Nine9 is an Ideal Platform for the Growth of Talents Since 2013

As an upcoming model or actor, breaking into the American entertainment industry is an uphill task. Statistics show that 99 percent of models and actors end up not realizing their dream due to lack of opportunity and the necessary support. Luckily, Nine9 Talent Agency offers a platform for talent development. All people do is to register with the Nine9 agency, and they are connected to their career destiny. Many people have written their success stories after trying Nine9. This excerpt discusses individuals who have succeeded through Nine9.

Success stories

Steven H is an African-American modeling artist. He has a height of 68’’, a waist of 32, brown eyes and hair, a shoe size of 10 and a jacket size of 40. After enrolling with Nine9, Steven realized instant success. Within a few months, he was called for several auditions that resulted in gig invites. Half a year down the line, he had been invited to co-host a TV talk show and was also given an acting role in a short film.

Semetra R is a biracial American hair modeling artist from Kennesaw, Georgia. She is 60” tall, a waist of 24, hips of 34, cup size B, and bust size 32. She has a long, black hair, and brown eyes. Semetra registered with Nine9 early this year, and in a month’s time, she had appeared in a hair promo for Bronner Brothers Hair Show and also premiered in the same show.

Tara Campbell is a Caucasian from Akron, Ohio. She’s 65” tall and has a waist of 32, a hip of 40, and a bust of 24. She has a short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. After signing with Nine9, it only took her a photo shoot at Nine9 offices in Miami to start getting continuous castings. She thanks the agency for making her dreams come true.

About Nine9

Nine9 was established in 2013 with the aim of helping talented American people to excel in the entertainment industry. The agency is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


If You Want 110%, You Want Andrea McWilliams On Your Team

Andrea McWilliams, co-founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband Dean, is known for her incredibly meticulous attention to detail. Because of her work ethic and political knowledge, she became a Chief of Staff at the young age of 21 and honed her skills in the political arena before sharpening her greassroots skills in the private sector with the well-known public relations company, Public Strategies, Inc. Now Andrea McWilliams puts her skills at combining grace, grit, and persistence to work in the lobbying company she and her husband Dean began together. The McWilliams company quickly rose to the top to become a respected alliance. She is also a well-known national political commentator.

Andrea is a well-known philanthropist, and not just in her home town of Austin, Texas where she grew up mere steps from the Capitol Building above her fathers burger joint on Congress. She has volunteered considerable time and has been named to the “All-Stars” of Austin Fortune 500 list many times. A cancer-survivor herself, Andrea McWilliams has represented the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, among others; and was an honorary chairperson for the Mamma Jamma Ride, raising thousands of dollars for the non-profits in the area who serve the thousands of Central Texans currently battling breast cancer. Mrs. McWilliams shared her story of breast cancer survival while pregnant with Austin Woman Magazine, bringing hope and courage to thousands of women in Central Texas

She also serves a number of other non-profits, volunteering her time with such foundations as the Mexi-Arte Museum, Ballet Austin, Austin Children in Crisis, and the Marathon Kids gala, which promotes healthy living for children. Andrea McWilliams is a name trusted at the local, state, and national levels and commits 110% to every projected she is involved whether it’s political fund-raising, an Art Gala, or supporting a non-profit organization.


It’s Official: “Kingdom Hearts 3” Won’t Be Released In March 2017

Gamers around the world were hoping Square Enix would release Kingdom Hearts 3 in March of this year. Unfortunately, new information from the Japanese-based gaming company suggests this action-adventure game won’t even be released in 2017.


Kingdom Hearts 3’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently dispelled any rumors floating on the Internet which suggested Square Enix might surprise fans and release this game in March. Nomura told reporters the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 has been challenging than anything Square Enix has attempted thus far.


In the same interview, Nomura suggested that Kingdom Hearts fans may get another sneak preview of Kingdom Hearts 3 later this year. He also promised to release an official statement on how the development on the game is going later this year.


Square Enix just released one new screenshot from Kingdom Hearts 3 to entice gamers who might be getting aggravated by the game’s long delay. The screenshot shows Sora in front of a giant Heartless. Nomura said this will be one of the boss battles in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Last year, Square Enix spent most of its time and energy promoting the highly successful Final Fantasy 15. Developers were also busy working on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue for the PlayStation 4 last year. As the name suggests, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 sets the stage for Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was released worldwide on January 24th, 2017.


Square Enix has only confirmed five worlds that will be included in Kingdom Hearts 3. A few of the Disney-inspired worlds include Mount Olympus from Hercules, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, and the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled. People familiar with the Kingdom Hearts franchise will be happy to learn that gamers will get to explore Twilight Town and the Mysterious Tower again.


Many Kingdom Hearts fans hope Square Enix will include worlds from some of Disney’s new properties in this upcoming game. A few of the worlds gamers really want to explore include planets from the Star Wars universe, Pixar-inspired areas, and Marvel-inspired worlds.


Now that these games are finally completed, developers can turn all their attention to completing Kingdom Hearts 3. Most critics now believe this title will be released in early 2018.



“Breath of the Wild” May Be Best Zelda Ever

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is Nintendo’s latest installment in the storied Legend of Zelda franchise. Despite being the 10th Zelda title on a Nintendo console and the 19th release across all formats, this title ranks as the leader when it comes to the ability to explore an open world however you want. This game brings a refreshing return of surprise to the series, where every interaction brings teaching experiences with it. As one example, I repeatedly being struck by electricity while sojourning the land during a thunderstorm; after assessing my surroundings, it dawned on me that my current weapon and shield were metal and the bolts of lightning were homing in on me. This game excels at teaching by example and I really do not wish to go into more specifics just so that readers can experience as many of the gameplay quirks as possible on their own.


Anyone with memories of irritating helper characters like Navi or Fi will be pleased to know that Link adventures completely by himself. While you are given directions to your next quest objective, they are just vague and open-ended enough that it doesn’t feel like the game is holding your hand. One of the overarching quests entails the defeat of four sacred beasts as a precursor to tackling Ganon, without ever defining a “sacred beast.”


Breath of the Wild features the largest iteration of Hyrule we have ever seen; to facilitate full discovery of this Hyrule, Breath of the Wild gives Link the ability to climb almost anything, provided his stamina gauge holds out. Since the ability to go up also runs the risk of ascending to elevations that would be fatal to fall from, Link also gains a glider to help him make a safe landing and scout out vast areas of terrain more quickly than if he had been exploring just on foot. Another tweak to Link’s abilities is the absence of heart containers; Link only gains hearts and stamina through progression within the game, similar to advancement in most RPGs but without actually showing goal numbers.


JMH Development Leading the Way with Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a prosperous entrepreneur. His area of entrepreneurship is in real estate. He has so much experience in real estate due to his early knowledge as a kid, he was brought up in that environment. He serves as a managing partner at JMH Development.


At the firm, he has 50 years of experience and has contributed to the growth of real estate buildings. His long-time knowledge has helped in the success of the organization. They have properties in Westchester and New York City that they also manage. It has been mentioned to be among the best real estate companies in the U.S.


JMH Development focuses on building specifically historical properties. These are unique building compared to what other firms would develop. The relationship of the company with different cities has been good and maintainable thus creating better future results. It is a full-time service firm that covers all its duties to their customers accurately.

The company is outstanding in its developments because every building has a specific meaning. The other cities working with the company are Brooklyn and Williamsburg to create more diversity in the development. The objective of JMH Development is to develop comfortable, accomplished and excellent constructions.


Apart from entrepreneurship Jason Halpern has also dedicated himself to giving back to the community by contributing to various charitable organizations. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center is one of the organizations; he supports the center in all that he can. He also assists The Westchester Medical Fraternity by supplying them with the equipment they lack on performing various critical surgeries. The Center also makes sure that it treats every patient the same way.


The worldwide water charity work also gets $20,000 million in every contract finished, thus he has helped changed the health of many people lacking water in Ethiopia and Nepal countries. The children from these areas greatly benefit from these funding. Halpern has worked hard and keeps putting more effort to the continuous prosperity of JMH Development especially on the unique buildings as well as his duty as a philanthropist.


The name Patty Rocklage is a Destination for Those Needing Counseling

Patty Rocklage has developed a strong reputation as a reliable therapist for marriage counseling. She has over 20 years of experience in her field and has managed to help numerous of clients during that time frame.

Rocklage graduated from USC with a Psychology degree in 1981, but now has a marriage therapy practice in Massachusetts towns of Fitchburg and Sudbury. She also provides individual therapy counseling sessions and is known for her pleasant and easy communicative style toward her clients. This allows her to get normally quiet individuals or non-communicative groups to open up to her and state what is troubling them. Being able to put clients and patients at ease is a major goal during each psychotherapy session and Patty Rocklage does that as well as anyone.

In some ways, she views herself as a life coach who is committed to providing good, effective counsel to clients in order to help them better handle life’s issues. It isn’t just individual or group clients who benefit from her experience. She also is renown for her public speaking skills at many public events geared toward helping people better handle their perceived issues. Whether the issues are isolated or much more deep-seated, Rocklage is able to coax better emotions out of him through her sessions because of her easy-going and comfortable speaking mannerisms.

Recently, Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott donated a gift to MIT in aiding the school in renovating nanochemistry and nanotechnology labs. Scott earned a PhD from MIT in 1982. Rocklage and her husband toured the renovated facilities and met with members of the staff afterwards.

Rocklage figures to be a mainstay to the community for many more years to come.

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The Instructors Of Kabbalah Centre Have A Lot of Good Credentials

In order for one to get instruction about spiritual issues from The Kabbalah Centre, it is important that the person is getting it from a knowledgeable source. While many people can say they know about the topic, that could mean anything. A lot of people could know about the topics being taught, but they don’t know enough to be able to teach on these topics. In this case, there is one way to see if one could prove his knowledge. One of the ways they can do this is through the credentials they show. When one has the right credentials, then he will be able to stir all of his people right.Visit Kabbalah Centre Website

Fortunately, The Kabbalah Centre instructors know a lot about what they are teaching. They also have a way of making it easy to understand for the student. One of the worst ways that one can try to teach someone is to bog the ideas down in jargon and other forms of unintelligible words that make it almost impossible for the person to understand. Fortunately, the instructors break it down into language that could be understood because they believe they understand that many of the manuscripts have been written in simple language of their days. New York Times news for Kabbalah Centre .

People that learn all they can at The Kabbalah Centre can rest assured that they will learn a lot of valuable lessons that will help them manage their lives. They will also learn a lot of simple lessons about working together and living for the good of others. One of the best things about spirituality is that it is almost the opposite of the wisdom that is presented to the people by the secular world. The spiritual world is one of the most vast worlds that one can learn about in his journey to enlightenment.


The Traveling Vineyard – Let The Wine Come To You!

It’s five o’ clock somewhere! I’m ready to go home, and have a glass of wine. Phrases like these are said by workers all over the country. There is nothing like wine to help a person unwind after a stressful day, or to have fun on a Friday night! What if the wine came to you? At Traveling Vineyard you can sample many different types of wine in the comfort of your own home, with your friends!

Traveling Vineyard uses a direct sales business model. This means that they sell their wine through agents who are independent consultants. These consultants are paid a commission based on the sales they bring in. Consultants have the unique opportunity to be their own boss. They can do this at the fraction of the cost of opening up a business from scratch. They can already have the Traveling Vineyard name, reputation, and product line available to them. All they have to do is sell the products!

Anyone can benefit from direct selling via Traveling Vineyard. The important thing to remember is you get out what you put in. That can be very rewarding! Consultants can reap the benefits of their hard work very quickly. They don’t have to worry about impressing a boss, or hoping for a raise to see their hard work pay off. The direct sales business model is great for anyone. It is very popular among people who want to work from home. They have the opportunity to spend more time with their kids. Some are looking for side income to supplement their full time job. For some, direct selling is their full time job!

If you love wine, why not make money selling it! The Traveling Vineyard social media pages make it easy to learn more about the direct sales opportunity, and how to be a successful consultant. Check out their food and wine pairings, and see what you would like to drink today!


No MCU Connection to Marvel’s Video Game Releases

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like to keep score. They not only watch the movies and television programs, they read tie-in novels and play licensed video games. And they wonder who much of the material outside of television and movie screens is part of the overall canon. Some sad news is breaking for video game fans. The forthcoming video games based on Marvel properties are not tied in with the MCU.


Two highly-anticipated video games are coming out in 2017. A Guardians of the Galaxy Game and a Spider-Man game will debut to surely huge sales. Players, however, won’t be making any contributions to the MCU.


The decision to keep the gaming adventures separate from the motion picture and television tales is not done to snub gaming fans. Rather, Marvel and its gaming partners feel locking the video games into the world of the MCU limits what can and cannot be done in the videos. By allowing the video games to stand in their own universe, Marvel is not limited in any way in terms of what stories to tell.


Perhaps Marvel would like to revisit an original 1960’s story with The Vulture for a new video game. This would not be possible if the video game had to follow along with the narrative of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Vulture is being completely reimagined in the film. So, the video game would need to play second fiddle to the creative approach to the film’s screenwriters. There is no reason to do this. Giving the video game developers complete freedom should lead to better games.


Current Breakthroughs In The Video Game World

Nintendo has outdone itself yet again. In 2017, it plans to release yet a new version of the Nintendo game console. With a price tag of fewer than three hundred dollars, this video console combines both technology and versatility. It has been developed using the latest technology making it friendly to play at home and in outdoor environments. Unlike any other video console, Nintendo Switch comes in the form of a tablet, which encourages docking to a flat screen television.


Nintendo Switch allows remote use since it houses two wireless Joy-con controllers. The gaming console fascinates many players, mainly because the left and right Joy-con controllers can also be docked together to form the usual gaming pad. With a six-inch display, a gamer can get an unobstructed view of a particular game.


As an advanced console, this gadget will make video capture possible. Also, more than two players can play a single game at a go. Hence, this is a real innovation. With thirty gigabytes of storage, one can be able to store and play any game on this console. With a memory card in place, there is room for additional storage.


Although yet to be released, this console has gained quite an audience. Development of Nintendo Switch began with an idea, an idea that has created a video game console much better than that of previous versions. Players that have had the opportunity of using this console are very much pleased with its unique design which not only allows for flexibility of play but also its ability to accommodate a much larger screen. Docking capabilities mean that one does not have to be at home so as to play.


Another marvel that comes with this console is the amount of time it takes to transition from big screen to tablet mode after detaching it from a television screen. High processor speeds make games load pretty fast. Finally, this gaming console offers comfort to players. Players can use the gaming controllers comfortably due to their small size. Also, the tablet is lightweight in nature.