a self-proclaimed introvert, has been able to prove that she is capable of helping companies grow. This is why CP+B needed to connect with Lori Senecal. In her prior position she helped a company move from a 250 employee staff to a 900 employee company. This is more than twice the staff of the original staff. It took a lot of planning to make this happen. What Lori Senecal has done is take smaller companies that are in a transitional stage and help these organizations grow to incredible proportions.

What the appointment of Lori Senecal can be linked by to is the global Infiniti account. A lot of work has been put into winning this contract, and CP+B has been able to thrive because of this. What Lori Senecal will be able to do is oversee the growth of this agency. Senecal has been able to work as a management specialist, and she has definitely been someone that has embraced technology to take this company to new heights.

According to Huffington Post, one thing that has made Lori Senecal successful so far is her ability to conceptual the vision for the entire company even though the employees are in different geographical places. There is an office for her in CP+B in Colorado. There is another one in California. There is also a presence outside of the United States. It takes a special kind of person to connect and oversee employees that are in different areas. The geographical distance can become a problem at time when the CEO is not in place to build the lines of communication. Thankfully, there are people like Lori Senecal that are able to handle all of these different issues. Lori Senecal has proven that she can build companies and help with the expansion because she has already done this so many times before.


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